Kesari Nandan 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari bashes up Jawar

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Kesari Nandan 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant and Zoravar coming to beat up the fake baba and his men. The people come there. Hanumant scolds the baba for badly eyeing the village women. Zoravar says how dare you tease my wife, I will not leave you. Hanumant stops Zoravar. He gives one day time to the old man and asks him to leave from the village. He makes him apologize to everyone. He lectures the villager for making a fraud man get status of Lord. He asks them to believe in themselves and work hard. They leave.

Hanumant tells everything to Madhavi. He asks Madhavi to support Bijli. He scolds Zoravar for not knowing his wife’s problem. Bijli cries. Hanumant says I have seen how your personal problem has ruined the family respect. He asks Bijli to talk to Madhavi and shares her problems rather than going out. Kesari comes to the school in boy’s get up. She smiles and joins the class. The teacher asks a math problem. Kesari solves the problem and answers. Teacher praises her. Kesari’s dream breaks. She wakes up and gets ready for school in her uniform. Jagat calls her out and asks her to come for learning science. Kesari and Madhavi worry. Kesari says I m coming. She wears her clothes over uniform and opens the door. She asks for holidays. Jagat asks her how can she ask for so many holidays. He agrees to her. She smiles. He goes.

She shuts the door. Madhavi asks how will you go out now. Kesari says I have thought of everything. Madhavi praises her smartness. Kaka sees a grass statue instead Kesari. He gets worried. Kesari comes to Kaka in boy’s get up. He asks who are you. Kesari makes the statue stand once again. She fixes up everything and tells him the truth. She says no one should know this, don’t move the statue away, I m going to school. She goes. Kaka prays for her and himself also. Zoravar catches her and thinks he has seen her before. He asks whose son are you. Kesari runs away. Zoravar says I have seen this boy somewhere. Madhavi gives sweets to everyone. She says Kesari took a leave from Jagat today, I m happy and made sweets. Hanumant asks what is Kesari doing at home today. He sees Kesari’s statue in the cow stable and laughs. He says maybe she will teach tables to Basanti/cow now.

Kesari comes for school and sees the boys. A boy goes and sits next to her. The class starts. Teacher begins the english class. Kesari corrects the teacher. Everyone starts gossiping. Teacher asks will you teach me. He laughs. He punishes Kesari. Jawar laughs. Kesari asks what’s my mistake. Teacher scolds her. She does sit ups. Class is dismissed. Kesari runs to washroom. She thinks how to go in boys’ washroom. She finds Jawar and others bullying someone. She goes and stops Jawar. She pushes Jawar and beats him up. She warns Jawar against hurting Pappu. Pappu hugs Kesari. She asks him to stay away and goes. Hanumant reads the news and asks Bhura Kaka to send Kesari. Kaka says how shall I send her. He worries. Hanumant goes to see. Kesari comes there and quickly changes clothes. She comes to Hanumant and says Jagat gave me homework, so I was doing that. He says I found a new class for you, you can learn mehendi design. He says apply mehendi to everyone. Jawar comes home. Hanumant sees his wounds and asks the matter. Jawar tells about his classmate. Hanumant asks how did you get beaten up by that boy, I will like to meet him who did this with you, what’s his name, get him to me tomorrow, I will see who is this. Kesari worries.

Madhavi comes and understands that Kesari has beaten up Jawar. Hanumant says I want that boy here in front of me tomorrow. He goes. Kesari argues with Jawar and goes. Madhavi gives water to Hanumant. He sees Jawar’s wounds and laughs. He says see his wounds, what does those wounds mean, that boy has beaten up Jawar well, it means that boy knows fighting skills. Madhavi worries. He gets praising the boy who has beaten his student. Madhavi goes to Kesari and says Hanumant will know your truth, if not, then Jagat will know it, we will be in big problem. Kesari asks her not to worry, there will be some way. Her hands are hurt. Madhavi takes care of her. Kesari smiles and stays positive. Kesari asks Hanuman to show her the way. She applies soil to her face.

Jawar apologizes to Pappu. He asks Kesari to come and meet his Guru Hanumant Singh. Kesari comes to meet Hanumant, dressed up like a boy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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