Kesari Nandan 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bijli falls in deep trouble

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Kesari Nandan 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bijli talking to her friends and wishing for a child with Zoravar. Zoravar comes and makes them out. He says I don’t want to see them here. Bijli asks what’s my mistake, why so much hatred. He asks her to go to Maayka. She thinks I will go to Hakim ji and change your hatred into love. Jagat teaches Kesari. Hanumant asks him to come to wrestling ground on time. Jagat agrees. Kesari looks for something. Hanumant sells his prize to the jeweller. Kesari asks Madhavi about the reward. Madhavi says maybe he has given that for polishing, your dad is very proud of his prizes. She sends Kesari to study.

Madhavi sees Hanumant paying Aatmaram. He says once Jagat wins Dangal, I will get his sponsors and you will get the money. Aatmaram goes. Bijli comes to meet Hakim and shows her hand. He says you have to tell the problem yourself. She says my husband hates me, I didn’t become a mother in 7 years, do something that I become a mother. He says don’t worry, I have a solution for you. He gives her pills and asks her to add this into the milk at night, your husband will think you are a fairy and fulfill your wish. Bijli imagines romancing Zoravar. She pays Hakim and goes. Madhavi sees her and asks what are you doing here, what’s all this. Bijli acts of stomach ache and says I had come here on my friend’s saying. She goes. Madhavi comes to jeweller’s shop and meets Mahajan. She gives her bangles and says I hope you understood why I have come here. He gives her Hanumant’s prize. He says I told Hanumant not to keep the trophy mortgaged and take loan, he is our pride. She says he doesn’t take loans, so he is our pride, keep the bangles. Mahajan says think your bangles are safe here. She goes. Its night Hanumant sees Madhavi getting reward. He asks what did you mortgage, tell me. He sees her hands and says your gold bangles, you think you saved my respect this way. Kesari looks on.

Madhavi says I will get my bangles back, you will get it, its possible when your pride is in this house, a morning comes after every night. They get emotional. She says you are my strength. He praises her and feels lucky to get her as his wife. He says I can’t do this injustice with you, its my dream that I make my son win gold medal in olympics, you don’t cry. He leaves. Kesari comes to ask her. Madhavi tells her everything. Kesari encourages her. She says I may also win such a prize, then there will be double pride in this house. Madhavi says yes. Kesari says then bless me. Madhavi blesses her and hugs.

Bijli adds the pill in Zoravar’s milk glass. She sings song and goes to him. He takes glass to drink. He gets inspector’s call. He says we will meet and drink, wait for me. Zoravar drops the milk. He says I drink wine, not milk at night. He leaves. She throws the glass angrily. Its morning, Jagat teaches Kesari. Hanumant looks on and praises her smartness. Kesari smiles. Madhavi buys a school bag and uniform for Kesari. Bijli and her friends meet some old saint. He asks Bijli not to shy, he knows everything. He says you are troubled as you didn’t have a child till now. Bijli says yes, help me in becoming a mom. He asks her to choose a fruit from there. She picks the fruit and gets to him. He holds her hand and asks her to eat the fruit, and then see the miracle. She sits to have the fruit. He says if you want to have a child, eat the fruit completely, then you will see its miracle. He stares at her. She gets dizzy. She says something is missing to me. She falls down. He acts cheap and says you will get a child by my blessing. She says leave me, what are you doing. He tries to molest her. She pushes him and runs away.

Kesari studies at home and argues with Jawar. Jawar says I go to school and know more. Kesari asks how many times did you fail, tell me, I have heard that a little boy defeated you in wrestling, does Hanumant know this. Jawar worries. He asks her not to say anything to Hanumant. He apologizes. She makes him do sit ups. She punishes him. He says you are not doing this right. She says then we will have a competition of knowledge, lets see who knows more. Jawar says you won’t know much, come. She says we will compete in geography subject now, dad will ask questions. He worries. She says I was joking, Jagat will question us. He smiles. Jagat asks Kesari does she remember everything. Kesari says yes. Jagat asks them questions. Kesari answers well. Jagat says you should be ashamed that you didn’t learn well in school. Kesari punishes Jawar again and laughs. Jagat asks Kesari to give him Guru dakshina. Kesari says I will think and say. They laugh on Jagat.

Bijli apologizes to Zoravar and says I didn’t know that baba is so bad, he tried to molest me, I had run away. He asks why did you go there. She says I want your love, your child, I wanted to become mum, I thought that Sanyasi will give some mantra, I don’t know what fruit he gave me, I was losing senses, he was molesting me. She cries. Hanumant hears them and asks who has tried to molest you.

She gets shocked seeing him. She falls in Hanumant’s feet and apologizes. She cries. Hanumant asks Zoravar what’s the matter, don’t lie. Zoravar tells whatever Bijli did. Hanumant gets shocked. Kesari smiles seeing her uniform.

Kesari apologize to Zoravar. He says I know you. Someone follows Jagat and informs Zoravar. Zoravar says Hanumant’s heir is finished, now the wrestling ground is mine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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