KB – LOVE U episode 5

Sorry for the late update as I have my exams going on and hope u like this episode

The episode starts with abhi coming to class and stares at pragya pragya is scared and thinks why he is staring at me all the student shouts abhi..abhi…abhi abhi says thanks and he ask everybody’s name and the time pass on abhi gets a call from dadi
Dadi:abhi come to home soon and we have to go out
Abhi: okay dadi I will try to come
The school gets over as it is a half day pragya thinks what a wonder abhi didn’t tell anything to principal I’m happy purab came there pragya sees him and went near him and ask purab wat happen why u came here ? U don’t have office today? Purab says di ma told to come to home fast that’s why I came pragya says let’s go abhi sees them together and thinks even this chashmish has a love but I dont

Pragya and purab reach home and ask sarla why did u call us sarla by holding pragya’s hand says pragya I want u to get married of my own choice pragya gets shocked and take her hands from sarla and says no maa sarla ask do u love love someone pragya says no ma sarla with tears in her eyes says then pragya pls marry I want to see u married pragya cries and says ma I want to study more and leaves to room by crying sarla ask purab to convince her purab nods and went to bedroom there pragya was crying purab touches her shoulders and says di pragya turned back and hugs him and says purab pls I can’t marry as I want to study more this is my childhood wish purab says but di pls get marry pragya breaks the hug and says no purab I won’t marry purab says di stop behaving like a child and think if anything happens to ma means what we will do (sarla is a heart patient) pragya doesn’t know what to say and purab leaves the room pragya thinks and goes to sarla room and with teary eyes says ma I will marry the boy of u r choice sarla gets happy and says go and get ready the grooms family is going to come pragya ask now!!! Sarla says yes pragya leaves the room sarla calls to someone and tells my daughter agree to marry the lady says OK we are coming there

On the other side abhi came home and ask dadi why did u call me dadi says come we have to go to brides house abhi says okay………wait what …..no I will not come dadi says abhi please come bulbul says haan bhai lets go to bride’s house abhi says no did u forgot about my past bulbul says bhai please u have to move on in your life dadi says beta pls marry for me abhi says no dadi I can’t I can’t forget the past bulbul says bhai please dadi says okay as your wish I think you don’t love me I have only one grand daughter abhi says dadi please don’t say like that you know na I love you more than my life bulbul says then get married abhi says okay I will get married dadi and bulbul have hi-fi

Everybody are cleaning the house purab ask ma what is the name of groom sarla says his name is abhishek pragya ask what he is working sarla says I think he is a singer purab ask I think he will bajan songs and says di if u marry him means he will always be in temple as u like and teases her pragya holds his ears and says stop teasing me sarla says arey stop fighting and leave his ears purab says ahh… Di its paining I wonder how jiju gonna handle u pragya says u and start chasing him

Precap-abhi says I can’t marry her (pragya) everyone gets shocked

Thanks for reading and I know you are all angry with me as I post this ff late and this episode is short and boring because I can’t upload long because I don’t have time to type but when I get time I will upload the next episode and im sorry
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