Kawach 29th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kapil kills Ashutosh and reveals his revenge

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Kawach 29th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ashutosh thinking he was Angad, but how he (Kapil) came infront of me. He calls someone and says please pick the call. Suddenly the AC temperature turns to 16 and he feels cold. He makes it to 22. Just then he sees the AC temperature -6 and everything starts freezing. Sandhya and Angad are on the way, stuck in the traffic. Snake charmer is nearby them. Angad says he wants to kill everyone. Sandhya is shocked. The snake charmer comes to Sandhya and tells that his snake is Shiv ji’s avatar. Angad/Kapil gets scared and asks her not to keep the window down. Sandhya gives money to the man and he blesses her. She asks why are you scared. Angad/Kapil tells that they do all this thing to get money. Sandhya says they walk on the road. Kapil sees snake attacking on the window and gets scared and hugs Sandhya. Sandhya asks snake charmer to take the snake. He asks who is he and goes. Kapil tells Sandhya that he is scared of snakes. Sandhya looks on. Ashutosh is in his office when the office freezes and TV is played. He sees Kapil burning on the laptop and knocks on the door calling security, but nobody hears him. The lady ghost is behind him. He turns and opens his mouth in shock. She goes inside him and his eyes turn red.

Rishi thinks what do Jindal think of themselves. He says I went to get my wife Shobha, but they threw me out. The lady ghost calls Rishi from Ashutosh’s phone and asks him to come and meet him and promises to get him back with Shobha. Rishi asks are you saying truly. He says he will come. Ashutosh says yes and ends the call. The lady ghost comes out from him and he falls down. He shivers with cold.

Usha and Kaki promote the show Choti Sardarni. Sandhya comes there and hugs Usha, asks how is she? Angad/Kapil comes there and greets Usha. Kaki praises their Jodi. Angad talks in Marathi asking them to get Sandhya ready by evening. Sandhya is amazed and asks when did you learn Marathi fluently. He says he learnt Marathi for her. He says there was so many things which you don’t know, when you comes to know then land will go off from your feet. He says my love is a storm and reminds her that they have to make cricket team. Sandhya smiles.

Kapil comes to Ashutosh in Angad’s avatar and asks him to wake up. Ashutosh gets up and sees his office fine and not freeze. He asks are you scared uncle? Ashutosh says no and tells that he wants to search the file. He comes near the mirror. Kapil says you want to see your face, see your face and see me too. Ashutosh sees Kapil in the mirror. Kapil comes in his real avatar. The lady ghost is behind Ashutosh. Kapil says if this mirror wouldn’t have been here then you would have been alive today. He sees them vanished and sees many insects climbing on his body. He apologizes and sees and the lady ghost. Kapil says I will take your life, but won’t let you go. He reminds do you remember me, that weather. He says that day was very hot, body and heart was hot. He holds his neck and says you was shivering with cold sometime back. Ashutosh says no. Kapil says I will kill you by hot air. The lady ghost makes the AC temperature hot. Rishi comes to the office. Watchman says office is closed, but Ashutosh is in his cabin. Ashutosh asks Kapil to give him a chance and don’t kill him. Kapil takes the match stick in his hand and reminds him of the night when he was killed. He makes the match stick light with his eyes and puts on Ashutosh’s body. Ashutosh starts burning and shouts. Rishi comes to the office and gets shocked seeing Ashutosh burning. Kapil as Angad leaves from there. Ankit comes the office and calls Angad, but he doesn’t hear him and leaves. He hears that fire broke out.

Usha asks Sandya about her sasural. Sandhya tells that they are good and tells that she made noodles and they didn’t say anything. Usha tells Vinayak that he never made her taught cooking to the kids. Vinayak says he wanted them to study first. He asks when you are starting work again. She says from next week, I will talk to Angad. Vinayak says if you are working, you are making your identity. He asks her to balance between home and work. Sandhya says ok. Vinayak asks if Angad is happy. Her brother says he is very happy and was talking about baby. Sandhya says he is behaving strangely and talking about baby. Vinayak asks so soon. Usha says she might be thinking his behavior different as he became her husband now.

Sandhya gets a call from home and rushes there. Shobha cries and hugs Sandhya. Malini tells that Ashutosh is serious and Police suspect Jatin as he was there at that time. Shobha says Rishi can’t do this, I won’t let him go to jail. Kiran comes and blames Sandhya for the inauspicious things happening in the house. She says that 2 died before the marriage and 1 is serious after marriage. Malini says she is my bahu. Kiran says she is your bahu, but inauspicious for everyone.

Everyone is in the hospital. Aunty tells that he is 90 percent burnt. Nurse comes there and asks them to meet Ashutosh. They ask who did this? He tries to say. They ask if Rishi did this. Angad/Kapil asks him to say. Ashutosh recalls Lady ghost swirling his bed. Angad tells Ashutosh that very soon he will be relieved. Rishi tells Inspector that he didn’t burn him and he was the one who brought him to hospital. Kapil as Angad comes out and beats Rishi blaming him. Rishi runs. Phupha ji asks the CID officer to arrest Rishi. The lady ghost scares Rishi and makes him die with fear. Angad catches him and asks why did you burn him. Rishi says why will I do this. Nurse comes and says patient…Kapil wipes his fake tears and thinks he died. Doctor checks Ashutosh and tells that he died of heart attack. Phupha ji says how, he was talking to us sometime back. Inspector arrests Rishi.

Shobha is crying still. Phupha ji tells Shobha that Rishi killed Ashutosh. Sandhya asks about Angad. Phupha ji says that he said that he will come here. CID officer tells that he never saw Angad so angry before. Kapil comes somewhere and leaves Anagd’s body. Angad is unconscious. Kapil takes out Ashutosh’s pic from the trunk and burns it. He says I can’t forget that those people along with Jindal family killed me and my family. He says Patwardhan and Jindal made my family burnt alive. He says they are the reason for my my, wife and son’s death. He says what they thought that they will not return. He says very soon his son and wife will return. He says Sandhya is the reason for their death and she will return their everything. He says this is the game of death and life, have to settle scores. I have controlled Angad’s body and will kill all murderers. Then Sandhya will get pregnant with my baby, my wife will enter in her body and we will live in their bodies and return in this world. He says bodies will be theirs, but we will live. He says after killing the murderers, my family will be together.

Precap: Kapil says one is gone, and 6 is remaining. Sandhya runs and comes out. She sees Kapil playing mouth organ and gets shocked. .

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    So Kapil is taking revenge for his and his family murder???? And because bad happened with him, he returned using black powers, and now want revenge….
    Show is really thriller, hope writers doesn’t ruin it..

  2. It is anybody’s guess that some sort of revenge is there for Kapil’s entry into Sandhya and Angad’s life but I could never imagine his motive behind wanting a baby with Sandhya…So he is planning to invite his dead wife to possess Sandhya’s body so that they can live like a family in the borrowed bodies …I wonder if Kapil has a similar intention of making hid dead son possess the baby as well after he takes birth …what a weird theme….I am a bit disappointed at Angad’s helplessness…he and his mangalsutra were supposed to form a Kawach and protect Sandhya from evil…instead he himself has become the prey and Kapil is executing his evil plan from Angad’s body….means marriage has not come to the rescue of Sandhya…in fact it has helped Kapil a lot as he can now operate from Angad’s body who is the physical husband of Sandhya….For now evil has an upper hand …Hope it won’t continue for too long and Angad will find strength to resist Kapil and confront him…….

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