Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 5th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Tell Tale

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 5th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with party ready. Nickie was still decorating the Christmas tree. Maa had an objection with the excessive décor. Bani comes ready for party and looks towards the entrance. Nickie compliments Bani looks hot. Bani says she looks cute. She confirms if he would come. Nickie says off course, she invited him. Aarya arrives. Bani goes to him and hugs him. He hugs back with a smile. Bani asks Aarya why he dressed up like this. (He wore casual dress). He counters, why she undressed like this. She asks how she looks. Maa comes to intervene, it feels she will have pneumonia any moment. Aarya touches her feet. Maa tells Bani to wear something, else it will be cold. When Maa had gone, Nickie brings them a fishing rod. Aarya goes to take a drink. Nickie tells Bani she will surely get him tonight. Bani hugs Nickie.

Sheena welcomes Abhimanyu. She says Poonam is upstairs. Abhi says they aren’t in talking terms, he is surprised he was invited. Sheena says Poonam will also be surprised. Abhi asks if she also doesn’t know. Sheena hints they must repeat the last week performance. Abhi says they both broke up. Sheena says there was a makeup as well. She could see everything. Abhi doesn’t understand. Sheena introduces Abhi to Bani, Maa and Meera as her friend. Maa says she thought he was Bani’s friend. Poonam comes to the party.

Ana arrives with the girls and Rohit to party. She complements the lights and décor. She goes to wish Maa. Maa meets her happily. Rohit spots Abhi, then goes to Guri. He turns to say Hi to Poonam. Guri points to Abhi. Rohit says he is Poonam’s… he goes to ask Poonam about it.

Ana was happy Avi and Cherry came here. Cherry spots Abhi and says Poonam is really bold, her boyfriend is also here. Ana was also impressed. Cherry shares with them that his friend is arriving. He has a big name in music industry. She boasts they will be flattered. Avi asks about Ana’s test. Ana says she will get the result later. She says she got her pregnancy test. Maa comes there and asks if this is thermometer, is Ana suffering from fever. Ana takes Maa for drink. Maa asks whisky? Ana says she will have juice.

Rohit comes inside looking for Poonam. She calls from upstairs. He asks Poonam if the matters between them have been sorted. Poonam says she didn’t know he is coming, Sheena invited. She says Sheena believes she was with Abhimanyu that night.

Avi and Ana comes inside. Ana says they will go to Nickie’s room upstairs, downstairs is Bani’s room. Inside, they hear Poonam discuss with Rohit how she will handle him. What will Bani and Nickie think of her, if they get to speak to Abhi? Ana says it seems to be serious talk. They decide to go downstairs to Poonam’s room.

In Poonam’s room, Ana goes excitedly into the washroom. Avi waits for her. She gets a call from Cherry and goes outside excitedly, Cherry’s friend has arrived.

Rohit asks Poonam till when she will hide in the room. Poonam says she can’t go to party till Abhi is there. She broke his heart last week, how she can handle him. She requests Rohit to send Sheena.

Sheena comes looking for Poonam. Poonam takes Sheena to the room to speak to her. In the room, Poonam asks Sheena what Abhimanyu is doing here. Ana hears this. Sheena asks why she is fighting with Abhimanyu, she invited him. Sheena says he is the only guy she slept with, in five hundred years. Poonam tells Sheena she didn’t sleep with Abhi. Sheena asks then who he was. Poonam says she can’t tell her, it will destroy everything. Ana knocks the door and comes to the room, she says she had to use the washroom. After Ana left, Poonam’s expressions were devastated. She says Ana heard everything. Sheena was taken aback by the realization.

Cherry and Avi were with Faisal, the Pakistani singer. Bani spots him and he walks to her. She recognizes Faisal, from Qatar. He remembers she couldn’t come to his performance, and the after party. Bani says she didn’t get permission from dad. Faisal says that time she was in college, now whom he will have to take permission. Bani calls Aarya and introduces him as her husband, she tells Aarya she met him in Doha. Aarya leaves there side but Bani offers him a drink. Aarya goes to take a drink. Faisal says he repeats, his name means ‘stubborn one’.

Ana comes outside. She comes to Vandy. She says the love bite on Poonam’s neck wasn’t him. Vandy wonders who it was.

In the room, Poonam tells Sheena that it was Rohit. Sheena says it’s alright. She says there was nothing between them, they pulled themselves from it. Sheena says that love bite was there for five days. Poonam tells Sheena to go handle Abhimanyu. Sheena goes outside.

Bani takes Aarya by arms, and takes him to dance. Aarya asks who that Fawad Khan typo was. Bani says Fawad Khan is a star in himself. Faisal is a rock star, she loves his music. She takes Aarya for a dance. Aarya doesn’t move, Bani encourages him. Aarya says he needs to talk to her. Bani hugs Aarya saying they will talk to each other after midnight. Its only fifteen minutes left.

Rohit was with friends. Abhimanyu comes to Rohit and introduces himself as Poonam’s friend. Rohit replies, I know. Abhi says he had built him up in his mind. Rohit says sorry to disappoint then. Abhi asks about Poonam. Rohit says she must be around.

Ana discusses with Avi that something is surely wired. Sheena comes to Abhi. Ana says there is something not right.

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  1. Poonam why going talk to Rohit that time Ananya will came to see the Rohit Now see what I will do now you just Think like that Poonam you told the wife Right to Ananya.
    Poonam why you don’t like Abhimanyu tell me Reason what happened to you Poonam he likes you Poonam don’t talk like that to Abhimanyu Please try to understand that Poonam so I am telling to you Poonam your Responsibility Keep it your mind Poonam you tell sorry for Abhimanyu Right Now itself.
    Don’t waste the time okay.

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