Kehne Ko Toh Hum Humsafar Hain (CHAPTER 2)

Twinkle hugged Kavin and let out a silent sob.

K2 (sighing)— It’s Kunj and Purvi again, right? Tu kyu roti hain unhe dekhke?

T (in a crying voice)— Because I love him, damn it!

K2 (in a hushed voice)— I know but what to do?

T (in a crying voice)— I don’t know. But it hurts.

The class ended and their break also got over. They entered the class after 30 minutes and saw Purvi was sitting beside Kunj totally wrapped up with him and they were gossiping with other friends. Twinkle saw this and started crying silently. She got red because of crying for so long. She turned to leave.

K2— Kaha ja rahi hain?

T— Ghar. Notes de dio mujhe.

Saying this she ran out.

K2 (shouted)— Sambhal ke jana!

Kunj saw all this and asked Purvi to leave him and ran out behind Twinkle but she was gone by then. He came back and asked Kavin what happened.

K1 (in a confused voice)— Kav, Twinki ko kya hua?

K2 (stammering)— Woh…woh… Kuch nahi. She just felt sick.

K1 (in a concerned+confused voice)— Sick? Subha tak toh thik thi…..

K2 (stammering)— Haan….woh… Actually she is having headache.

K1 (sternly)— Sure? Tu chupa toh nahi raha na kuch?

K2 (hurriedly)— Nahi, yaar. Bye.

Kavin leaves to avoid Kunj’s questions.

Kunj’s POV

Yeh pakka mujhse kuch chupa raha hain…….

Kunj went inside the class and told Purvi that he had to go home. Purvi kissed his cheek and bade him bye. Kunj drove to their house and saw Jeevika’s car parked outside.

K1 (shouted)— Ramesh!

Ramesh— Ji, bhaiya.

K1— Jeevika Di ghar ayi hain kya?

Ramesh— Nahi toh, bhaiya.

K1— Phir gari……

Ramesh— Woh Twinkle didi ayi hain na….

K1— Akeli ayi hain?

Ramesh— Haanji.

K1 nodded and went to the door and was about to ring the bell when he saw the door open.

K1— Kitni baar kaha hain ghar mein servants ko ki darwaza bandh karne ko…. koi sunta hi nahi.

He went inside and was shocked seeing the scenario of the house. The whole hall was messed up. There were broken glasses and Twinkle’s bag and overcoat were on the couch. He walked inside hurriedly.


He suddenly saw blood on the glass pieces and blur blo*dy footprints and became worried. He followed the steps and came to Twinkle’s room. The door was closed. He knocked on the door.

K1 (in a worried voice)— Twinki! Twinki, tu thik toh hain?

No response came. Kunj waited for 5 minutes and again knocked louder.

K1 (in a worried tone)— Twinki, Open the door! Tu thik hain na? Woh niche hall main khoon……

No response came again. He banged  on the door.

K1— Darwaza khol, Twinkle!…… At least answer me, damn it.

Again no response came. This both worried and angered him to the peak. He banged on the door loudly.


From inside Twinkle spoke in a hoarse voice.

T— Kunj….tum jao yaha se.

K1 (angrily)— Are you crazy Twinkle?…. Theek hain… Tu aise nahi manegi…..

Kunj broke in the room after a little struggle. The room was a mess. There were blood footprint on the floor and broken glass pieces. The room was completely dark. Kunj heard Twinkle sniffing and switched on the lights and saw Twinkle sitting on the floor on the other side of bed.

K1— Twinkle.

T (in an emotionless voice)— Kunj, leave.


T (shouted)— KUNJ, LEAVE!


Kunj came to Twinkle and Twinkle quickly hid something under the bed. He sat beside her.

K1 (calmly)— Twinki, bata na, yaar, kya hua hain? College se ake yu ghar main bethi kyu hain?

T (turning to the other side)— Kuch nahi.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks continuously. Kunj frowned.

K1( in a concerned and worried voice)— Tu ro kyu rahi hain? Sar main zyada dard ho raha hain kya? Tu aise andhere main kyu bethi thi? Bhabi ko call karu?……Tell me na what happened.

T (looking away)— I said Nothing.

K1— As if I believe you! Mujhe pata hain kuch hua hain…. bohot acche se janta hu tujhe.

Twinkle turned to him with red puffy eyes.

T (in a sad and angry tone)— Accha? Koi zaroorat nahi hain mujhe janne ki…..

K1 (in a shocked voice)— Kya kaha tu ne?

T (in an emotionless voice)— Kunj! Please leave me alone.

K1— Twink….

A sob escaped from Twinkle’s lips.

T— I beg you, Kunj, please leave…

Kunj left looking at Twinkle sadly.

Twinkle brought a broken picture frame from under the bed. It was a picture a Twinj: Kunj laughing with Twinkle on his back kissing his cheek.

