Kesari Nandan 24th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Bijli learns Zoravar’s greed

Kesari Nandan 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari telling Bhairav that Bijli still has a doubt in mind. He calls up Kalki and tell the plan. Kalki and Pappu see Zoravar and talk of Bijli’s shopping. Zoravar hears them and goes. Jagat says this plan is risky. Kesari says I hope that Bijli goes to police station, didn’t you do anything for us, you saved Jawahar, you can do anything. She encourages him. Zoravar comes to Bijli and apologizes to her. She asks about the money which they have hidden. She says money isn’t there. He says I had kept it here. He checks. He asks where is the money. She says you had taken it. He says I didn’t take it. She says just we both knew about it. He says maybe you are shopping with that money. She says you slapped me and blaming me of theft now. He gets angry on her and says I will find out, I won’t leave you if I know you had stolen the money. He goes.

Bhairav takes an inspector’s disguise and comes to meet Hanumant. Hanumant asks why did you come here, our enemy is close. Bhairav says I know our enemy. Hanumant asks do you know who is he, tell me once. Bhairav says I can’t tell you, you can’t sit silent hearing his name, its imp that you stay quiet, my plan is ready, we will nab the enemy tonight and you will be out tomorrow morning. Hanumant says I m blessed to have a friend like you, how shall I thank you. Bhairav asks will you make me cry now, I will go, take care. He goes.

Bijli asks Kesari where did Zoravar hide money. Kesari says he is cheating you. Bijli says I want to catch him red handed and then confront him. Kesari says then he will know that someone told this to you. Bijli says no, I will tell him that I followed him. Jagat says he doesn’t worry for you, he doesn’t love you, we all are alive, go and tell truth to police, we all can get saved. Kesari says fine, you will believe us soon. She takes Bijli and asks her to see the money. She asks Bijli to make the phone call. Bijli calls Zoravar.

She says I got the money bag at the godown, save me…. She shouts for help. Zoravar asks what happened to you. Kesari asks Bijli to see now. Bijli is tied up. She says they have stabbed me. Zoravar asks where is the money. She says he was running with money bag, I tried to stop him, he stabbed me and ran away, take me to doctor, I m in pain. He asks where did he take money. She says he had thrown the bag there. He says wait. She says take me to doctor. He looks for the bag. He gets the bag and checks. He gets the money and says my money got saved. Kesari plays police siren. Zoravar worries. Bijli says take me to hospital. She thinks you are leaving me. Zoravar says I love money. She says take me to doctor. He says leave me. He takes money and goes. Bijli gets sad. Jagat and Kesari come to Bijli.

Kesari says Zoravar doesn’t love you, he chose money over his injured wife, will you support me now. She takes Bijli home. She consoles Bijli and says I m sorry to ask this, I have no time, what did you decide, tell me, I have to get dad freed, don’t tell him about me. Bijli says I will never forgive Zoravar. She apologizes and hugs Kesari. She says I supported him always as I loved him, I will not forgive him and go against him. Kesari says if you go to police, Hanumant will be indebted to you. Bijli says forgive me, I m also a culprit, I did wrong with you all. She cries. She says I will get freedom for Hanumant, he is innocent, I will get Zoravar punished. Kesari smiles. Madhavi asks Bijli where is she going. Bijli says forgive me and hugs her. Madhavi asks what happened. Bijli says you are really good, I will fix everything. She goes.

Kesari says our plan worked, Bijli has gone to the police station, she will tell police about Zoravar’s crimes, I trust Bijli. Zoravar hears them. Zoravar recalls seeing Bhairav. Bhairav says I met Hanumant and asked him to stay alert, I will call police station and confirm about Bijli. Kesari prays. Zoravar thinks Kesari’s dream will never get fulfilled, Hanumant can never come out of jail.

Pappu asks Kesari to take Jawahar and go. Zoravar and his goons tie up everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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