Kawach 6th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya gets hint about Manju and Bhao’s connection with Devlali temple

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Kawach 6th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya behaving childishly. Usha asks her why she has a changed behavior. Sandhya calls her Aai and asks Vinayak where is her Gudiya? She asks if he didn’t bring? She says our hair is looking white and asks him to see his hairs. She sees herself and asks if she is this. She asks Usha, why she made her wear saree and asks if they came for some festival. Angad asks her what happened? Sandhya says my Aai asked me not to let any stranger touched me. Angad says I am your husband and is married to you since 7 years. Sandhya says I am just 7 years old and asks usha to get her married to Angad when she grows up. She asks Angad if he will wait for her. Bhao is shown. A crow comes to him. Bhao says Sandhya came and brought her husband back from the afterworld. He shouts and says why Sandhya

came as a little girl. He calls someone and says I need you. A chudail comes and asks what to do? Bhao asks her to go to Sandhya’s sasural and asks her to find out why she is behaving childish.

Sandhya asks Usha to give food and says she is hungry. Karthik asks if she recognized him and says he is her brother Karthik. Sandhya says he is a little boy. Usha asks her if she recognized these kids. Sandhya says we will play together. Usha says she is behaving as if she is 7 years old. Angad says she was fine in that world and says only one person can help you. They take her to Rekha. Rekha says it is a game and sees her hand. She closes her eyes and sees Shiv ji telling Sandhya that her house needs her and her death time haven’t come, so he is sending her back to her world. Sandhya telling that she is ready to pay the price for her return. Rekha says I have seen everything and tells that Shivji met her when we all came back. She says he asked her to pay the price to return here and this is the price for her return. Angad asks what to do? He asks Prem, can you treat your mum. Rekha asks him to try with his heart. Sandhya says I am very hungry. He says Please mamma, become like before. Sandhya says this game is very boring and asks Usha not to tell that she has ruined her clothes. Angad says I will make you have food. Sandhya says ok. Kiran says Sandhya has kept Teej fast for Angad and we have to change her clothes to break the fast. Usha says how to make 7 year old girl understand.

Sandhya and others are seated to break the fast. Sandhya says shall I eat banana? Rekha says after few mins. Kiran does aarti with Jolly. Jolly sees crow coming there. Usha makes Sandhya do the puja. Sandhya asks Angad if he didn’t bring any gift for her. He says what shall I give you, who has saved everyone’s lives. He makes her wear bangles. Jolly reacts seeing the crow. Balraj asks them to take him inside. Everyone go inside, but Shobha is still outside. The suraksha chakra gets wiped off due to Jolly’s feet.The chudail comes there and takes her avatar and turns Shobha into crow. Ankit comes and takes the chudail inside. Angad asks Sandhya what she wants to eat. Sandhya says Kheer. He makes her eat kheer. A fb is shown of their moments. Song plays…Sandhya eats something spicy. He makes her drink water. She laughs childishly and asks if he don’t laugh, as if someone is lost. She asks him not to cry and says whatever you lost, you will find it. She opens the drawer and injures her finger. Angad gets concerned and sucks her finger. Sandhya says she can’t sleep without hearing lohri and asks him to call her Bua. She tells her name and asks him to call Manju Bua. She says Bua is visible to her only as she is special. Angad goes.

Ankit packs her bags and tells chudail thinking her as Shobha that they shall go back home. She says everyone needs us. Chudail hypnotizes him and asks him to sleep. He falls down on the bed. The chudail makes him sleep properly. Usha asks Vinayak to go home. Angad comes and asks who is Manju Bua. The chudail’s head is hearing them. Vinayak asks why are you asking? Angad says Sandhya told that Manju Bua used to sing lullaby for her. Vinayak says Manju died when Sandhya was 1 year old. Usha remembers and tells that Sandhya had told in childhood about Manju, but then they took her to hospital and she became fine. She says it was her illusion. Rekha comes and says it was not Sandhya’s illusion, but she had seen Manju in childhood. She says may be Shiv ji wants us to reach Bhao’s truth through her childhood. They go to her. Sandhya says sorry for not telling her about Bua. Usha says its ok. Sandhya asks Angad about her Bua. Angad says I will bring, but you have to do as Rekha says. Sandhya says ok.

Rekha asks Sandhya to lie down and have a deep sleep. She asks her to go to past, and asks what is Manju Bua doing? Sandhya says I am at my house, Aai is making me sleep. Usha makes her sleep, when the windows open up. Sandhya sees a black smoke coming in and it becomes a woman. Sandhya asks who are you? The woman says I am your Manju Bua and asks her not to be scared. Rekha asks what you both used to do. Sandhya tells playing about Manju Bua and asks why others can’t see you like me. Manju tells Sandhya that in Devlali’s temple, on Mahashivratri day, dangerous thing happens and asks her never to go to Devlali’s temple else Bhao will come for her there. Bhao comes there and holds Manju’s neck, asking her why did you tell her about me. He takes Manju with him through the window. Sandhya is shocked. Fb ends. Sandhya gets up and tells that I came to know about Bhao and Manju Bua’s connection. He says Bua used to come and meet me when I was 7 years old, but Bhao came and took her. She says whatever is happening with us is because of Devlali’s temple and Mahashivratri night. She asks Rekha what happened to me? Rekha says you had become a child. Angad says what you remember last?

Sandhya tells the same thing and says we have to go to Devlali’s Shiv temple, if we want to know our answers. The chudail’s head hears them and go out. Rekha asks them to be there and come out. The chudail thinks Rekha must have felt my presence. Rekha sees the crow and realizes it is Shobha. The chudail talks to Bhao and he asks her to kill everyone, except Sandhya and Prem. Rekha comes to the room and finds the chudail locking Shobha crow in the cupboard. She holds Rekha’s neck and says your blood seems to be tasty. She says I will kill everyone, but will start with you. Rekha says Sandhya will never give you Prem and will fight till her last breath and will win as she is blessed by Shiv ji. She asks her to kill her. Ankit hits on chudail’s head and cover her with blanket. They take the Shobha crow out and lock the chudail’s hands in the cupboard. They push her body on the bed and run out. The chudail joints her head and hands and comes in her real avatar. She says she will make everyone as crow and will do deal with Sandhya. She says she will get Prem from her and then she will kill all her family members. She says Sandhya will learn a lesson that she shall nt trust chudail. Sandhya tells that she will bring Rekha. Vinayak asks Sandhya not to go out. Sandhya asks if her life is in danger. Rekha says Bhao sent pret in this house, a chudail.

Precap: The chudail as Sandhya attacks Usha. Shobha delivers baby. The chudail hears baby’s voice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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