Kawach 2nd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya misunderstands Angad, Ranjana’s father gets killed

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Kawach 2nd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya going inside the room, but there was nobody there. Sandhya thinks it was Angad’s voice, who was that girl. She is worried. Later in the night, she is dancing in the hall thinking about Angad and Kapil and falls down. Angad comes and holds her hand. He helps her get up and dances with her while the song Ang lagade Re….plays….He holds her hand again while her eyes are closed. She turns towards him and sees Kapil kissing her forehead. She gets shocked. It is her dream. She wakes up shockingly and thinks what does this dream mean? She thinks if it is God’s sign. Usha comes there and asks Sandhya why she is sweating? Sandhya says due to hot weather. Chachi comes and asks her to get up as they have to do the rasams. Sandhya thinks she shall call Ranjana as she called yesterday and checks her phone, but there is no number in the call list. She calls on her old number, but the number is unreachable.

Nisha tells Ranjana’s father that the dead body was found on that day when Ranjana went missing. He asks if ID card or any proof is found. Nisha says her face is badly disfigured and tells that they have to leave for Mumbai in 1 hour for identification. He cries. Nisha goes. Just then he hears Ranjana’s voice calling him and asking him to find her. He gets shocked and tries to come near her. He sees witch behind Ranjana. When he tries to go near her, the door gets closed.

Angad’s father asks Vinayak who had come to meet him yesterday. Vinayak gets tensed. Just then Ranjana’s father comes there and tells that he wants to talk to Sandhya. Sandhya is getting ready in her room. Angad comes calling her and offers to help her in wearing saree. Sandhya asks him to turn. He says he will help her. She asks him to close his eyes. He closes his eyes and helps her to set pallu. She sits and signs him to close his eyes. He closes his eyes and makes her wear bangles. Sandhya looks at him. Song plays…..

He makes her wear maangtika etc…He says I want the time to stop when I am with you. Sandhya asks did you tell this to that girl also who was with you. Angad says there was no girl with me. Nisha comes there and tells Angad that she needs to talk to him. Sandhya asks her if she was with Angad last night. Nisha says she came in the morning. Angad says we will meet in the puja and tells Sandhya that she is acting as suspicious wife. Sandhya thinks Angad is hiding something from her. Angad and Nisha go to meet Ranjana’s father. He tells that he has seen Ranjana with a lady, may be she was a villager. He asks Angad to tell. Angad asks him to calm down and tells that Ranjana is not here and I hope that her death news is wrong. He asks him to have some patience.

Sandhya is in the room. Kapil comes there. Sandhya thinks Angad came and says she can’t agree that he was not with the girl. She turns and sees Kapil. Kapil says I thought this is my room. He says something is missing and says your smile. Sandhya smiles. She asks him about Nisha. He asks her to ask directly with Angad. She says either you are wrong or your answer is wrong. She says you are nothing to me, and will not tell me. He asks are you sure that I am nothing to you. Someone calls Sandhya for puja. Kapil tells Sandhya that if anyone sees them together then can misunderstand them. He asks her to go first and says I will come later. Sandhya sees Angad with Nisha again. Angad’s sister Ruhi tells that Nisha is her sautan and asks her to get habitual to see her. Other sister tells Sandhya that Nisha is Angad’s childhood friend and they care for each other. Sandhya asks when did she come? Ruhi says last night.

Ranjana’s father hears her voice again and walks out. He sees Ranjana’s soul near the window and runs, but she disappears. Angad tries to talk to Sandhya. Sandhya is tensed. Angad signs Nisha. Nisha signs him back. Kapil signs Sandhya to smile. Sandhya gets teary eyes as she doubts on Angad. Ranjana’s father sees the witch and asks about Ranjana. She signs at him. Ranjana appears infront of him. He thanks God and tries to touch her. He is shocked. Ranjana asks him to save her. The witch keeps hand on Ranjana’s father and kills him. Sandhya tells Angad that she wants to talk to him after puja. Puja starts. Ranjana’s father’s burnt body falls there while his face burnt. Sandhya hugs Angad and gets shocked. Angad thinks he is Ranjana’s father. Vinayak asks Usha not to tell Sandhya about him. Sandhya asks Usha who was he? Angad says a guest. Police comes and takes the dead body. Crime branch officer asks the Inspector to record statement that the man fell down and died.

