Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 1st May 2020 Written Episode Update: Broken Heart Never Heals

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 1st May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit asking what’s going on.

1 day ago, it was café. Bani was telling KD (friend) that they had dinner without having a fight, and had wine as well. KD wanted to meet her step-mom. Bani says she isn’t her stepmom, she is just her dad’s wife. Pooja brings them drinks and says its because Ananya gave Bani an advice to handle her boss, and here they are celebrating. Bani accepts that Ananya is smart, independent woman balancing her personal and professional life well. But they must not forget that it’s because of her that her parents divorced. Aarya comes to the café with a girl. KD wonders what Aarya is doing with her. Aarya spots Bani and comes to greet them then goes to join the girl. KD says the girl is a worse singer and fast too. Pooja tells him to stop sl*t-shaming her, they are friends. Aarya and Leena studied together. They tell Bani to take it easy. She couldn’t get her eyes off Aarya. Leena leaves the table, and Aarya goes out of the café to smoke. Bani comes to Aarya, pulls the cigarette and smokes instead. Aarya says she had stopped smoking right? Bani asks if him and Leena? Aarya asks if that’s the problem. She knows they are friends since second grade, they hang out and chill like bro. Bani now holds his shoulders. She says he was right, they must give each other a chance. Aarya removes her hands off his shoulder and tells her to go home, they will speak about it later.

At home, Ananya greets Rohit. He asks how her day was. She replies it was a long day. Rohit taunts that half of it must have spent to narrate Harry the story of his financial crisis. He wonders how it would have happened. Harry must have told his story in his circle and then the f**ker called him to insult that he can help through his contacts. Ananya was taken aback and says she didn’t tell Harry anything. She just went there for advance. He is a well-connected man and might have known about their problem, but if he is offering help they should consider it. Rohit laughs if she seriously wants him to take help from a man who wish to f**k his wife. Ananya fumes questioning what that all means. Rohit says Ananya told him that Harry called her a speed dial girl. Ananya says it was an old thing. She told him just trying to be honest, but Rohit isn’t mature enough to deal with such things. Rohit says he might not be mature, but he isn’t blind. Ananya must go and tell her boss cum best friend that he doesn’t need his money or help. They dare not discuss him to make their coffee breaks interesting.

The next morning, Bani joins Ananya for breakfast. She notices Ananya was eating a lot of butter. She says its butter, calories bomb. Ananya replies yeah, so. Bani inquires about dad. Ananya replies who cares. Bani understands and asks if he said something. Ananya just raises her eyebrows. Bani asks what’s wrong with these men. It’s such a difficult thing for a man to become husband from boyfriend. It’s the same man. She also turned to a wife, from a girlfriend but she didn’t change. Then why there is a change in his attitude. Ananya adds they are different species, wonders which planet they came from. Bani says, till yesterday this man… Ananya asks who? Bani says Aarya. Bani continues he used to wander around her, counting kisses and hugs, fulfilling her wishes and desires. Ananya says he still loves her, its Bani who wanted a break. Bani says she met him last night. He doesn’t want her anymore. Ananya says god forbid, if they share something with them, or confide in them it will come back and bite in our asses in a weak moment for sure. They will surely throw your secret on your face, making you feel guilty for being honest. Bani adds that they must lie, but they only trusts them and shares everything. There is a C written on their own dumb foreheads. Ananya corrects, Capital C. She agrees that they must lie. Ananya now asks Bani what’s going on. Bani asks what’s going on with Ananya, she says alright she doesn’t want to know why she and dad are fighting because that will make her creepy. Ananya now inquires Bani.

Sheena was in the waiting room. Poonam comes out of doctor’s room. Sheena says it was quick, she was thinking she should also get her hormones checked. She suggests Poonam they must pick up the con**ms now. Poonam was irritated and says she is in pre-menopausal. Sheena was shocked, as Poonam was so young. Poonam says doctors also believe this is early, it accelerated because of stress of divorce. Rohit gave this last gift to her. Sheena tells her to relax, it’s not the end of life. She must look at the positive side, she won’t need con**ms even if she has s*x.

Abhi was waiting for Poonam outside the farmhouse. He asks where the luggage is, never mind he got everything. Aalu Paratha, snacks, gajar ka halwa, songs of Mohd. Rafi and everything. Poonam says she isn’t coming. Abhi takes it as a joke. Poonam says she really likes him, but she isn’t coming with him. Abhi says he planned everything. Poonam says she forgets everything when with him, she is a mother of two girls, divorced, older than him. There is something he makes her feel, that she never felt before. She never thought she could feel so for anyone. She never understood Rohit’s love, but he made her forget him. Abhi made her realize how possible it was. She holds Abhi’s hand and says he makes her feel good, heals her and she can’t do this to them both. She turns to leave. Abhi holds her hand. He was crying and sings in a broken voice, Abhi Na Jao Chor Kar. If she is leaving his life like the flash she entered. Poonam leaves telling him to think it’s a hot-flash.

Rohit speaks to Guri that his stress was relieved. He says the bank is ready to lend them loan, only farm house papers have to be kept. He will speak to Poonam and get the papers signed by tonight, and they will get the money in a week. He laughs if everything has to be celebrated by drink only, be it marriage, love, birthday or anything else. He tells Guri he is just going to Poonam, and will meet him in the evening.

Vandy speaks to Ana but she was lost. She inquires the matter. Ana shares that she must not have told this Harry’s matter to Rohit. Avi says she told her so. Ana says right now she is handling Rohit’s ego. If she tries to help manage the house, there is a problem. If she tries to help with Nickie’s FD, there is a problem. And the biggest problem is Harry. Harry offered him help, because he came to know about Rohit’s problem; how is this her problem. She wish something good happens this month. Avi says like, news of pregnancy. Ana laughs that she really wish. She tells Ana to stop stressing herself, and send the mail. They laugh.

Rohit calls Sheena and asks to speak to Poonam. Poonam sat in a corner of balcony, upset. Sheena lies that she is taking a bath. Sheena brings the phone to Poonam but she doesn’t respond.

Rohit tries Poonam’s number again. Sheena says it may be something really urgent. Poonam requests Sheena to help her.

Rohit leaves the office.

Poonam tells Sheena she doesn’t want to speak to anyone, or meet anyone. She requests Sheena to leave her alone. Sheena agrees to take Dadi, Meera and Nickie for an overnight trip.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Arya Why you do like that ?
    Arya Why you hurt to Bani ?
    Bani gets Upset for you Arya ?
    Bani she will tell her Rohit About you Arya So I am telling to you Arya.
    Rohit Please Ask Arya don’t hurt to Bani you can do it Rohit try to understand that Rohit Follow That Intrusions to Arya came on Rohit talk to Arya okay.
    Arya don’t do like that to Bani she gets Pain for you Arya you just Think like that keep it your mind okay.
    Arya Please tell sorry for Bani Now itself don’t waste the time okay.
    Right Now .
    Arya be cool down ? and safe.
    Arya be Relex For Same time Okay.

  2. Arya Why you do like that ?
    Arya Why you don’t hurt to bani ?
    Bani she gets Upset for you Arya
    Bani she tell to Rohit About Arya
    Arya you don’t make her upset to bani.
    So I am telling to you Arya don’t do like that okay.
    Arya Please try to understand that Afterwards we should not do like that you don’t Pain for Bani
    Arya you tell sorry for Bani Now itself don’t waste the time okay.
    Arya be cool down ? and safe.
    Arya be Relex For Same Time okay.

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