Kehne Ko Toh Hum Humsafar Hain (CHAPTER 3)

2010, 2 January (8:00) (Saturday) DELHI, INDIA.

Twinkle got up, took shower and got ready in a green and black anarkali with black overcoat, did makeup and left her hair open. Wearing black flats, she went downstairs. Jeevika was setting up the table with maids.

J (smiling) — Arey aaj toh mere bina uthay hi tu uthgayi!

T (smiling lightly) — Haan, Di. Bye.

J (frowning) — Kya Bye? Breakfast?

T (running out) — Kav agaya!

Kavin Khurana was the son of the best friend of Kunj’s and Twinkle’s father. His parents died when he was merely 6 years and from then he grew up with them.

Twinkle came out and gave Kavin a smile who was looking handsome in a white casual coat with black T-shirt and blue jeans. Kavin understood that she was still bothered otherwise she would have jumped on him and say HELLO. Both sat in the car and he started driving. Twinkle was unusually quiet.

K2 (taking a glance at her) — Twinks, everything ok?

Twinkle kept quiet.

K2 (in a quiet voice) — Kunj ne kaha mujhe kal kya hua……

Twinkle nodded.

T (whispered) — Maine ek faisla kia hain, Kav.

Kavin kept quiet.


T — Aaj se main uske saath gulna milna kaam kardungi.

K2 (in a shocked voice) — What? Twinks, yeh jyarti hain…..usse toh tere feelings ke bare main pata bhi nahi hain…..

T (in an emotionless voice) — Janti hu. Lekin mujhe yeh bhi pata hain ki Kunj kabhi mera nahi hoga. Or friendship nibhane ke chakkar mein main hi hurt hojaungi.

Kavin’s POV

Lekin tujhe nahi pata ki tu usse bhi hurt karegi…….

They reached college.

K2 (smiling) — You go. I’ll come parking the car.

Twinkle smiled and went directly to the class. Just before entering the class she saw Kunj and Purvi. Kunj’s hand was wrapped around Purvi’s shoulder and he was talking with her happily. Twinkle quickly stepped back and leaned against the wall waiting for Kavin. Kavin came and peeked inside the class and, taking her hand, led Twinkle inside. Kunj, who saw them, came towards them with Purvi. Twinkle freed her hand from Kavin and took her seat on a bench at the last. Kavin greeted both of them while Kunj looked at her for a while. The class started. Whole day Twinkle avoided Kunj who was confused and angry. After three classes and break time Kunj had enough because she didn’t even join their friends group to avoid him and all asked him about her who couldn’t answer. He saw Twinkle coming out of the canteen and went to her and taking her hand dragged her.

T (in a confused voice and shouting) — Kunj, what are you doing? Haath choro mera.

K1 — Chup kar, Twinkle.

T (shouting) — Kunj, haath choro mera!

Kunj stopped and looked back at her who was trying hard to free her hand.

K1 — Churake dikha.

And he again started dragging her. Everyone stared at the duo so Twinkle stopped struggling. Kunj took to an empty class room and locking the door pinned her to the door.

T (panicking) — Kunj, chordo mujhe! Break khatam hogaya hain…. teachers arahain honge.

Twinkle looked up at Kunj and lost in his eyes. His eyes were reflecting confusion, pain and anger while hers were reflecting pain and desperation. They have a Sajna Ve eye lock.

K1 — Kyu kar rahi hain yeh?

T (voice cracking) — Kya kar rahi hu? Mujhe nahi pata tum kya bol rahe ho.

K1 (in an angry tone) — Accha? Mujhe avoid kyu kar rahi hain tu?

T (sternly) — Mujhe nahi pata tumhe aisa kyu lagraha hain…. But it’s nothing like that.

K1— Twinkle…….

T (sternly) — Kunj… mujhe lagta hain tumhe humari friendship se zyada tumhare relationship pe zyada dhayan dena chahiye…..