Angad sees the witch on the terrace and goes there. He sees the witch as black smoke. Sandhya gets worried for Angad. Angad asks the witch who is she and why she is not saying anything. Just then she disappears from there. Nisha comes there and asks what happened? Angad tells that he had seen a lady wearing Maharastrian saree. He tells that he has to lie to Sandhya and can’t tell her truth. Sandhya comes there. Nisha asks him to relax and says once we come out from this mess, then will tell everything truly. Sandhya is shocked.

Dada ji tells Angad’s father that Pandit ji asked them not to keep Sangeet as someone died here. Angad’s father says the dead man shall get some respect. Vinayaka says marriage will happen tomorrow. Sandhya misunderstands Nisha and Angad’s conversation. She thinks to talk to Angad, when the mangalsutra falls on the door. She holds the mangalsutra and throws it out. The mangalsutra gets back in her room. Sandhya gets shocked and thinks I have thrown this out, this is impossible. She says I will throw this out. She throws again and closes the window. The mangalsutra flies and comes inside again. She thinks how this mangalsutra is coming inside again and again. She breaks it. Witch tells something. Sandhya thinks this can’t return. The black smoke comes inside and gets the mangalsutra repaired itself. Sandhya is shocked and holds the mangalsutra in her hand. She is about to throw it when she sees the witch on the window. She shouts and runs out scared.

She collides with Kapil. Kapil asks if she saw a ghost. Sandhya asks about Angad. Kapil says lets search together. Nisha asks Angad if ghost exist. Angad says no. Nisha falls down when the kids collide with her. Angad helps her get up. Kapil sees him and shows to Sandhya. Sandhya sees Angad with Nisha and lifting her in his arms. Angad lifts Nisha to take her to his room, so that she can apply ointment and rest. Sandhya misunderstands them. Kapil asks her to talk to him. Sandhya says we both saw.

Precap: Sandhya asks Angad to tell that there is nothing between them. Angad asks what are you saying? He says I will tell after marriage. Sandhya goes to temple and asks Angad why did he show Kapil’s face when she is marrying Angad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think the ghost is Vinayak’s missed sister. Now the serial is interesting. Hope this continues till the end

    1. Please update fast

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am too much confused who is lead of show Angad or Kapil, sometime I think Kapil is related to Ghosts trap, as he is always near when Sandhya see ghost, and he knows Sandhya more than he met her…. And Why can’t Sandhya confront Angad rather than misunderstanding him, though even Angad is also so much confusing, as even his character has hidden shades like not telling about Neha, desperate to marry Sandhaya etc..
    This show is little nice start as compared to Ekta kapoor other shows…. Hope it maintain its continunity

  3. Looks like Sandhya and Angad are not meant for each other….Angad doesn’t want to share his secrets with Sandhya and giving every opportunity to her to misunderstand him.I don’t blame her….no girl would like to see her would be husband moving closely with his girl friend of yesteryears ….Added to this are Sandhya’s own beliefs and fears and Kapil’s presence that keeps reminding her of that strange experience in the temple …If she comes to know about the death of her friend Ranjana,the marriage is sure to get postponed or even cancelled….Kapil seems to be an intriguing character….I wonder what are his feelings for Sandhya and whether he has a similar experience like Sandhya….As of now every character in the serial seems to be nice and positive except for the spirit….let us see how Kapil will turn out to be in the upcoming episodes..
    Thanks Hasan for the updates….They are so detailed that even if I miss seeing some episodes,I can rely on your updates to get full details….Thank you…

  4. Yes I agree with shradda and laxmi, ab Sandhya Kya karegi kisse chunegi aur kisse Shaadi karegi angad ya Kapil???? It’s really confusing
    Sometimes I feel angad is wrong and sometimes I feel Kapil is wrong Sandhya ki family ko patha hai village mein Shaadi karna teek nahi hai phir bhi ye log village mein Shaadi Kar raha hai sab log mujhe doubt doubt sa lag raha hai
    Now story is good but ektha is expert in spoiling good stories to crap and worst

  5. I think Kapil is not real,, Angad just worried about Sandhya that she cannot handle ranjana missing.. that’s why he is hiding.. my guess…

  6. I think Kapil is only visible to sandhya

    1. I think so,, they want to stop Sandhya marriage I guess,, maybe if she is married to Angad it maybe difficult for the ghost to take revenge from her something like that

  7. i liked Kapil-Sandhya pair more than angad-sandhya pair, but like everyone i also have a feeling thathe is a part of the ghost story, but if he was so y was he shown as sandhya’s future hubby by shiv in the temple, are ghosts more powerful than gods?????? weird

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