Kesari Nandan 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari saves Hanumant

Kesari Nandan 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari coming home and hugging Madhavi. She asks are you fine. Madhavi says yes. Kesari asks her to come with her. They go to the room. Jagat asks Madhavi to stay here, he will come to her. Madhavi asks what do you mean. He slowly gets up from the wheelchair and walks to Madhavi. She gets shocked and happily cries. Kalki and Pappu also get shocked. Everyone smiles. Kesari hugs Jagat. She says Jagat has to be on wheelchair, our enemy can be anywhere. Madhavi says you are saying right. She hugs Jagat.

Kalki says Madhavi wasn’t missing, why did Zoravar say this, there is some trick. Kesari says yes, I have to talk to Bhairav, what is Zoravar planning. Hanumant asks Zoravar did you find Madhavi. Zoravar says no. Inspector scolds Hanumant for making a call. Hanumant gets his gun. He points gun at them and says my wife is kidnapped, that enemy is after her, I have to go and find her. He runs away. Inspector asks the team to catch him.

Jawahar thinks I can’t get scared of Zoravar now, I couldn’t meet my mum today. He asks the goon to make him talk to Zoravar. Goon calls Zoravar. Jawahar says my mum is ill, I have to go home to meet her. Zoravar scolds him. Jawahar says I will not tell anyone, let me go home. Zoravar says shut up, once I deal with Hanumant, I will talk to you. Bhairav says we have to know Zoravar’s plan. Inspector asks Hanumant not to run else he will shoot. Bhairav and Kesari see the police running after Hanumant. Kesari asks why did dad run away from jail, is this Zoravar’s plan. Bhairav asks how did Hanumant get fooled. They hear a gun shot and run to see. Hanumant runs and hides. Inspector asks him to surrender, else he will be shot.

Hanumant refuses to surrender. H says I have to protect my family, make me meet my family first. Bhairav and Kesari come there. Kesari runs to Hanumant. Bhairav asks Inspector to stop firing. Hanumant asks what are you doing here. Kesari asks why did you run away. He says I heard Madhavi is missing. She says no, she is safe at home, its enemy’s plan so that you run away from jail. She calls Madhavi and makes him talk. He asks are you fine. Kesari and Bhairav ask Hanumant to surrender to the police. Kesari says we are coming out, don’t shoot. Bhairav says don’t fire, Hanumant is surrendering. Hanumant surrenders and returns the gun. He goes with the police.

Madhavi prays. Zoravar asks what happened. She says Kesari made me talk to Hanumant, he had run out of the jail, he went back to jail after Kesari explained him. He says its good, why did he run. She says don’t know, everything is fine now. Bhairav blesses Kesari and says you have shown much maturity today, I wanted to tell Hanumant that Zoravar is his enemy, but I know this would be foolishness, we can’t tell this until we have proof, I wish to make you my Guru. Kesari cries and says I just want to be my parents’ daughter, I just want my family back. He says it will happen. He hugs her.

Bijli argues with Zoravar. He says my plan isn’t working, I m worried. She says Hanumant will go to jail after 3 days, I will make sweets for you. She goes. Jagat hears them and thinks to inform Kesari. Kalki says we can tell police that Zoravar is farming drugs, its illegal. Bhairav says fine, but how will we prove that Zoravar killed Rana ji. Kesari says we can find about Kala’s death. Bhairav says junk seller knew his truth and ran away. Kesari says maybe he also got killed. She gets Jagat’s call. She says we are fine, Bhairav is with us. Jagat tells her. Kesari says our plan worked, Bijli and Zoravar had an argument. Jagat says yes, they don’t know that we know that Zoravar is behind this, I heard their talk. Bijli hears this and gets shocked. She comes to Jagat and stares at him. Kesari thinks did Jagat get caught.

Bijli says you got to know everything. Kesari comes and says I also know everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love this series I hope Hanumant finds out that his so called brother is behind all that is happening, love Kesari and Kalki,just wondering if they will grow up on the series.

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