Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 30th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Sea of Secrets

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 30th April 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit with Ana in the room. He apologizes and explains he didn’t get a chance. Ana questions if he didn’t get a chance for a day, or two; it’s been fifteen days. She clearly told him not to hide anything from her. This is a huge matter. Is it important for him to share everything from Poonam? Here, she is planning holiday and he has hidden this big a matter from her. She is his wife. Rohit says he knows, he had a huge financial crisis; she was excited about the holiday so he broke the FD. Ananya argues he has no right to break Nickie’s FD. She wasn’t excited about Paris but a vacation. She said she would be happy to go to Goa, Paris was his suggestion. If he believes she won’t understand his matters, just because she was happy and getting awards. Rohit says that’s the reason. She was extremely happy and receiving a huge award, he didn’t want to ruin it. He cares for her career as well. Ananya says, but he would have shared the matter with her if he valued her; instead he chose his ex-wife and not her. Rohit understands that’s the real problem. His loss doesn’t matter, what matters is that he spoke to Poonam. Ananya says of course, she isn’t his girlfriend who won’t understand his problems. In fact when she was his girlfriend he shared every problem with her. She has been through tough times and realize what financial loss is. He was afraid that she will judge him. But instead he judged her. Rohit was intrigued. He says when a man is going through a crisis, all he wants at home is little love and support. He expected her to give him a hug. Ananya says she would have, if he had told this to her. But she knew this from Poonam and now. Rohit shouts how the f**k does this matter, whoever tells her but she knows the problem now. Ananya was helpless that he didn’t understand the matter. She tells him to cancel Paris, she doesn’t want to go with him. Rohit also didn’t want to go with her. They both feel like shit. Ananya says she wanted to be that person who was with him in every situation, but someone else is still living that part in his life. She leaves the room. Rohit stops himself from breaking a vase.

The next morning, Ananya cries while cutting onion in Cherry’s kitchen. Cherry asks Avi if these are onion tears or the real ones. Avi tells her to be thankful she is cooking in this kitchen. Ananya starts complaining that there is a limit to understanding. She wonders if everything would ever change in their relationship or not. He always go to Poonam first, for every problem and matter. Avi says that’s not fair. He must not intentionally have gone to Poonam. Cherry adds that may be he didn’t get a chance to speak to her. Ana asks how they can take side of Rohit. Both boast that they are a part of big family. Ana taunts which big family, she, Rohit, them, his ex-wife, her high flung sister, step daughters, Rohit’s mother…. they can add a few neighbors to this list of family as well. Avi tells Ana that Rohit needs her support. She must go home and support him. Ananya says she understands he is devastated. She actually wants to go to him and tell him that together they will fight everything. Cherry says she will manage and run the house. Avi says Rohit would never like her wearing the financial pants. Ana says she just wants to share the pants. Ananya decides she must call Harry and draw three months advance salary. And then she must return Nickie’s FD. She didn’t like the way Poonam spoke. Avi laughs that finally she is b*t*hing about Poonam. Ananya says even Poonam was frustrated, she would have lost. She wonders what Poonam must be thinking of her. Avi says that Ananya is husband stealer, money grabber, family breaker… Cherry continues, dyan, holiday girl, neurotic, good looking career woman! Ananya snaps a thanks. Cherry says she now feels bad for her own self, but not for Ana now. Ana feels terrible.

Maa was packing with Poonam, happy that she is going on a vacation with her friends. Sheena comes and sends Maa to kitchen to check on servant. She unpacks everything which Poonam packed and changes the wardrobe. Poonam was upset and wonders what she is upto. She has two grownup daughters, and here she tends to celebrate a short trip with a strange man. Sheena corrects he is a boy. Poonam tells Sheena it’s just a short trip, nothing else. Sheena says she is really happy for her. She speaks to Poonam that although she has daughters and lives with a mother in law, but she is neither a wife nor a daughter in law now. She needs a break. She must live a bit, may be her life gets a new direction. She gives her a magazine to read the article, ‘Tips on how to wake up every morning with a young man’. Poonam says she won’t sleep with him. Abhi isn’t dreaming anything like this. Sheena taunts if they would sing Bhajan then? Sheena now gives her another book, Kama (desires) which her friend has written. She tells Poonam to read it, as she must have forgotten everything. She brought Poonam a shirt with a deep neck. Poonam feels disgusted of Sheena and leaves the room.

