Kawach 9th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Evil spirit Kapil tricks Sandhya to marry him

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Kawach 9th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing Angad and Nisha on bed and misunderstands them. She walks out of the house. The witch comes out from Pallavi and her dead body falls down on the ground. The coconut falls down. Sandhya reaches the temple and thinks of Ranjana’s words. She recalls seeing Kapil in the temple and recalls seeing Angad with Nisha. She asks Shiv ji why he showed Kapil’s face when she has to marry Angad in 2 days. She asks if her marriage is wrong or his Maha shivratri story is wrong. She asks why did you make my life complicated and asks God to say. She says Angad said that he will come with me, but he didn’t come as he is with Nisha. She thinks I will wait for Angad for sometime and needs all answers. She waits for Angad for sometime and when he don’t come, she climbs down the temple stairs and comes out. She sees a reflection and thinks Angad is here and asks him to answer. Kapil comes out from behind the tree and tells that he heard about their plan to marry today and asks if Angad didn’t come or get scared to give proof. Sandhya says I want to go. Kapil says I thought about you and think I shall let you marry Angad and let the things happen. Sandhya asks what are you saying? Kapil says when I heard you both taking, I lost control. He says you had asked me why I come infront of you, as Shivji brings me infront of you, I am in your destiny, I want you and says Shiv ji unites us always. I am written in your destiny and not Angad. Sandhya asks him not to talk about all this and asks him to let her go. Kapil comes running behind her and says God is giving you signal again and again and you are not understanding. He says you wanted to marry Angad, but you left from house alone and met me here, as I am in your destiny. Sandhya says I am going to marry Angad tomorrow. Kapil says you can run from me, but destiny will bring us together. He asks her to take the step and says I am made for you and not Angad. Sandhya asks him to stop it and asks him not to come behind her. She starts walking and falls in the pit. Kapil asks her to give her hand. He brings the tree branches and asks Sandhya to catch it, but she is drown. Kapil shouts and says you can’t leave me as I love you. He shouts Sandhya. Sandhya comes out from the pit and hugs him. Madhuri, Usha and Pratibha come out. They see insects on the coconut. Madhuri says someone came out of house surely. Usha says Sandhya and Angad are at the terrace. Pratibha says they are not at the terrace. Kapil asks Sandhya if she is fine. She is about to go and sees the tree branches in their necks as the garland. She recalls Pallavi’s words (Actually witch). Kapil tells her that the garland and his blood is in maang sign that they are married now. He says today is the big night. It starts raining. Kapil says even Mahadev gave the approval. They are seen taking rounds around the fire.

Angad knocks on the door. Karthik opens the door. Angad asks where is Sandhya? Karthik says they don’t know. Kapil hugs Sandhya and his evil eyes are shown. He looks at the witch standing far. Angad asks Madhuri and others about Sandhya. They get worried for Sandhya. Madhuri says a bad soul is in the house. Angad says if she went to temple alone. Usha asks for what? Angad says we had plan to marry. He says I will go. Usha tries to stop him. Angad says Sandhya needs me and goes out of house. Karthik, Ankit and others follow. Kapil tells Sandhya that they shall search a place to stay. He looks at her and says she looks more beautiful in rain. He looks at the hut and says we shall stay here tonight. Sandhya says we shall go home. He says it is raining and we shall stay here tonight. Sandhya is still standing. He looks at the glass piece on the ground and smirks with red eyes. Sandhya starts walking and the glass piece gets pierced in her skin. He takes it off and smiles. She says my anklet. Angad finds her anklet in the crematorium ground outside the temple and asks everyone to search her in different direction. Kapil lifts Sandhya and takes her to the hut. Maha pandit ji is called in the house. Vinayak says he don’t believe on blind faith. Pandit ji says evil spirit is here and closes his eyes. He sees evil spirit and opens his eyes. He insists to see Sandhya’s room. He tells that nobody shall go out today.

