Kesari Nandan 29th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari tries to escape

Kesari Nandan 29th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari crying and thinking how to go out. Hanumant asks the man about Kesari. He asks Bhairav where is Kesari. Bhairav says I don’t know, I got this bag from a beggar, I feel someone kidnapped her, beggar has seen some people taking her in the van. Kesari struggles. Hanumant says I will find my daughter, I don’t need your help. Kesari asks the goon to open the door and let her go. Madhavi cries. Bijli says don’t know how will we get Kesari, what will happen now, all the dreams broke down. Kesari thins how will I get dad and mum together if I don’t take part in Bharat Kesari. The goon comes and says your Maasa has come, see. Kesari smiles. Hanumant looks for Kesari. Bhairav gets his jeep and signs Hanumant to sit. They leave.

The goons mock a play and act as Madhavi and laugh. Kesari cries. She imagines everyone laughing on her for breaking the family. She gets angry and beats the goon. She says I m still alive, you can’t stop me. She fights goons. The goon takes her to put her in the dark cell. She gets an idea and says I m coming to you Maasa.

Madhavi comes to the competition venue and says Kesari will surely come to take part in the competition, she is very much determined. She hears the call for Kesari. Kalki meets her and asks did Kesari not come, did she lose before itself, it won’t be fun to fight without Kesari and win. Rana ji gets the news and asks Madhavi where is Kesari, how did she get kidnapped. Kalki says so Kesari is missing, I wanted to defeat Kesari and win. Madhavi says you always got all luxuries in life, you got the best teacher, be compassionate, win gets us praised, but failure teaches us a lot. She says Kesari is hope for me, she will surely come. Kesari starts breaking the wall to get free. She gets some box. She gets a paper and says maybe Kalki wrote this, this can be an evidence, I will keep this safe. Hanumant and Bhairav look for Kesari.

Hanumant says who will take Kesari along. Bhairav says its a small village, we will find her. Hanumant asks him to stop the car. Bhairav taunts his stubbornness. They spot some goons. Kesari hears a goon coming and hits the wall faster. The goon opens the door. He gets in and asks her to eat food. She escapes. He sees the broken wall. Bhairav and Hanumant fight the goons. They call out Kesari.

Zoravar and Bijli drink and are happy. Zoravar gets the goon’s call and gets shocked. He asks what nonsense, Kesari has run away. Kesari hides inside the barrel. The men come and take the barrels in the truck. Kesari hides inside and worries. Bhairav and Hanumant see the jeep missing. Hanumant says I m going to police to take help. Bhairav asks him to listen. Ksari worries.

Kesari thinks how to reach the competition venue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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