Kawach 24th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sakshi traps Sandhya’s soul and enters her body to live her life

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The Episode starts with Sakshi entering Rekha’s body and asks Sandhya why did you call me? She says you will not let me live after my death. Sandhya asks her to tell where is her kids? Sakshi says Prem is my son, first you snatched my husband and now my son. Sandhya says he is a human and not your son and says he shall be here. Sakshi says Prem is my son and he will stay where his mother stays, I have brought him up since 7 years. Sandhya says I have kept Prem in my womb for 9 months. Angad asks Sakshi to tell where is their kids. Sakshi makes Angad fall down and holds Sandhya’s neck. She says you have snatched my son, I will snatched your daughter and says she will snatch her reflection also. Everyone try to stop Sakshi from holding Sandhya neck. Angad asks Ankit and Akhil to break the stone and says Rekha had said that Sakshi will go if we break the door. They break the door. Sakshi comes out of Rekha’s body and goes to the cave. Rekha says sorry to Sandhya and says she couldn’t identify the kids’ whereabouts. Sakshi shouts asking where is Prem. Prem makes Aastha run with him and takes her to the same temple in the village where Sandhya had seen Kapil. Aastha goes with Prem. They enter the temple. Prem asks Aastha to sit. Aastha says why we came here in temple and says if Maa comes here. Prem says when Maa gets angry then he comes to temple. Aastha hugs him and says she is very scared.

Karthik tells that he will search the kids. Madhuri says she has taken both kids. Vinayak says I was right that Sakshi will trouble Sandhya. Usha blames him. Some pandits come there and says Guru ji sent us. Karthik asks why Guru ji didn’t send you when we got Prem. Madhuri scolds him for doubting everyone. She asks them to help them.

Aastha tells Prem that she will treat him just like Mamma treats her and blows on his hand. She asks if he is fine. Sakshi gets Aastha’s bangle and smells it. Ankit tells that Pandit ji’s are coming from Devlali temple. Rekha comes and says I came to know where are the kids and shows the sketch. Sandhya says this is Devlali’s temple. Balraj says he will come? Angad says there is a danger. Rekha says she will come.

Sakshi asks Prem and Aastha to come, but they don’t come out. Sakshi calls them in Sandhya and Angad’s voice. Prem asks her not to go. Aastha runs out while Prem is asking her not to go. Aastha runs out of temple and asks where are you? She asks Papa, where are you? Sakshi tells in Angad’s voice that she is behind her. Aastha turns and looks at Sakshi. Sakshi says you play games with me, now see what I do. Aastha gets scared and shouts calling Prem asking him to save her. Prem walks towards the God’s idol. Aastha says sorry to Sakshi. Sakshi says I am not Sandhya who gives forgiveness, but Sakshi who punishes. Sandhya, Angad, Rekha and Ankit come there. They see Sakshi making Aastha scared with a smoky storm. Sandhya pleads infront of her to leave Aastha. Sakshi says I am punishing you and not Aastha. She says I will give her 1 death, but you will die 1000’s death. Aastha asks her to leave her.

Prem comes there and asks Sakshi to leave Aastha. Sandhya asks if he is fine? Sakshi asks Prem to come to him. Prem says you are bad and kills everyone, you go. Sakshi leaves Aastha and asks Prem to come to her. Prem says you are not Maa and asks her to go. Sakshi says you hate me and blames Sandhya. She says you have snatched Prem from me, I will not leave you. She takes Sakshi in the smoky storm. Two Pandit ji’s come there. Sakshi asks them to move back. Pandits puts something around the storm. Sandhya asks Sakshi to leave her. It is shown, some light went to sky and Sandhya falling down. Pandits tell that Sakshi’s soul got mukti, now you don’t have to worry. Sandhya gets up and asks Aastha if she is fine. Aastha says yes. Sandhya tells Prem that today he got against his mum and tells that Sakshi can’t go far from her. They come back home.