Kapil bandages Sandhya’s feet. Sandhya says she is feeling very scared and they shall go home. He says if we go now then we can’t reach home. He massages her feet. Maha Pandit ji goes to Sandhya’s room and finds the mangalsutra. He says evil powers are coming from it. Vinayak says this is just mangalsutra. Maha pandit ji says this is pret Aatma. Vinayak asks if he is doing this for money and offers him money. Madhuri asks him to let Pandit ji do what he wants. Pandit ji sits down and reads some mantra. Some black smoke comes out from mangalsutra and then the insects. They see blood coming out of mangalsutra. Pandit ji says two souls are in this mangalsutra, Sandhya’s life is in danger. Kapil massages Sandhya’s hand and back. Sandhya feels uncomfortable and tells that they shall go home, as everyone must be worried. Kapil asks her to stop it and says why you are insisting to go home. He talks to politely and asks how we will go now in this weather. He says it is dangerous to go home now, this is all God’s planning so that we can stay together. He asks her to think that this rain and storm are for us. He tries to kiss her.

Sandhya moves away. Kapil asks if she is feeling cold and says he will make arrangements for clothes. He opens the cupboard and sees witch inside. Witch asks him to hurry up. He says he has waited for 2 years and will end everything in 2 hours. He closes the door with his power and her saree cloth is hanging out. Suman gets scared and tells Karthik. Karthik asks her not to get scared and asks Nisha if something happened? Nitin tells that he will go home. Angad sees snake on the tree. He gets worried for Sandhya. Kapil asks Sandhya to wear the clothes. Sandhya takes the clothes from his hand. He turns and shows his evil eyes. Pandit ji is doing havan in Sandhya’s room and tries to burn the mangalsutra. The fire becomes red. They see Kapil and Sandhya in the fire. Pandit ji says Sandhya is not alone, but Pret Aatma is with her and wants to unite with her. He says if this happens then everything will be ruined. Everyone is shocked.

Kapil is playing the mouth organ. Sandhya comes wearing the saree and hears the music. Kapil opens his eyes and shows his red eyes. Sandhya says it is Amitabh Bachchan sholay music. He says yes. Sandhya says we shall go home, it is late. Kapil says you are worried for Angad who doesn’t care for you. He says your heart is with me. He says you don’t know who are you for me and says you are my love. He tries to kiss her.

Precap: Sandhya tells that even the clouds are doing conspiracy. Kapil takes her to bed and says until we unite, these clouds will not stop. He gets closer to her with his evil eyes. Sandhya comes home and asks Angad about her Kapil. Angad says this is Kapil. Sandhya is shocked to see the real Kapil, as he is someone else. Witch possesses her. Her hands and legs bends and she shouts…Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my god. Looks like the comments about Kapil being a ghost was right. I thought he was a tantric or something.
    idk what to say, Sandhya. I know she was really upset because she saw her future husband in a mandir, but still! Who are Kapil’s parents? What is his last name? What is his profession? What are his views on life? What is his home atmosphere like? What do her parents think of him? How can she marry him without knowing all these things?!
    Speaking of marrying Kapil, are people wasting their time that they make mala out of flowers, have mantras read, have husband and wife do marriage in front of witnesses, sometimes go to court to get court marriage done instead of a religious marriage? How can vines being wrapped around her neck count as varmala? That’s not a marriage! And doesn’t Sandhya find it weird that Kapil is more focused on suhaag raat instead of getting home safely, lol?
    I’m actually a little upset at Sandhya’s father for making Angad promise not to tell Sandhya that her best friend is dead. If he would have let Angad be honest with Sandhya, then this wouldn’t have become a big mess.

  2. Lo ji ekta mam ne bhoot ki shaadi kra di ????….. But ek baat samjh nhi aayi bhoot ka face temple main kese dikha..? How it is possible.. Evil spirit temple main kese show ho sakti hai ? ? ?

