Kawach 30th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Angad tries to tell Sandhya about Kapil, his ghost wife attacks them

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Kawach 30th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kapil telling that they will live their lives in their bodies. He says we, there wandering souls will return in this humanly world and will kill the guilty persons and will be together again. Heb says our lives are coming. He says one is gone, now 6 are left. His wife asks who is the next prey. Kapil says you will know very soon. He comes home as Angad. Sandhya asks where was he? Angad tells that he was driving and don’t know where he went. He says I should have gone to his office today. Phupha ji asks him not to stress herself. Sandhya’s brother thinks why is he lying. Sandhya touches him. He feels pain. Sandhya asks what happened? Kapil says since you became my wife, you became overprotective. He says he is going to room. Sandhya comes to room and checks for him. He is not in the room. She hears the mouth organ tune and thinks who is playing this. She comes to the garden area and walks towards Kapil who is playing the mouth organ. She recalls Kapil telling that it is his favorite tune and gets shocked. He realizes Sandhya coming towards him and stops for a while and then plays the tune again. She comes infront. Kapil becomes Angad. Sandhya sees Angad and is surprised. She asks how did you know this tune. Angad says it is from the film sholay. She asks when did you learn playing mouth organ. He says it is my hobby, pulls her near him and makes him sit on his lap. He says we didn’t go to date before so you don’t know about it. He says he will play it again. Sandhya asks him not to play it again and says that tune was played by…Angad says I thought to surprise you and asks what is the problem in this tune.

Sandhya says it was played by Kapil. Angad smirks and his red eyes come. He says there are many secrets which will unveil and tries to romance with her. Sandhya asks him to come for lunch and says it is 3 pm. Angad gets tensed and asks him to go and not to disturb him. He runs back to room and closes the door. He feels pain in his body and sees insects on his hands. CID officer gives details of Ashutosh’s death to the reporter. He tells the date 23rd june. CID officer asks him to go and checks the time which is 3 pm. Kapil is in Angad’s body and is shaken up. Sandhya is serving food to everyone. Malini tells that she will call him. Sandhya says he asked me not to disturb him. Malini sits again. Sandhya tells that he is very upset and was playing mouth organ. Malini says he don’t know how to play it. Malini asks her to have food. Sandhya says she will have food with Angad. Bua taunts her and tells that the love will fade away. She says he started ignoring her and taunts Shobha taking Rishi’s name. Malini asks shobha to become strong and to ignore the taunts.

Kapil comes out of Angad. Angad is shocked to see him. Kapil reminds of yesterday night incident and says I was in your body, Sandhya became mine. He says suhaag raat happened. Angad says you are lying. Kapil shows date on Angad’s mobile and says we met yesterday. Angad recalls and asks what did you do with Sandhya. Kapil says she is in my breath, soul and everywhere. Angad asks him to stop it. Kapil says I celebrated suhaag raat and tells what was a night and praises her. He says your Sandhya is hot. Angad says how dare you, I will kill you and starts throwing things. He asks how did you touch her? Kapil says I am aatma/soul, how you will kill me. Angad asks what did Sandhya do to you. CID officer searches for the file and finds a lady’s hand there in the rack. He gets shocked. His wife comes and asks why did he gets scared? She says we have to go to Ashu’s last rites. He shows the file and tells that Ashu got died today on 23rd june by burning. Bharavi says I am sure that it was 22nd june. The lady ghost is standing behind her. She turns, but don’t see the ghost. He asks her to check the date in the file. He says there is some connection here and says there is devil here. He says I can sense that.

Bharavi tells that Jatin killed her. The lady ghost is behind him. He says I can feel that. Bharavi says there is no devil and says that chapter is gone. We have to go to Ashu’s last rites and asks him to forget everything. She says it is over. He says may be it is returned. She burns the file and says whatever is burnt never returns. Angad asks Kapil what wrong did they do with him. Kapil says let it be secret. Angad says I will tell Sandhya. Kapil hurts Angad and he starts shaking up fast, says I am not scared of you. Kapil says I know you are a hero but every hero has a weakness and your weakness is Sandhya. He says if you open your mouth then I will kill Sandhya. Angad says I will not let you go near her. Kapil says I will give you a good news and tells that I will not be with you from 3 pm- 6 pm but will be with her for 21 hours. He says he can do many chances with her.

Phupha ji and others are going for Ashutosh’s last rites. Sandhya says I will also come. Phupha ji says new bride don’t go. Malini comes and is coughing. Sandhya checks her and says you have fever. Shobha asks her to be at home with Sandhya. Kapil tells Angad that he has killed his Ashutosh uncle. Angad is shocked. Sandhya comes there and calls Angad. Kapil says even if I don’t be inside you then also she will keep a watch on you.

Angad sees lady ghost near him. Angad opens the door and hugs Sandhya. Song plays……He cries. Sandhya smiles. He tries to tell her and sees the lady ghost behind Sandhya. Sandhya asks why he is looking there. Angad says we used to meet all day when not married and says now I am not with you. Sandhya says you are always with me and asks him to have food. She takes him to dining table. He makes her have food with his hand while she makes him have food with her hand. His finger is cut with the knife and she sucks his finger. She says it is good, sometimes you fight and sometimes you shower love. Angad asks her not to let him do anything wrong or say anything wrong. He asks her to fight with him if he does anything wrong and asks her not to bear anything wrong. The lady ghost holds her leg. Ankit, Karthik and other guy check the CCTV footage outside Ashutosh’s office.

Karthik gives money to the security guy. They ask if he is doubting Angad and leave. Ankit checks the CCTV footage and sees the lady ghost on the screen. He falls down from the chair. Angad thinks it seems the lady ghost went and tells Sandhya that Kapil is controlling his body and entered him. He tells everything. Sandhya is shocked. He says you was with Kapil all day and says he comes out of my body from 3-6 pm. Sandhya asks what are you saying? She feels someone is pulling her saree. Angad looks down and sees the lady ghost under the dining table. He gets shocked. Sandhya looks down and sees the lady ghost. The lady ghost attacks Sandhya. Angad runs to save her, but the lady ghost attacks both. She takes the knife and slits his palm. She makes Sandhya fly in air and hurts her badly. Angad asks lady ghost to leave Sandhya and says he will not tell anyone.

Precap: The lady ghost enters Sandhya and walks towards Angad holding knife. Angad says I am your Angad. The lady ghost in Sandhya tells that she will be killed. She slits her throat. Angad is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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