Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 29th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Spilling the Beans

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 29th April 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Poonam being startled as Abhi says I really want you. He requests her to listen only. He says if she doesn’t love Rohit anymore, and only if she has moved on; can she lend him a chance. Abhi says he is aware she fears he is younger than her. Poonam says that’s not the problem, it’s that she was married to Rohit and loved him for years and still he betrayed her. She isn’t ready for this. Abhi asks Poonam if ever she will be able to trust him. Poonam holds his face, and says of course she trusts him. Abhi then asks her to join him on a trip to Bangla fort. She asks if he is crazy. Poonam smiles that she wanted to go there for years but… Abhi says they must go then, they will later decide if a single room or two.

Ana stood in a window thinking Rohit has turned her crazy, bipolar and jealous. She feels jealous only because he said she looks good. She needs to pull herself up, they can meet as they are parents to two children. They shared history. But from now onwards he will share, let’s get to work. New day and a new start.

Maa hides something as Poonam comes home. Poonam asks Maa why she is sitting all alone, she asks if she must get her BP checked. Maa asks her to sit with her. She says she has decided she must shift to Canada. Poonam asks if Maa has some complaint with her. Maa says she has thought a lot about her son, Canada’s idea is good. Poonam must think of herself now. Rohit is with Ananya, and Poonam must also move forward. She tells Poonam they are getting numerous proposals for Poonam already. Sheena and Meera got her registered on a marriage website. Poonam was furious.

Maa and Poonam come outside. Sheena and Meera were busy discussing the proposals. Poonam snatches the tab. Sheena says she can explain. Poonam reads her profile, then questions how they can create her account without her consent. She asks if her life is a joke. She doesn’t need anyone in her life. She deletes the profile and tells them to stop advertising her. Sheena asks her to calm down. Poonam tells Sheena she is single and happy, she doesn’t want all that in her life once again. She leaves.

Rohit comes home talking to Guri on phone. He says he couldn’t tell Ana, she was furious. He is
getting calls from bank as well, and must tell her. He calls Ana. She shouts back she is upstairs. Ana was packing luggage. Rohit asks if she is going somewhere. Ana asks if he didn’t like the smell of the lotion and throws is aside, as it’s not coming with them to Paris. She was excited and tells him there visas are here, Paris is her favorite destination. And she loves French too. Rohit says there is a week yet. Ana says it’s just four days, and asks him to pack his clothes as well. Rohit tries to speak to her. Ana asks about his overcoats. Rohit says Poonam would know. Ana tells him to go and get his packing from Poonam as well, then smiles and asks him to relax. She loves to pack and can pack a bag for him as well. She tells him the to-do list. She tells Rohit the suite he booked is so expensive. It’s worth 20 lacs. She can call and fight for him if he says. Rohit replies that’s fine. Ana notices he wasn’t happy. But Rohit says he is, and leaves the room.

n the office, Ana and Avi were painting a coffee table. Cherry asks why she is painting naked girls. Ana says he is finding Poonam attractive these days, its better he enjoys these women. Avi teases that this jealousy doesn’t suit her. Ana says she isn’t jealous. Rohit saw Abhi and Poonam together, and went into Poonam about it. Poonam feels she told Rohit. Already her reputation… Avi adds her history… Ana says a lot has changed in these years. She and Poonam aren’t best friends, but they aren’t enemies as well. This incident is Rohit’s fault. Cherry says as Rohit’s punishment, Ana is taking Rohit to land of naked boons, day night morning evening. Cherry complements the table. Avi asks about the plans further. She and Cherry say they must also go.