    1. Isha sirf shaadi hi nahi suhagrath bhi OMG
      Ektha ji kuch bhi kar sakthi hai
      I am so disappointed with Kapil character
      Iam always thinks Kapil is a nice guy but ye toh ghost nikla
      Actually angad truly loved Sandhya ye saari misunderstandings Kapil kiva jaise
      Finally Sandhya ke liye bahuth sari problems ready hai

    2. Bhoot ke saath suhagraat!Lol!!!
      Ekta and her leela

  3. No wonder Kapil turned out to be a vengeful spirit and he is in cohoots with the cruel witch who has already taken two innocent lives….Kapil talked about some past two year old vengeance which he would like to finish in two hours….does that mean he or his family had some problem with Sandhya’s family in the past ???? Now that Kapil turns out to be an evil spirit ,I wonder what would be Sandhya’s future as she thinks she is already married to him…..moreover why did she glimpse a spirit’s face in the temple………and the way he tried to consummate the marriage; how is it possible between a ghost and a human?…The only logical solution should be that Kapil is not dead but just possessed by the evil ghost and under its influence….another shocking thing is an evil spirit going into a holy place like a temple ….this is absolutely in contradiction with the established beliefs that any evil can not enter a place of worship …Awaiting the upcoming episodes as I would like to see whether Kapil is really dead or just possessed by the witch and Angad’s role as he loves Sandhya..

    1. That is what i have been saying till now Lakshmi and Isha, there are too many unrealistic elements of god and ghosts in this series, you were right lakshmi not all the women will have rosy married life, so if shivji had destined a ghost Kapil for her, then it can be a certain way realistic that it was not the ghost’s trick to show Kapil’s face as Sandhya’s soulmate, but Shivji, himself gave her a sign even though all the circumstances which led her marry him was created by the ghost. Now my question is, i think sandhya is in love with Kapil as can be seen from next week’s preview, well how will she become his Kawach which is the concept of this series, or is he going to be her Kawach after a series of events which will make him really fall for her??? i really don’t understand, and what will angad do when he finds out his Sandhya has become completely someone elses’?

      1. I think Angad will become the kavach for Sandhya from Kapil.

      2. SsiyAa

        remember at the start of the show it’s say that at this one night is when god doesn’t have control of spirit or ghosts and they get out. Well that night sandgya though she saw her would be husband but it’s was one spirit or ghost that got out and and tricks sandgya in to think that it was her would be husband and she believed. She doesn’t know that god does lose control of the spirit or ghost on that night. So he keep showing up anytime or anywhere because he need her from something. I think to become human again and get in to the real world. I don’t know but that’s my guess. edit: someone on youtuve gave this logic. may this suits well

  4. I think Sandhya ka kavach angad banega iss season mein
    Next week thak wait karna padega

  5. Lisa ,there is no doubt that it was Shivji who had shown the vision of Kapil in the temple…let the ghost be any powerful ,it can not certainly set destinies.God has already destined Kapil to be Sandhya ‘s husband ; the reason why she could not see the obvious flaws in Kapil’s behaviour and tilted towards him….we can not expect logic and reasoning in our serials…..when it comes to Ekta’s serials ,well! what to say….as you said the most unrealistic….When I said roses and ghosts in my previous comment ,I did not literally mean a ‘ ghost ‘ …Just meant to say a meanie or rogue…but Ekta is Ekta….as if naagins in human society are not enough ,here she brought in a spirit and got it married to Sandhya….the pre cap suggests the suhaag raat is also over….whether Kapil is a spirit or a human under the influence of an evil spirit ,there is no doubt that Sandhya loves him : who becomes whose Kawach is difficult to predict at this juncture….as you said Sandhya and Kapil may protect each other OR Angad ,the protagonist ,may become Sandhya’s Kawach and free her from the clutches of Kapil…..in that case the temple’s prophecy will go wrong….really confusing….I wonder what the writer has in mind!

    1. Exactly Lakshmi, I have always loved and respected your comments on this series, no matter how much ever powerful a spirit is, it can never overcome the power of God, and it is really stupid to say, evil spirits not in control of Shivji. Moreover it is always Good who writes the destiny of human beings and no spirit can play over what he does. Like you told since it is seen that Sandhya had started loving Kapil, maybe she will become from all that had fated him to become evil,,, let’s wait and watch ?

  6. I had doubt on Kapil always
    Now it was cleared that Kapil was evil or (Possessed)
    So Sandhya and Kapil got married…………… Now what Sandhya will do after knowing truth
    And why that woman was over sandhya………….. What was the backstory of that…………
    At first i think it was Sandhya Bua who missed on first episode………………
    IS the Twist was she was her bua and troubling her because to break some curse or any other story
    Because she was her blood and first female of her lineage…………….

