Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3rd May 2020 Written Episode Update: Silence and the Silenced

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3rd May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohit gets off the bed. Poonam says she doesn’t understand herself, she has been confusing her physical need with emotional need because of hormones. Rohit tells her not to blame herself, it’s been two years. Was she with someone in this time? Poonam says Rohit can’t question her, but no she didn’t. Rohit says its natural, she deserves someone’s love after two years. But how he should justify this action, he married Ananya. Poonam insists she took the initiative, and there hasn’t been much between them. Rohit says he felt lesser of a man for a while, and after Poonam’s initiative it was his basic instinct. Poonam tells him to go.

At home, Rohit finds Ananya covering Bani with a quilt in the lounge. She goes to Rohit and apologizes for not being able to call him. Bani wasn’t having a good day, she was with him. Rohit says he was busy sorting the financial mess, it will be done in a day or so. The next morning, Rohit feels Ananya massaging his shoulder. She wishes him Merry Christmas. She hugs him from behind in the bed, and says he has been working late and she is bored these days. She is still happy that their financial problems will be sorted before New Year. She offers him breakfast in bed, but she sleeps for ten minutes before that.

Rohit goes to washroom. He washes his face and looks into the mirror. He goes into the flashback four years ago.

Rohit was in his office. Ananya was busy working and told him that by Monday his office will be ready. Rohit said thank you Ana, I mean Ananya. Ananya said they covered this distance between Ananya and Ana a long time ago, Faiz and Ghalib are a witness to it. She shook his hand saying he can call her Ana. Rohit held both her hands standing closer to her and tried to kiss her. She breathed reluctantly and said she must go. Rohit silently apologized. He said the office will be completed within a few days, but what about them. Ana had said there was nothing between them. Rohit said he feels a very strong connection and bond for her. Ananya said it was just professional work. Rohit said she shouldn’t lie. He knows everything about her, even her seven years long relationship with her ex. She also knows everything about him, his daughters and family. Ananya had said he is married, he shouldn’t feel anything for anyone. Its better they stay away from each other. She wished him good night. Rohit had asked who would decide what’s right or wrong, if society would. He had hugged her from behind and asked, if she will kill her feelings and emotions just for the society. He stood closer to her and asked her to say she doesn’t love him. With tears in eyes, Ana had turned to Rohit and kissed him.

In another flashback

Rohit dressed up while Ananya sat in bed. She was guilty that they shouldn’t have done all this, this wasn’t right. Rohit hadn’t yet discussed with Poonam. Rohit replied he will tell Poonam once Bani’s exams are over. She felt it was her mistake. It was emotional commitment, she wondered why it got physical. She had never been in a relation with a married man. Rohit was astonished at her reaction, he said they are together for a year. Ananya argued that he was married to Poonam. Rohit said Poonam was mother of his daughters, they share time together but there is no physical relation between them anymore. Ananya had told him to go to discuss this with Poonam. That night, when Rohit returned home, Poonam asked him why he was late, if office work is still going. Rohit told her he is completely tired, and asked about kids. Poonam said they are out as its weekend, and reminded him it was weekend night. Rohit made up that he is tired. She told him to take rest. Rohit asked how she was always so understanding.

Rohit sat with the basin in washroom. Ana calls him outside. He answers he will be there.

Nickie was decorating Christmas tree and asks Bani to help. Bani wasn’t in mood. Nickie teases that last year she started countdown for Christmas since Diwali, like a naughty Santa. Ananya turns to leave and promises to help Nickie decorate it when back from work. Rohit comes asking about his car keys. Nickie gives him a file that came from office last night. Ana inquires Rohit wasn’t he in office till late last night. Rohit made up that may be he forgot it there. Ananya leaves as she has a meeting with a client. She asks Rohit for his card. Rohit says he might have left his wallet at office. Ana says she needed it before 2 pm for passport name change. She tells Bani she call her anytime needed. Rohit sits with Bani and inquires what it is about. Nickie says Aarya is going to dumb her today as the Christmas gift. Bani objects it’s not like that, and assures Rohit he is fine.

In the laboratory, Avi asks Ana what was such a hurry to get her blood test done. Ana says it gives a confirmation if you are pregnant or not. Avi says Ana doesn’t have to create a cricket team, her doctor told her to wait for a few more days. Ana was in a hurry and goes to pharmacy to buy a pregnancy kit. Poonam was there at the pharmacy buying some medicines. Ana greets her. Poonam says it’s good to see her, but she is in a rush. The pharmacist reminds Poonam to pay the money. Ananya notices and tells Poonam its good going. Poonam doesn’t understand. Ananya says it seems she has a love bite. Avi joins in and asks if its hickie. Poonam hides the mark with her hair. Ana suggests her to apply some foundation, and it will be cover up; else kids will question about it at home.

At home, Poonam covered the hickie. Sheena was happy and says Poonam turned out to be a sl*tish-wary. Poonam was annoyed. Sheena says she thought it was a full and final end of her and Abhi’s story. She asks if they used protection. Poonam says it was nothing like that. Sheena suggests Poonam to flaunt this in front of Rohit, he must know who is living the life to full. Poonam tells her to stop this. Sheena leaves. Poonam was worried. She notices Rohit’s wallet on her side-table and hides it behind her pillow.

Ananya, Avi and Cherry were in the office. Ana says Poonam’s love bite was quite prominent. Avi tells Cherry that menopausal women are getting more action than them singles and younger ones. Ananya says she is happy for Poonam. She was at once embarrassed, Avi was loud mouthed as well. The girls gossip about menopausal hormonal impacts. Ana says she never want to get menopausal. She asks if they can’t have more food cheat days. Vandy laughs that before marriage, Ana had different cheat days. Ana says Vandy is on the roll today. They discuss that Ana is finally happy for Poonam. Ana says she was never insecure of Poonam, there wasn’t love between Rohit and Poonam. Rohit still shares with Poonam, that’s because of comfort they share. She is happy for Poonam as she moved on so well. They dedicate their snack party to Poonam.

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