Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 1st April 2020 Written Episode Update:Always an outsider

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Ananya was leaving the cottage. Rohit tries to share the luggage but Ananya insists she can hold it. Rohit says this is what she wanted. Ananya tells Rohit she respect him for his family values, and the concern he has for his family. He must divorce his wife, but for himself; not for her. He should go home, sit and think about it. Ana finds Gurinder (Rohit’s friend) in the car. Rohit says a man must not drive while upset. He opens the door for Ananya.

At home, Bani was furious that Rohit is coming. She tells Poonam not to entertain dad at all, and she will forbid Nickie as well. She ignores Aarya’s call. She convinces Poonam that Rohit must get a little tough time. She goes out to speak to Nickie and take Aarya’s call. Maa comes to the room and asks Poonam why she is upset now. Poonam says Maa told her everything would be fine. Rohit is coming home, but to speak to Bani and divorce her. She holds Maa’s hand and cries, wondering how she will handle her daughters.

In the car, Ana withdraws her hand as Rohit tries to grip it. She tells Gurinder to take rest if he wants to, Rohit isn’t emotionally upset anymore. Gurinder murmurs that he is helpless, his friend already turned him into a driver. Ana comments that even Gurinder is judging. Gurinder replies, she isn’t as conventional as he thought. She bitterly replies that she doesn’t have her feet at the back, or blood dripping down her eyes like witch. Gurinder qualifies, he thought she would be like some whore, wearing miniskirt, or s*xy…. Rohit stops his laughter and Gurinder both. Ananya also breaks into laughter. Rohit apologizes Ananya.

In the building, Ananya thanks Gurinder. Rohit holds her hand saying he didn’t hold her hand, to leave. He calls Gurinder, Ava, Cherry all closer, he makes them witness and says he got everything; money, flourishing career and everything. He couldn’t point what still lacked. He now understood, when he found her. She completes his life, and means everything to him. Ava and Cherry finds is sweet. Rohit says holding Ana’s hand is a refuge for him in this whole universe. He will go home now, but will return soon. Will she wait for him? Ana spares her hand and leaves upstairs. She turns around and smiles as a positive signal.

At home, Pranav minds Poonam that she must not sign any mutual divorce agreement. Maa tells them that she is alive yet, none will sign anything. Pranav was angry that he wants to divorce Poonam for such a cheap woman. Poonam spots Bani.

The girls cheer over a drink, drooling over the romantic speech of Rohit. Ana tells them not to make hurried assumptions, and let him come first. There was a door bell. Ana answers and it was Bani outside. She tells Ava and Cherry to go. Bani says it’s good that Dad’s driver knew her house. She was startled to see the photos of Ana and Rohit on the wall. She cries that this is her dad’s love nest. It looks like what it is. She didn’t know this side of his dad. Ana asks why she came here. Bani says she wanted to see her, and know what’s so special about her. She looks to have good figure, independent and even parties; this celebration must be about her father leaving the family. She asks what Ana would take to leave her dad, she is smart, independent and earns well; then is she going some lonely shit? She understands, she is interested in married men, to conquer other’s husbands. She minds Ana to leave her dad alone. Ana says she was in a relationship for seven years, then he cheated on her. She had decided not to get in a relationship again. Ana pours a glass of water for Bani. She doesn’t take it. She says that she found anyone else to love. Ana says she did, she told him not to but he loved her, he said he was looking for her. She then realized she was also looking for him. Bani questions why she didn’t marry him. Ana replies he was married. Bani asks is it about her father, who at some point loved her mother as well; they have two kids as well. Ana tells Bani it isn’t what she thinks of. She never wanted to break Rohit’s house, but she became selfish. She and Rohit are different; they belong to… Bani questions, where and how? Ana replies, in the poetry of Omer Khayam and Ghalib, the one who laughs at her stupid PJs, who can sense the rain drops during rain, who dances crazily on Kishore Kumar’s songs, who can search for stories in paintings, poems in stories and life in poems and love in life, who can understand her heart’s condition in a single glance. This is how they are connected. Bani claims it bullshit, her dad doesn’t know even the P of painting. Ana convinces that may be they don’t understand their father fully. They don’t know much of what he actually is. Bani was offended. She goes to open a bottle of wine and gulps it. Ana tries to stop her but Bani jerks her hand off.

Rohit comes home. Maa asks if he wants to divorce Poonam. Pranav apologizes Rohit and tells him to punish him, but not his sister. Poonam stops this as she wanted to talk to Rohit alone. They go upstairs in silence.

Ana comes to Bani in the room. Bani was crying while on a couch. She says that she knew everything about her dad, but here Ananya tells her about his interest in Omer Khayyam and Ghalib’s poetry. She could have understood Ananya if she was some random girl, but Ananya must never expect her to take her side. She will definitely side her mother. Ananya assures she doesn’t expect anything, but at least she should try to understand her father. Bani turns to leave saying she shouldn’t have come here, she would have hated her easily knowing she is a sl*t; now she knows she is a woman who madly loves the man. She will be thinking the other way round. Ananya goes behind with Bani’s shoes.

It was night. Ananya drives Bani home. Bani warns her not to touch her. Ananya tells her to be careful, her family must be waiting. Bani was drunk and crying, she tells Ananya that this is her house. Ananya doesn’t at all care about her family.

In the room, Poonam gives Rohit a solution. She promises she is ready to un-see everything. No one will touch his phone or question him about his whereabouts, no matter where he goes. She only wants him to stay connected with their daughters and house. He must keep her outside the house. She will handle everything else.

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  1. Rohit you don’t Make Sign divorce Papper I don’t like it Please try to understand that Rohit don’t do like that to Mohna Singh so I am telling to you Rohit Palak Jain get out from Right Now itself don’t waste The Time okay.
    This last Warning For you keep it your Mind okay.
    Rohit Now you stop it divorce papers okay.
    Rohit be cool down ? And safe
    Be Relex For Same Time okay.

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