Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 6th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Love or ‘Tug – of – war’

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 6th April 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Poonam and family leave the court room. Nickie runs to hug Rohit. Bani pulls them apart and tells Nickie to go. She tells Rohit to take care of his girlfriend now, and not care for them.

Ana was upset as she sat with the girls. She says she never wanted this to happen. She saw complaint in Bani’s eyes. They all had tears in their eyes. Specially, Poonam hadn’t blamed her with a single word. She looked so dignified, and her silence hit her hard. She, Ana, is the reason for their divorce. Avi consoles Ana saying that marriage is the most intimate relation between two people and any third person can never be blamed for a broken relation, victim of affair is not always the victim of marriage. The crack was long there, and gave way to Ana in their lives. Ana hugs Avi.
Later, Ana comes back to find Rohit sitting all alone. She comes to hold his hand and then hugs him by sitting on his lap.

It was evening. Rohit tries to dial a number. Ana comes with coffee. Rohit says Bani and Poonam don’t take his calls. Ana says they might be busy, but Rohit asks if they are busy for two days. Ana asks to dial. It was Nickie’s number, she was upset and crying and takes the call. Rohit excitedly asks Nickie where she had been.

The next day, Ana brings butter chicken for Rohit that she tried. He playfully bites her finger. Then, he gets a call from Poonam inquiring about the school fee. Rohit says he did it two days earlier, already. He asks her to speak to Bani to talk to him. Poonam tells him to have some patience.
Ananya was talking to girls on a video call as she ditched them on their game day. Ana teases them that she is having much fun here, and finds cards boring no. Rohit comes there, shocked that Bani is getting married in two weeks’ time. Ananya says this is nice. Rohit was shocked, as she is just a child. Ananya hugs Rohit, and says she met Bani; Bani is quite mature now.

Rohit comes to his house. He finds everything packed up and covered, and inquires the servant. He tells Rohit the family has gone to live in farm house. Rohit dials Poonam’s number. He inquires why they left without even informing him. He was irritated and tells Poonam he was busy. Poonam argues that he is always busy with work. Rohit wasn’t in a mood to argue. He wanders around the empty room, and finds everything that belonged to Rohit had been left behind. He comes to their daughter’s room first, then his own bedroom.

There, Ananya asks Rohit if he is completely lost. How she can move with him there. Rohit tells Ananya to understand him, Nickie and Bani would never come to visit him here. He can’t be places all the time, here, office, house and farmhouse. Ananya argues that he is still married, and she can’t move into his house

Rohit had redecorated kid’s house. He calls Poonam and asks when kids will reach to visit him. Poonam says they aren’t coming. Rohit asks her to convince them, as he has come to live here. Poonam says they don’t want to go there. Rohit offers to meet them at some coffee shop. Poonam tells him to give them some time. He must be wanting to stop Bani from marriage, but Aarya is a good guy. Rohit says at their age, it’s not love but only infatuation. And Aarya’s jeans is lower than his underwear even, how can he take care of Bani. Poonam says every father is concerned for his daughter, but this is the best decision for her.

Ana was travelling with girls and blushing all the way through. Ana says Rohit is taking girls out for lunch, so she was free for hanging out. She thinks she must call and inform Rohit. The girls tease that Ana sometimes behave as the traditional girl while other times she is independent. Rohit was busy, she records the voice message for him.

In the restaurant, Mr. Areesh Sorani was there. The girls greet each other with the wink of eye. He comes to greet the girls as well, then tells Ana that their past clients are very happy with Ana’s work. He has a lot of projects in Dubai for her. Ana apologizes as she is busy these days, and quite tied up. Areesh offers a drink which Ava generously accepts. Ananya wasn’t comfortable as he joins in.
In the car, Rohit tries to cheer the girls up. He asks the girls what they want to have, Thai or sushi. Nickie decides to search online. She finds photo of Ana with Areesh and suggests about going to LOL. Bani teases, if for sushi. Rohit reminds Nickie once told Bani that no matter someone bribes her with a new phone, she won’t go to LOL. Nickie says it’s the best about their generation, one day she likes LOL while the other day she doesn’t. Rohit comments that his generation had the maturity to take decisions seriously. They reach LOL. Nickie hurries upstairs, while Rohit goes to park the car. Bani follows Nickie inquiring about the plan. She see the photo. Nickie was sure that this guy is surely hitting on Ana, and she needs to show dad whom he left their mother for. Nickie runs directly to Areesh and Ana’s table, and asks him help her with her searching. She reads, male, trendy, married? Areesh asks if he know her. Nickie says he needs to know that b*t*hes like Ana…. She blames Ana for enjoying lunch with him one day their dad came to lunch with his daughters. Areesh interrupts, but Nickie says this b*t*h broke their family; as their dad is her latest target. She says now Areesh is actually her latest target. Rohit enters the restaurant. Nickie says surprise, his girlfriend is with him. Bani asks Rohit if he knew she was coming here. Nickie taunts Rohit that Ana’s life really revolved around him. Rohit tries to stop them. Bani complains that he is favoring his mistress over his daughters. They leave. Rohit also leaves. Ananya turns to leave too. Areesh was concerned and asks if he is ok.

On the stairs, Rohit calls Poonam that Bani and Nickie left on a cab. She must inform him when they reach home. On their way back, Ana was silent in the car. Rohit asks if she would also stay silent, like his daughters. Ana was aggressive, and asks what to say. She was insulted in public in front of her friends, and strangers. Rohit argues that she must have told him she is going on a lunch date with a man. Ananya says he was her client. Rohit says she must have informed. Ana says she doesn’t need to report in her whereabouts all day to him, still she sent him a voice mail which he didn’t check. She doesn’t understand why she still reported in, it was just a lunch with her friends where she met a client.

Rohit says he feels helpless and can’t talk to her anymore. She redirects their talks. Ana asks why he would question her for her whereabouts. Did she ever interrupt when he go back to Poonam… Rohit stops her. Rohit agrees that he should have checked his voice mail. They stop outside the apartment and find the girls there. Rohit says he will deal with it. Ana says they will deal with it. Rohit complains that they left without informing him, they should apologize Ananya. Bani says sorry before he completed his sentence. Rohit asks them to go home, they will talk there. Bani says home is destroyed dad, their mom sent them to apologize and they are now leaving. They leave.

Rohit calls Poonam. He asks Poonam if she sent them there. Poonam says she sent them, they can’t insult Ananya. Such isn’t a brought up of their family. Rohit also needs to understand that they are going through a difficult phase. He isn’t there, and she is busy with wedding preparations. It’s not easy for them either. Rohit replies, he understands and there for her to help. Poonam says words don’t help. She will try to spend some time with them. Rohit asks her to call anytime she needs him, as their daughters are his responsibility as well. Poonam laughs that it isn’t practical, she can’t call him every second for one thing or the other; and even calling at odd times would be weird. She will manage everything. She says Bani’s designers are waiting. After the call, Rohit wish his daughters learn grace from Poonam. Ana says she needs to learn some grace too. Until his daughter gets married, he must shift to farm house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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