Kesari Nandan 25th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Zoravar plays evil

Kesari Nandan 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bijli thinking Zoravar has done much wrong with me. Madhavi asks what’s happening, where did Bijli go. Jagat says she went to do something good, you will know it soon. Police comes home to ask for Zoravar. Jagat and Kesari smile. Zoravar comes and asks what’s the matter. Inspector says Hanumant will be having a court hearing tomorrow, sign on the papers. Zoravar signs. Kesari says I think Bijli didn’t reach the police station yet. Inspector goes. Madhavi asks where is Bijli. Zoravar says she is sleeping in peace. Madhavi says take care of her. She asks everyone to have food. She says I m going to meet Hanumant. She goes.

Jagat asks what did you do with Bijli, where is she, tell the truth. Zoravar recalls catching Bijli and taking her with him. He tortures her and says Kesari cheated you, she had stolen the money, you didn’t understand anything, Bhairav supported her. She says you are an animal. He kills her by suffocating her and apologizes. FB ends. Kesari gets angry. Zoravar says I lost her because of you all, I loved her, she trusted me, you have used her and made her against me, she died because of you, I m alone today, you all will get alone. Kesari says you are an animal, if you loved Bijli, you would have not killed her. Zoravar raises hand. Bhairav stops him and pushes him away. He scolds Zoravar. Zoravar points gun at him and threatens.

Bhairav asks how can you cheat Hanumant, tell me where is Bijli. Zoravar asks why, will you make her alive. Bhairav says we will do her final rites. They go to the godown to find Bijli. They see Bijli dead. Kesari cries for Bijli. Kalki says don’t forget that Bijli was part of Zoravar’s plans. Jagat asks why don’t we take her to police station and tell that Zoravar killed her. Bhairav says its no use. Kesari says Zoravar can kill Jawahar as well, I can’t let this happen. Zoravar comes to Jawahar and shoots. He says I didn’t wish to kill you. He gets shocked seeing pillows in Jawahar’s place.

Kesari saves Jawahar and asks him to go away with his family. He says you saved me and my family, why. She says I don’t want to lose anyone else. He goes. Kesari say now we have no witness. Bhairav says I will try for the last time to free Hanumant, I will meet you in the court. Kesari recalls Hanumant’s words. She thinks dad trusted me so much and I couldn’t do anything. Hanumant thinks of her and thinks when will I live with my family. Jawahar comes to Kesari and says you saved my life, I will give statement to save your dad, I will get Hanumant home by testifying against Zoravar. She smiles. Kesari looks for Kalki and Bhairav. They see the servants dead.

A servant is alive and says Zoravar has done this. He dies. Kesari says we should go home. They rush and come home. Pappu is injured. Kesari asks Jawahar to hide in her room, she will find out where did Zoravar take them. Pappu gets conscious. He asks Kesari to take away Jawahar, Zoravar will take everyone. They hear Zoravar laughing.

Zoravar says none will get saved now. Kesari says Zoravar has killed Rana ji. Madhavi asks why did you do this. Zoravar says I will become great and rule in this village. Hanumant goes to accept the crime.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sorry Bijili had to die,is this series coming to an end???

    1. Yeah, it is coming to its final episode. Lav Kush starts 5th August replacing this show from 8.30pm.

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