Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2nd May 2020 Written Episode Update: Karma Destiny and the Circle of Life

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2nd May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nickie returns from weekend and hugs Rohit. Rohit asks about her Dadi. She says Dadi, Sheena, Meera Bua and Neem Rana are going somewhere. Rohit asks if mom didn’t go. Nickie says she hasn’t seen maa since morning. Rohit calls Poonam but she doesn’t pick up the call. Bani turns to leave. Rohit asks Bani where she is going. Bani tells him it’s a lunch with a friend. Rohit tries to stop her but she doesn’t.
Bani and Ananya were together in the restaurant. She tells Ananya not to share it with anyone, she doesn’t want people to take an impression that they are friends. Ananya agrees, as it might be eighth wonder of the world. Bani asks her not to tell dad. She then asks Ananya what she wants. Ananya says she invited Aarya here. She wants Bani and Aarya to speak to each other without alcohol, for once. Bani was irritated. Ananya says she can leave if she wants to. Bani takes her bag and goes. Ananya sits peacefully. After a while, Bani returns. She was fresh with makeup and hair and says it must be game strong if she has to meet Aarya, where he is. Ananya comments, you go girl! Bani asks how she looks. Ananya says, hot!

Sheena brings Poonam a coffee cup and tells Poonam she is taking the elderly to Nirvana. She owes her big time. She then requests Poonam to come alone. Poonam says she will be ok. Sheena tells her to call her if needed. Poonam’s sobs. She checks Rohit’s messages and deletes the conversation. Then clears the call log with Abhimanyu and Rohit. Her sobs turns into loud cries.

Aarya arrives at the restaurant. Ananya greets him. Bani gives him space alongside her. Ananya goes towards the bar, lending them a chance to talk. Bani starts the conversation. Aarya was silent. Bani says she shouldn’t have left the house. Aarya blames that Bani never loved him, she can’t love anyone except herself. He has learnt now. He was happy go lucky guy. She always made him wait since six class, at bus stop, at her best friend’s door, or her own house sometimes. He always waited for her. But now, he is done. He tells Bani he is returning to US. The offer isn’t for her as he needs a break this time. He leaves.

Ananya gets Rohit’s call and lies that she is out with her friends, there were some problems to be sorted. Rohit says it seems his financial problem will be sorted. Both properties will be mortgaged it will be tough but they will make it. Ananya spots Aarya leaves, and says she will be back with him, she got to go. She comes to Bani. Bani was crying but laughs. Ananya tells Bani to go home. Bani didn’t want to go home, in front of dad and Nickie. Ananya says alright, they will go to her Go-To place.
Rohit discusses with Guri that Poonam isn’t attending the call. He called Ananya to discuss such an important matter, but she cut the call. She would then complain he didn’t share the matter. Poonam was easy. Guri asks if Ananya called him. Rohit says she called him four times, but he didn’t receive the call. Guri says he will have to bear the brunt and would always be taunted for not attending the call. Guri says these snapshots of missed calls are the part of their favorite gallery. Rohit was annoyed. He says he took a false decision and made a bad investment. Ananya promised to be a team but then she shared it with Harry. He was irritated that this marriage is a tension. They were better boyfriend, girlfriend. Guri says only Rohit was happy that way. In love there are three kinds of phases, Rafi, Kishore and Mukesh ji. In Rohit’s case, its Mukesh Ji’s case. When his phase would change, everything will be better. Rohit murmurs that these women hung him to dry, like a cloth piece in sun.

At night, Rohit comes to farmhouse with the file. He calls the servant, then comes looking for Poonam. He comes in the room. Poonam was crying. Rohit turns the lights on. He asks what’s happening. Everyone is out, and she is drinking here. Where is everyone from the family? Poonam says she is all alone.

Ananya and Cherry drank with Bani. Cherry tells Ana to go to Rohit, she will stay with Bani. Ananya wasn’t ready to let Cherry corrupt her mind. Bani asks if there is something stronger than this wine. Ana brings a bottle and says she flicked it for Cherry from her dad’s bar. But it seems Bani is rightful. They prepare the drinks.

Poonam cries and tells Rohit about Abhimanyu. Abhi made her feel special only by his looks. He gave her a lot of joy in six months only. He taught her to live a carefree life. Rohit says she must be with him if she really feels so, there is no harm in it. Poonam asks if he even knows menopause, hot flashes, bad temper, mood swings. What she should bring to him. Age was never there between them, but suddenly all this. She cries and leaves the bed. She says she spent her thirties with Rohit, and wants Abhi to live his thirties fully. He must do everything in his life, including kids. She is only afraid what if he leaves her, she won’t be able to handle. Rohit now stands to console her. Poonam cried loudly. She holds Rohit’s hand. Rohit assures she will be Ok. Poonam turns to him and hugs him closely, crying that she is lonely. Rohit hugs Poonam and apologizes for f**king up everything. He couldn’t take care of her; he shouldn’t have left her. She is crying for someone else, but it’s his mistake. They had undressed meanwhile and gone to bed.

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