Guri asks Rohit if he broke the FD just to vacation with Ananya in Paris. Rohit says he would buy another FD on the name of Nickie. Guri says Rohit isn’t the hero in any Indian hero who would sell everything just to please his girlfriend, even sell their kidneys. He could tell Ananya clearly, and take her to the valleys in Shimla. Rohit says he tried but he couldn’t speak. Though she is his wife, his friend as well’ but she was extremely happy. Guri tells Rohit that somewhere he is in a complex with Ananya, and competing her. It’s a working woman-man complex. Rohit asks who Guri is to analyses his psychology. Guri says when he was with Poonam he could easily and immediately tell everything to Poonam, as there wasn’t any competition. Rohit straightens in the seat. He says he will tell Ananya once they return from Paris. Guri asks what if Ananya knows beforehand. He himself follows a rule, to tell lesser to women. Rohit says it’s a good rule, he will tell.

Sheena teases Poonam for getting a new nail polish every week. She must get brazillian wax as well. Poonam says she is still angry with her, and even if there is Tom Cruise in front, she won’t ever get brazillian wax. She notices Poonam’s arms and asks why there is excessive growth on her arm, since she waxed last week only. She asks Poonam if she met gynae, as it seems hormonal. Poonam gets a phone call from bank and was troubled that Rohit broke the FD. She asks where Rohit transferred the money. Sheena asks Poonam what it is. Poonam was furious that Rohit broke Nickie’s educational FD, and he transferred half of money for booking a seven star hotel. How can he take his young wife to Paris at the expense of his daughter’s education? Sheena asks if Ananya knows about Rohit’s financial condition. Poonam says she knows everything, about daughters and about her as well. He said he will tell Ananya everything, and its now ten days. Sheena says Ananya doesn’t look like… Poonam decides this is enough. Rohit has to stop. Sheena tells Poonam to get her hormonal tests once, she get furious over little things.

Ananya comes to kitchen and finds Bani and Nickie there. She asks what they are cooking. Nickie says instant noodles. Ananya offers to cook something healthy and goes to cook khao-suey. She notices some tension and asks what the matter is, did they speak to Aarya. Bani replies nothing. Ananya says she knows then enough that they can’t lie. Nickie says Bani’s boss is flirting with her. Ananya welcomes Bani to the club. Bani says it’s not flirting, it seems she is overreacting. He keeps on asking her for work dinner. And since he came to know about her being single, he acts like a jerk. Ananya says she has a solution to everything, but before that khao-suey.

On the table, Bani asks if this happens in every office. Ananya says they got the independence to work, but not from the filthy looks. She tells her about her first boss who was a creep. She tells Bani to learn to handle this skill as well. She says they can create their own rule book. The first rule is, if the boss says Hey, Bani you looking so good. She must say, thankyou and leave. If he suggests to finish the work on dinner, she can reply No, I like to work in office hours only. If he insists, Tell him she is busy. No personal details. If this doesn’t work, she can tell her dad. Then he will start picking and dropping her. Later, Ananya promises Bani to teach how to cook this. There was a door bell. It was Poonam. She tells Bani she needs to speak to Ananya, she must go for a drive. Bani leaves.

Poonam goes to Ananya. She greets her. Poonam says she can’t understand anything about Ananya. Ananya offers her some wine. But Poonam replies no thanks. She asks if Ananya is going to Paris. Ananya says yes, next week. Poonam asks how she can do this. Ananya was quizzical. Poonam says she was ready to downscale her lifestyle and live in a small apartment, and if Ananya demands a holiday in Paris, seven star hotel bookings and business class tickets? She thought she was close to Nickie, but here Ananya planned the trip. But there Rohit broke her daughter’s educational FD worth 20 lacs so easily. Ananya was clueless and taken aback. Poonam breathes and says Rohit must not have told anything. Ananya tells Poonam to sit down and tell her what’s happening. Poonam says Rohit has a financial loss in business, he is selling farmhouse for that. She doesn’t care what he does with the money, but this FD was Nickie’s. They had saved it for Nickie and because of the trip he sold it. Ananya did not know about the financial loss. Poonam was helpless about Rohit. She says Rohit had a 15 crores loss due to some investments he made. Ananya asks when Rohit told her about it. Poonam says it was fifteen days ago, she apologizes for overreacting. She was only concerned for her daughter’s FD. Ananya was upset and replies, yeah.

Update Credit to: Sona

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