T (crying)— Kunj….. sorry…. Dekho na main tumhara pyaar mangti hu… Lekin main toh tumhare dosti ke laayak bhi nahi hu! Humari yaadein bhi sametke nahi rakh pati…..Humesha mujhse aisa kuch ho jata hain….. Yo..You (hicupped) Purvi…. I k..know….Par kya karu main iss kambhakt dil ka….. I can’t see you with anyone else…… Kunj….KUNJ……

After almost half an hour, a knock came on the door – Twinkle didi, aap thik toh hain na? Main andar ajau kya?

Twinkle wiped her tears and was about to get up when she fell on the bed and noticed her feet bleeding profusely.

T— Haan, Rina.

Rina came inside and saw her feet bleeding.

Rina— Yeh Bhaagwan! Aap theek hain didi? Jeevika didi ko call karu kya?

T (in a bit angry voice)— Main theek dikh rahi hu tumhe? Aur di ko call karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hain. Samajh ayi baat?

Rina nodded scared.

T (in an irritated voice)— Ab beithe beithe mera chehra maat dekho…. mujhe washroom tak chordo.

Rina helped her to the washroom and went out to clean everything in the room. Twinkle took a shower and changed her clothes and Rina helped her do the dressing of her leg and left to clean everything downstairs.

In the meantime Kunj reached college and went to Virika who had their last exam that day and told them everything. Trio rushed back home. Jeevika rushed inside followed by Virenj and saw Rina cleaning the glass pieces in the hall.

J (in a worried voice)— Rina, tumne mujhe call kyu nahi kiya?

Rina— Didi…. woh…woh Twinkle didi ne mana kiya tha…

J (in a worried voice)— Kaha hain Twinkle?

Rina— Apne kamre main.

Trio went to Twinkle’s room.

J (shouted)— TWINKLE! TWINKLE!

T—Kya hua di? Kya chila rahi hain aap?

J (in a scolding tone)— Kunj ne sab bata dia… kya pagalpan hain yeh, haan? Sar dard main kon aisa karta hain bhala? Kya hua tha? Or kach kaise toote?

T (looking down)— Kuch nahi, di.

J— Twinkle!

T (looking at Kunj)— Woh…actually,Di gussa ya tha thora….. ghar atehi Shaam ne pani dia glass gir gaya tha or peyer katgaya tha.

J (narrowing her eyes at Twinkle)— Aur room ke glasses ke lia kya safai hain?

T (stammering and averting her eyes from Kunj)— Woh….woh…. ek..ek photo frame toot gayi thi….

K1— Aise ghuma phira ke baatein maat kar… Mujhpe gussa hain samajh gaya… aur photo frame…. konsi tooti?

T (ignoring him)— Di, Bhai, Mujhe neend arahi hain. Leave me alone please.

Viraka left leaving Kunj behind. Twinkle was about to say something when Kunj put his hand on her mouth. They have an eye lock when Twinkle’s eyes turned teary and their trance broke.

K1 (whispered)— Twinki, bata na, yaar, hua kya hain? Kya kia maine? Kya kia tune? Mujhpe gussa kyu hain tu? Tujhe pata hain na ki main kuch bhi seh sakta hu lekin tere gusse ko bhardasht nahi kar saakta…..

Twinkle keep looking at him.

K1— Ab bol bhi kuch…

Twinkle eyed him to remove his hand from her mouth which Kunj did and she took a deep breath closing her eyes.

T— Kunj, leave.

K1— Twink…

T (loudly)— Kunj…. maine kaha na….jao yaha se!

Kunj took a few steps back.

K1 (smiling sadly)— Chala jaunga… Par kaam se kaam yeh to bata de konsi photo frame toora tune?

Twinkle’s snapped open and she turn to Kunj.

Twinkle’s POV

Isse kaise pata ki photo frame maine toori thi?

T (stammering)— Maine….Maine nahi to…toori……

K1 (in a cold voice)— Jhoot toh maat bol kamse kam… Tune humari wali frame toori haina?…… Mujhe pata hain….Tu humesha aisa hi karti hain…. Mujhpe gussa hain kehti he aur humari yaadein hi toor deti hain.

T (looking at him with teary eyed)— Please, Kunj! Tumhare lia humari yaadein mayne nahi rakhti…. Mere lia rakhti hain… Gussa mujhe aya tha… Maine photo frame toora aur use thik bhi main hi karungi….

K1 (in an angry and pained voice)— Tu aise hi mujhe HUM se nikal ke nahi faink sakti….. woh HUMARI yaadein hain…. Toota hua har cheez jora ja sakta hain lekin usme daraar zaroor reh jata hain……

Kunj looked at her with pain and left. Twinkle started crying again.

T— Kunj….Kunj… mujhe ab aur us cheez ke piche nahi bhaag na jo kabhi mera nahi ho sakta…….

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