K1 (in an angry voice) — Accha? Or tujhe yeh LAGNE kabse lag gaya? (mockingly)

T (sternly) — Kunj, please. Main jo kuch bhi keh rahi hu sahi keh rahi hu.

Kunj chuckled humorlessly.

K1 (in an angry voice) — Haan… tu humesha sahi hi kehti hain haina? Pechle 3 saal main toh tujhe kabhi yeh nahi laga ab achanak kyu lagraha? Koi baat hain jot u mujhe chupa rahi hain…. Acche se janta hu tujhe…..

T (in an angry voice) — Kuch nahi chupa rahi main! Or mujhe itni acchi tara jan neki koi zaroorat nahi hain! Or main tumhe yeh sirf isliye keh rahi hu kyu ki tumhare future ka sawaal hain! Purvi ke saath tumhara future ho sakta hain!

K1 (angrily) — Future ke liye kehrahi hain tu, haan? Humari dosti ka mere future se koi talooq nahi hain! Purvi mere future mein ho ya na ho usse humari dosti ka koi talooq nahi hain Twinkle!

T (angrily) — Lekin dosti se kisi ka future nahi hota!

K1 (angrily) — OH?! Toh iska matlab yeh hain ki ab tere liya humari friendship ka koi mahattv nahi hain? Iske hone se na hone se tujhe koi farak nahi parta hain na?

Twinkle looked at him shocked.

T (stammering)— Ku…Kunj… tum yeh…. Kunj, maine aisa toh nahi kaha…

K1 (angrily) — Lekin matlab toh yehi hain tera? Ki humari dosti se teri or meri hum dono ka future kharab hoga? Toh thik hain. Bohot kar lia tune apne maan ki. Bohot bardhast kiya maine yeh teri bematlab ki zid! Ab bas. Tujhe yeh dosti khatam karni hain na? Thik hain. Le hogayi aajse humari dosti khatam! Aaj se tu apne raaste or main apne raaste!

Twinkle looked at him shocked.

Kunj left and moved her from the door and unlocking it went out.

T (in a shocked voice) — Kunj!

Kunj left from without listening to her. Twinkle went to Kavin and consoled her. Kunj went home after talking to her.

Kunj’s room (Vadhera mansion)

Kunj was laying on his bed thinking about Twinkle.

Kunj’s POV

Kyu, Twinki? Kyu? Kyu tune humari dosti ko humari future main ek obstacle samjha? Tu sach main yehi chahti thi?

Kunj closed his eyes. All moments with Twinkle from childhood till now replay on his eyes’ curtain.

4 days went by silently. On Sunday they all had breakfast together at Sarna mansion but Twinj didn’t talk to each other. Virika, Kavin, Purvi, their friends saw TWINJ avoiding each other. They never talked to each other. Kunj saw getting restless without talking with Twinkle and seeing her… yes.. she never came in front of Kunj after that day. Twinkle was crying every night.

On The 5th Day

2010, 7 January (11:00) (Thursday) Vadhera Mansion

Kunj’s room

Kunj was standing by his full glass window.

Kunj’s POV

Kyu mujhe yeh ajib sa bechainee ho raha hain? Pehli baar toh nahi hain ki maine Twinkle ke saath 5 6 din baat na ki ho. Kyu mujhe uski acchi buri sari addatein yaad araha hain or accha lag raha hain? Kyu mujhe uski hansi aur udas chehra sata raha hain? Kya ho gaya hain mujhe?

A whisper came from the heart : PYAAR!

Pyaar?! Kisse? Twinkle se? Namumkin! Main toh Purvi se pyaar karta hoon…..Haina? Pata nahi….Par Mujhe Twinkle se pyaar nahi ho sakta! Kabhi nahi! Woh meri best friend hain! Mujhe usse pyaar nahi ho sakta!

Another whisper came the heart : Hogaya hain mujhe Twinkle se pyaar!


Kunj looked at Sarna Mansion  and at Twinkle’s room in which lights are switched off.

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    Amazing one !!
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  2. Saiyarahossain

    Yup……in next chapter In Sha Allah!

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