KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 2)

The episode starts with purab saying how much abhi has changed after that horrible night that night was really horrible chachu Rahul interrupts (Abhi has renamed the name of Raj’s son) I lost every one papa mummy Dada dadi every one he and purab says yes beta but think any more about that because bad memory should wipe off it is better for all and I know abhi us searching for his family that’s why he is taking transfer in different places then he cheer up Rahul and bulbul asks Rahul where is Koyal (bulbul and purab’s daughter and bulbul shouts oho mummy i am just five min late and u start asking bhai about me that’s not fare she says OK baba now go and change .

Someone enters in a room there is a painting occupied full wall and it us of Pragyas smiling face some one is talking to it saying….
Where have u went fuggi its has been 8 years passed since I am searching for u everyone says u are no more I am mad searching for u and those champs come back fuggi now I have only these memories with but I want u this this diary see you used to write songs in it na see how I have saved it it is still looking new and tears rolls out from his eyes he says do you know fuggi purab and bulbul have came back and they have a daughter also she looks like you and behaves like bulbul she is very much naughty and always asks me that where is my badi ma where is my masi ma and Rahul he always use to ask when will chachi return back I want to see how much abhigya and prabhas have grown up pls come back fuggi pls I beg u fuggi plsss come back where are u he holds her diary on his palms and hides his face under her diary and cries hard saying pls come back fuggi.. champs come back

Scene 2
All four children come to break fast table and she is serving them just then someone calls out from out side pragya ji ……….. she says yes coming The four shouts yes and says no ma pls I know seema aunty is there and she will again say to bring her children along with us no don’t like her dumbo son he always use to tease me abigya says and pragya smiles and leaves she says yes while standing on door and its actually Mrs. seema and says exactly what they all said pragya says I will say to pulkit he will bring them along she laughs and says may god give everyone neighborhood like you pragya smiles and leaves. She goes to dining table and says so u were right now pulkit u know the rest he says yes ma they all have breakfast and leave for school pragya goes to drop them and on the way they all tell her about the new music teacher and she says OK we will meet at home as I am getting late she drops them to school they all waves bye to her she takes a bus and goes to office and there she comes to know that due to someone’s death the area is closed for 13 days so she returns home and thinks what to do so she goes to piano and plays a tune and starts singing….

Ha har ghadi har peher har disha
me tum ho
mai dekhti hu jidhar
mai muskura k tum he jaan bhi due du
tum maan lo Jo agar …

and she reminds all the memories with Rabbi and tears rolls down from her eyes just then the four enters and trows their school bag and rushes to pragya to tell about their day and Subuhi tolds that ourusic teacher didn’t came he will come after two days just then abhigya notices tears in pragyas eyes so she said ma u was crying she says no she says no ma u was crying your eyes are telling u was crying and why ??? oh no don’t tell me you was reminding memories with papa she looks on abhigya she continues and says ma u just keep crying for that man who web doesn’t know whether he is alive or not and what’s the name yes Mr. Abhishek prem Mehra right you haven shown us even his picture the only thing we know about our father is name only just then pulkit interrupts Abhigya she has told enough about him na abhigya says don’t interrupt in between our family matter dada as you are not our real brother his eyes are filled with tears hearing that Pragya shouts Abhigya…… she says what I said wrong ma …She slaps her hard and said to leave she leaves and says to Prabhas pulkit and subuhi to go with her They all goes out and Subuhi says dada we will console didi but what about ma she is hurt prabhas says yes Dada she is right you are the elder one so you go and console ma we see abhigya.

Pulkit goes to pragya and says why you do so for ma as abhigya and prabhas are you loved ones you and papa make their name see pragya+Abhishek=prabhas , Abhi+pragya=Abhigya and who are we we are just pragya says shut up now u want a tight slap from me?? he is teary eyes and pragya holds his face in her palms and says you all are equal for me my children just then abhigya enters crying and says I am sorry ma I hurt u most but that was only anger I am sorry ma sorry Dada pls forgive your sister Pragya hugs her and says I know beta and I always suggest u to control your anger it is a bad thing u have same anger as your father have she says sorry they all hugs and Subuhi enters crying pragya says now why are u crying subuhi she says you don’t love that’s why you didn’t hug me they all laughs seeing her cute childish reason and they all hugs.

Pracap:- purab says you will go after attending koyals birthday I have kept a party . Pragya and four children go for a picnic.

Guys I know you are very much confused about these two new entries but trust me they will bring new twist and they have a secret .
till then keep reading and commenting because your comment are most important pls comment as I said it will help me to know the best part the bad part .
till then stay tuned.

  1. Nice…. but still there s a little confusion bt today s epi s nice

  2. awesome plz cntnu & awesome

  3. Sorry guys there are some typing mistakes today I promise it won’t happen again . Some where its written rabbi its not rabbi its abhi. sorry guys once again.

  4. sry koyal says to bulbul that dialogue above.

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Awesome……….. I like it………..

  6. okay tha’s ur ff surbhi, amazing ! i came to knpw it today i was silent reader for this ff but really nice surbhi, keep going.. u have made me confused but go on i know u will clear confusion and i m eagerly waiting for ur next update

  7. Superb… Grt going n making my eagerness to know more abt ur story bcoz I want to know when abhi n pragya vl meet n what s the secret behind tat two children…

    1. Thanks durga I won’t let u upset I promise.

  8. Will pragya revels the truth

  9. Surbhi it it really interesting….but a little bit confusing. Could you please write in your next ff at the beginning who is who.
    Why are they seperated? Abhi and pragya doesn’t know that their beloved are alive??

  10. Of course Krithi I will write it for u and krithi the reason for separation is in season one currently I am working on season 2 I am happy u told me open hearted. πŸ™‚

  11. I cant understand story wat is gng on .so pls some one say abt story

  12. Hey surbhi, so kb story of faith is ur ff, ha and u say u r my fan, no surbhi but i m ur big big wali fan, surbhi for this ffi i was silent reader byt seriously i live ur writing……… Seriously u r driving me crazy u creative girl…… Well i have to ask something can i?

    1. Yes of course somiya I will surely answer it but the question should not be like when tanu will get exposed because in think she will get exposed on 31 Feb. πŸ˜‰

    2. Haha not related to ff. But i wanna asks itna creative mind kahansl say aaya thora udhaar dedo ????????tanu expose ho na ho mujhe tumhara creative mind chayh ???

  13. hehehe mere se jyada tumhara hai yr chalo ek kam karte hai do ek doosre ka aadha aadha mind le lete hai . πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha theek h mein aa rhy hu india ????????

  14. really u r not from India????? surprising where do u live ??? then.

  15. I m from ur neighboring country pakistan….? Well i don’t think that would create any rift among you and me…. Aap ki parosan hun ??

    1. Hey yr don’t think like that I don’t think so OK πŸ™‚

    2. Haha joking πŸ™‚ well good to hear that parosan ???

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