Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3rd April 2020 Written Episode Update: Mine. Forever

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3rd April 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pranav shouting at Poonam that she agreed to let Rohit go. He was already creating mess with her life, and now she agreed for a mutual divorce. Bani comes with the marriage certificate form and rights cards. Pranav convince Poonam that she (Ananya) won’t come to the court, she is an independent working woman. She handles a huge business, why she would come. Bani says she thinks she would surely come.

Ananya was lost in deep thought as she set up her pantry, and pours lentils in another pot. Rohit says he finds Poonam’s demand as bizarre. He finds butter chicken pack in the pantry and asks why she got this, she doesn’t have butter chicken and doesn’t know how to cook it. Ana says Rohit likes it, and she will learn to cook for him. She says that’s the point, she will learn to cook butter chicken and coffee beans for him. She will do anything for him, but she can’t put her self-respect at stake. She doesn’t want to go to court, and she won’t. He must sort his divorce and his life out, and then come to her. She had never asked him to leave his family and file a divorce for her. Rohit says Ana is intelligent enough to understand the matters. He didn’t ask her to come to court, its Poonam’s demand; maybe she wants to meet her or see her. Ana argues that her life remained dependent over Poonam for past three years, and now she wants to see her, or meet her.

Pranav tells Poonam not to sign the divorce papers. Pranav’s wife comes and says Rohit is already ready to give away his property and money. If Poonam has to drag him to court, it must be adultery’s case. Poonam didn’t want to do any such thing. Bani qualifies that Poonam got some self-respect, she would gracefully, let Rohit go. Maa brings their wedding cards and photographs, as Poonam might need these in courts.

Rohit and Ana sat on the floor together. Ana understands that Poonam would want to meet her, after all she is his wife. But no matter what she does, she can never prove herself right in front of Poonam or the world’s eyes. She wasn’t ready to let down anyone, and decided she wouldn’t come to the court.

Poonam tells the family that she isn’t making this divorce deed easy. She has placed the condition that she will sign the papers only if Ana comes there. This is her final decision.

Nickie talks to a friend on phone that she will come to the party. She requests her to drop her back home, as her dad is out of town and driver isn’t available. Bani comes there and asks Nickie why she didn’t tell Shikha that their parents are divorcing. After all Shikha is her best friend. Nickie says the divorce isn’t yet final. Bani says the divorce is final and they will have to understand that a lot will change afterwards. Nickie was irritated by her pessimist talk. They walk to their balcony.

Downstairs, Aarya was playing by himself near the pool. Nickie asks her to think twice before marrying him. Bani smiles that she told him two hours ago to stay there, she will meet him for ten minutes; and he is still waiting alone. He is retard and a little fool, that’s why she is marrying him. Those who were mindful, are divorcing.

Ana comes home from shopping. She finds a plate on the table and goes to flashback. Rohit had come to her home when she was eating. He was annoyed that women fast for their husbands on Karwachot. He had a feeling that she will keep a fast for him, but its ok as they aren’t yet married. Ana had said that she didn’t know he would believe in all this. She was apologetic. Rohit laughs over her reaction, wondering if he would make her fast; she loves eating every few hours. He had brought prawn roll for her. Ana says he doesn’t like it, then why he brought this for her. Rohit says it’s not any personal enmity, just that he felt bad in their first kiss. Ana promise to brush this time.

Poonam sat in the court with her lawyer. Rohit comes there. Poonam asks about Ana. Rohit replies, she didn’t come. Poonam goes to shift the date further, she won’t sign until she comes. Ananya arrives in the court room. Poonam cries silently. Rohit silently thanks Ananya, then joins Poonam on the table. Bani and Nickie arrive with Maa, Pranav and his wife. The magistrate reads, they have come for mutual divorce due to reconcilable differences. He asks them to sign the papers. Rohit looks towards Ananya, then signs the papers. Bani consoles Nickie, while crying herself. Rohit holds Nickie’s arm. Poonam breaks down before signing the papers. Bani tells her to be strong. Ananya was upset and runs out of the court room. She takes a call and speaks Rohit… it was Avi. Ana tells Avi that Poonam’s family was there inside. Avi had reached to be on Ananya’s side, as her family. Rohit speaks to Poonam that he is sorry, and he will always be there if she would need something. Poonam leaves. Bani bitterly taunts that if someone gives a divorce, the word ‘always’ has no meaning.

Update Credit to: Sona

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