Kawach 29th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Pisasch kills Angad ; Sandhya and Prem to bring him back

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Kawach 29th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Angad telling that nobody can trap him in the room and tells that he is a pisasch. Malini tells Sandhya that pisasch will leave Angad’s body. Sandhya says Rekha had said that pisasch goes only when the person dies in whose body it had captive. Pisasch tells that they forgot that he is trapped in Angad’s body and hurts his body. Sandhya says we have to take shivling there. Malini says if the pisasch kills Angad then. Pisasch asks Sandhya to save her husband who is dying now. Ankit and Akhil tell that Rekha had seen Angad jiju’s death. Sandhya and others are shocked. Anit asks Sandhya to save Ankit. Sandhya says I won’t let anything happen to Angad and says there is only one way to save him and she has to get pisasch out of his body.

Pisasch tells them that he will

destroy Angad’s body and takes a knife to stab him. Sandhya comes there and calls Angad stopping him. Pisasch asks are you ready to give your Prem? Sandhya says I will not give my prem to anyone. Pisasch says Bhao will take Prem from here after your death. Sandhya tells that she doesn’t think that Bhao has fulfilled your wishes or give some power to you so that you could have come out of the door. She says I can fulfill your wish and asks him to say what he wants. She says there might be something in your heart which it wants to fulfill. The Pisasch tells that he used to stay in a small village and wants to have a family and children, but nobody was ready to give their daughter to me. He tells that his father used to take alliance for him, but they rejected him as he was ugly. He says he was very disappointed and raped the girls. One day the villagers caught him and killed him by pelting stones on him. He says my ugly face was dead, but my soul is still wandering. He says no girl accepted me till now, love and hugged me. He asks will you accept to save Angad. Sandhya says you didn’t get true love and asks him to come with her, says she will fulfill his wish. She takes him to Angad and her room and closes the door. She says your soul is wandering as you didn’t get prem and Shanti. She says she wants to see his real face and wants to tell him that she is accepting his same face. The pisasch comes out of Angad’s body. Angad writhes in pain.

The Pisasch tells that he got the love for which he was longing for. Angad asks Sandhya not to do a big sacrifice and says he likes to die, but can’t see her doing anything wrong. Sandhya asks him to go and let her do what she is doing. Pisasch says today I will get your true love. He ties Angad’s hand with the curtains and comes near Sandhya. He calls her foolish girl and tells that he will not leave her husband alive. He says first I will get you, and then will kill you and your husband. Sandhya says I know that your story was not of love, but lust. You was not longing for love, but lust and tells that she didn’t come alone, but have brought God with her. She pulls the blanket and Pisasch sees god idols. Everyone comes there. Pisasch says I am going but will take your husband with me. He vanishes. Angad falls down. Sandhya asks him to open his eyes. Shobha checks his pulse and says he has no pulse. They make Angad’s body lie in the hall with white color cloth on him. Karthik and Rekha come there. Rekha says it is same as I had seen.

Karthik says we got late. Sandhya tells Angad that she couldn’t save him and was helpless. She tells Rekha that her Angad went. Rekha says I want to talk to you and asks her to listen. Malini sits near Angad’s body. Rekha tells Sandhya that she wants to talk to her right now. Sandhya blames herself. Rekha says nothing is finished till now and tells that she has seen something. She tells that Prem had saved her from Bhao. Sandhya says how can Prem save you? Rekha says Prem has some unseen powers and that’s why Bhao is after him. She tells that Prem can bring Angad back and make him lively again. Sandhya says if he has some powers then I would have known. Karthik says we shall ask him. Rekha, Sandhya and Karthik come to Aastha and Prem. Rekha shows Prem’s sketch to him and asks if he has any powers. Aastha asks do you know it? Sandhya asks her to tell. Aastha tells her that Prem has supernatural powers and tells everything. Prem says he didn’t want to hurt Papa, but wished that he don’t hurt anyone. He says when Aastha was about to fall, I wished and saved her. Rekha asks Prem to bring Angad back and wish from his heart. They take him with them. Prem calls Angad and asks him to return. He says Papa, please come back….Karthik says you can do, just try again. Prem calls him again and again.

Rekha asks him to talk from his heart and used all his powers. She asks him to think about his moments with Papa and call him. Prem closes his eyes and thinks of Angad. He says Papa, come back repeatedly. Prem says my power is not working today, papa is not coming and he went because of me. Sandhya says it didn’t happen because of you, seems like he left us for forever. She asks him to return for her children. Aastha says I need my Papa and asks Prem to use his powers to save her Papa. Prem’s eyes turn red and he shouts. Balraj, Malini, and others come there. They check their pulse and say it is not working. Aastha asks them not to worry and tells that they didn’t die, but went to get Papa back. Doctor checks and tells that Angad died as his neck was strangulated, but others might have died due to heart attack. Aastha tells that they all went to bring Papa and tells that Prem will bring everyone. Balraj asks them to take Aastha to room. He asks the doctor to get the death certificates for their last rites. The doctor says it is a police case as many members died. Balraj says I will handle police and asks him to get the certificates. Sandhya, Prem and Karthik find Rekha about to fall in the burning lava. Karthik saves Rekha from falling down. Malini, Usha and others continue to cry. Sandhya asks where are we? Rekha says this is the afterlife death, Divya Duniya, every soul comes here before meeting the Paramatma and says Angad’s soul must be here, Prem brought us to the right place. Sandhya asks Prem how did he do this? Prem says I prayed to God for Papa. Sandhya asks Rekha why her clothes have become white. Rekha says we are dead now and this is our soul and our body is on the earth. Karthik asks if we can return to our bodies. Rekha says we can if our family didn’t cremate our body. Balraj tells Ankit that they got Police’s NOC and death certificate. Ankit calls Pandit ji and says they have to cremate five bodies. Sandhya asks Rekha to try to contact their family. Rekha says she will and asks her to go with Prem, says he can help you.

Sandhya asks where we have to go? Prem says that way. Rekha sits there and tries to talk to a family member. Ruhi asks Aastha not to cry. Kiran tries to make Aastha eat something, but she refuses to eat anything until they return. Kiran says they can’t come back, they are dead and we will cremate them. Ruhi says we will burn their bodies. Aastha asks them not to burn their bodies and says they will return soon. Kiran asks her to have food and says they have to do last rites. Aastha thinks why nobody believes her and asks God to help her. Rekha tries to talk to them and gets connected to Aastha. Aastha hears her and says Rekha aunty.

Sandhya and Prem come inside the door and searches Angad. They see lava bursting from the mountain. They find Angad standing there. Prem and Sandhya get happy. Prem runs to hug him.

Precap: Sandhya finds the snake in the cave. Rekha tells that their bodies are about to cremate. Aastha tells the family members not to burn their bodies and that Rekha wants to talk to them. They manage to take Angad and are leaving when the magical door opens and says only 4 can go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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