    Now Angad what he gonna do……………….. He will be her Kawach……………..
    Or Sandhya will be Kawach of Kapil who had his story 2 Years Back………………

    Full Confusion…………….Waiting for Next Episodes…………………..

    Frankly to Speak After Naagin First Season…………..It was interseting and having all the Suspense to watch and wait for another episodes………………….

    1. So you think it was Sandhya’s Bua……………. Or she was in trouble
      Anyway waiting for next episode…………..

      New Promo released where Angad gonna possessed by Kapil…….
      Let us see what gonna happen……………
      BUt as per now Sandhya and Kapil got married right…………How they justify this………………….

      1. ya i too saw the promo too, even it is filled with thrill and confusion, now i kindda feel that the story-line is that Kapil’s enmity is nothing to do with Sandhya or her family since he is referring to his past which was 2 years back, at the same time angad is telling that he has been madly in love with Sandhya since two years, so something should have happened between Angad/Kapil for which Kapil is avenging by snatching Angad’s lady love from him (as already seen through marriage and suhaagrat drama????), so what they mentioned in the promo even though Angad will try to marry Sandhya after all he is madly in love with her, she will not be able to do so as she is married already to Kapil’s aatma ?? who will go to any extent to take his revenge from Angad, so Sandhya has to protect him by becoming his Kawach as said in the promo…..If not i think it is just a repetition of Season 1, manjulika possessing paridhi to get Rajbeer, here Kapil possessing Angad to get Sandhya ?, Just waiting to watch next week’s episodes. i think it shoud be great relief for Sangad fans now after this promo ???, but i really love Kapil-Sandhya pair and hope they are together?

      2. Yeah Lisa

        Actually i also thnk KApil-Sandhya Pair
        BUt it not gonna happen…………….Because from first day they are showing Sandhya–Angad……

        After so much drama it will end with Angad and sandhya Only………….
        Let us see how much Kapil and Sandhya story go on………

        As per my imagiantion next week Sandhya and Kapil make love(May be or not)
        After that Kapil go missing and Sandhya knows that Kapil was not who actually was
        SHe was in dilemma and get possessed or that witch cause trouble Sandhya……………
        Waiting for next episode

      3. Isn’t it also strange guys that Kapil had never mentioned of Sandhya’s vision of his face as her would be husband, to trick her and get her married to him. This should have been his most powerful tool if it was part of his plan of whole marriage??? Does he even know that Sandhya saw his face in the temple, really strange !!!

  7. I think Angad will become the kavach for Sandhya from Kapil.

    1. Me too think same mehna

  8. SsiyAa

    lo hogaya #SATYANAASH..!!!!…. ??????????…. ABB BACHA KYA.!! ??????? ? ?? ? ?

  9. Agree with you Mehna….logically Angad should become Sandhya’s Kawach to get rid of the negative character Kapil….As for the prophecy of the temple showing Kapil as the would be husband of Sandhya,SsiyAa gave a possible explanation that it might not have been the god that had shown her the vision but the ghost that tricked Sandhya as all the spirits get a free hand for that one night.Whatever may be the explanation ,the story has a gripping suspense ,some horror ,some charm and a few unrealistic elements that are natural to all Ekta’s serials….Still better than Naagin 2&3 and worth watching….

  10. No guys, the teaser of this show was started with the question “Kaise banegi Sandhya aone pyaar ka Kawach ?” so Sandhya is supposed to be the Kawach, but for whom Agad or Kapil, only the writer should know, technically at present since her love is Kapil, she should be his Kawach, but for what reason???? To save him from the evil clutches of the witch who is using him to attain her own goal, and turn him back good,,,,,,I really don’t know,,,,what ever logic the makers are going to show, I wish there is atleast some realistic elements about gods, destinies and ghosts☺☺☺

  11. May be the marriage and rest of shown episode will suddly become a dream and she gets up in the morning in confusion and goes to aangad and enquiries about kapil

    1. No it was not a dream cozz even Swami ji told the Sandhya family that the ghost want to unite with her

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