Ananya comes home, breathes deeply. She brings a bowl of sweet for Rohit. He asks seriously, if a healer after the war yesterday. Ananya says she cooked Moong Daal Halwa for him, with almonds. Rohit didn’t want to. She requests him to eat some, keep his mouth busy and listen to whatever she says. Rohit stares back. Ananya tells Rohit about a plan. Rohit asks what plan. Ananya says they need 15 crores, she came up with a plan. They will cancel their plan as the first thing. Second, tenant will vacate her house within a week. She will speak to property dealer and property dealer says they can easily get 4 crores for it. Rohit disagrees as it’s his problem and he will handle. Ananya insists that they are a team and she has to help, how he will manage everything alone. Thirdly, she will draw three months advance. She spoke to Vandy and they will take some more assignments, she will have to work a little harder. She believes they are sorted. Rohit argues. Ananya asks if he would have done the same, right. Rohit complements, smart woman! Ananya replies she is his wife after all. Rohit now eats the halwa, and likes it. He shares a bite with Ana.

Abhi knocks at door of Poonam’s room. She was shocked to see him, locks the door behind them. She asks if someone saw him coming. Abhi says there was an old lady, she thought he was Bani’s friend and let him in. Who is Bani? Poonam says Bani is her daughter, that the old lady is her mother in law. She tells Abhi to leave here. Can he jump from the window? She will meet him tomorrow and speak to him on phone. But he needs to leave. Abhi says he didn’t have to face this in college even, dirty weekend with girlfriend and then jumping off her room. Poonam asks what dirty weekend? Abhi asks really, if she thinks he is taking her away for weekend for s*x. She has been texting him do’s and don’ts since morning. He asks what the problem is. Poonam doesn’t let him sit. Abhi sings, Hum Tum Aik Kamre Me Band hon… Poonam tells him not to do this, its cheap. Abhi asks Poonam if she changed her mind, doesn’t she want to go. Poonam says she hopes he booked two rooms. She doesn’t want…. Abhi asks if she is ashamed of saying ‘s*x’ even being a mother of two daughters. He corrects, alright ‘love’. But love isn’t bound to room, it can be anywhere. He gets close to Poonam but Maa knocks the door. Poonam rushes outside. Maa reminds her to pack sweaters as well. She asks if she met Bani’s friend. Poonam lies, that he left.

In the room, Abhi was in bed reading the magazine Sheena left for her. Poonam felt awkward. She says she might not come if she isn’t confident. Abhi says he is confident he will. Abhi silently promises he won’t even place a finger on her unless she wants him to. He goes to balcony to jump off the window and goes straight down in the swimming pool. Poonam laughs from upstairs. Abhi complements her laughter through signals. Poonam signals him to leave.

Harry speaks to Khanna in his office that he can’t get in a deal with him, his papers are never fair. He has a project in Delhi and in Mumbai, and he just wants his presence felt. But till Khanna’s papers are fair, he can’t deal with him. Ananya comes in, but apologizes that she will wait outside as he is in a meeting. Harry invites her inside, and introduces her to Khanna. Khanna says he knows her husband, Mr. Rohit. Harry goes outside to speak to Ananya.

In the conference room, Harry tells Ananya this Mr. Khanna is a leech who wants him to invest in a stupid property deal. Ana says she just wants some advance money. Its just some personal deal. Harry asks how much she needs. Ananya says anything according to employee book. Harry tells her to put her application in HR for three months, he will process today. Ananya thanks him. In the office, Khanna tells Harry that Ananya’s husband also invested in a project, he had a withheld and now wants to sell. He told him to stop for a few months, and might get 20 crores. But he believes it’s a 15 crores loss. Harry asks if Rohit is in loss. Khanna says its investment hold period, and will be released within 6 months. Harry murmurs that he well knows when this 6 months turns into 6 years. He asks him the problem. Khanna says he showed Rohit the whole land, but Rohit liked a corner plot. Now that land turned out to be forest land, and govt. won’t lend OC. Now they will have to bribe and get the matter cleared, but it will be done.

After the meeting, Harry calls Rohit. He tells Rohit about his land issue. He says there are some friends who might help. OC takes some time, but a few friends might help from Delhi and speak to a few official. Rohit replies that’s sweet of him, but he will manage. Rohit fumes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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