Aastha comes home and hugs Malini. Sandhya asks her to tell how Prem protected her. Aastha tells that Prem hugged her and took her to temple, ran with her to temple and saved her. Sandhya says Prem has saved Aastha and everyone. Angad holds his ears and says sorry to Prem. He sits down and says I am your Papa. He asks won’t you meet me. Prem walks towards him and hugs him. Sandhya smiles. Balraj, Kiran, Ruhi, Shobha, Madhuri, Usha, Karthik and others smile. Angad takes Prem and Aastha in his lap and smiles. Rekha says seems like my work is over, I shall go now. Angad asks her to wait and go. Sandhya asks her to wear her saree and goes to room. Rekha asks why I felt strange when Sandhya touched me. Angad comes to Sandhya and apologizes to her. Sandhya says you was worried for Aastha, today I am very happy. Angad says even me…Sandhya says I have to give saree to Rekha, she might be waiting.

Angad holds her pallu. The saree falls over them. Oh Saathiya plays….Sandhya goes to Rekha and gives her saree, asks her not to hesitate. Rekha thanks her. Angad presents bouquets to Sandhya and says I love you. Sandhya says why it was needed? Angad says love…I want to get love which I lost. Sandhya says I got married to my love, but didn’t get his love. Angad doesn’t understand and tells that he will take 7 swears with her which he didn’t give after marriage. Angad and Sandhya give swear to each other. Angad says I will be always of my Sandhya and will not let any third person come between us. Rekha makes sketch and some black thing is made on the paper. She thinks what this means? Some Aghoris are doing puja and captures Sandhya’s body. Sandhya asks what I am doing here? Aghoris who lied that Sakshi got mukti, had infact took Sandhya’s soul out of her body and put Sakshi’s soul in her body. Sandhya asks about her kids. The pundits/aghoris asks what you will do with the kids, you are now just a soul. Sandhya says you came to help me. Aghoris says we came to help your sister Sakshi who wants to enter your body and be with your husband. Sandhya says no. Angad says he wants to be with her. Sakshi hugs Angad and thinks you cut my roots, but I came in your house and snatch everything from you Sandhya.

In Prem’s room, Aastha tells Sakshi thinking her to be Sandhya that she wants to play with Prem. Sakshi says Maa punishes those who don’t agree to Maa. Prem recalls Sakshi telling it. Sakshi then scares Prem with her white eyes. Prem gets scared and covers blanket on his face. Angad comes and says you shall get best mother award. She says best wife too. Angad says she is gone now, but Sakshi says but I will be with you always. She says lets go and sleep. Angad says I was thinking something else.

Later in the night, Rekha comes to dining area to get water. She feels someone is here. Her hairs gets moves by a heavy wind. She turns and looks on. She then goes to her room. Aastha asks Prem to play with her. Prem says Maa will punish us and asks her to sleep. Aastha says I will not talk to you. She falls down from the bed and cries for Sandhya. Sandhya comes there and holds Aastha’s tears. She tries to make Aastha and Prem see her, but they don’t see her. Prem wipes her tears and hugs her. Sakshi comes out of temple and congratulates her for this life. She says it was her plan to kidnap the kids and call her there. She says my tantriks took out your soul and entered your body. She says she got her kids, husband and home. She says you can’t even touch me. Sandhya swears her God and says I will get back to my life and says God will give me strength and you can’t anything. Sakshi says my husband is waiting for me and says bye. Sandhya tells Shiv ji that she has taken his swear to return in her life and asks him to send someone for her help.

Rekha makes Sketch in her room and sees Angad and her in the room. She then hears someone crying and thinks this voice is coming from temple.

Precap: Sandhya takes Rekha’s help and tells that she can now touch the things. Sandhya tells Sakshi that she knows now how she died.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. With every passing episode ,we are getting to see a new facet of Sakshi’s personality..unbelievable she is Sandhya’s twin..ready to kill a child and ready to sleep with another man …all in the name of revenge..I don’t find any adjectives to describe this woman…or is she following the footsteps of her husband Kapil who possessed Angad to have sex with Sandhya for a purpose…I would like to see if she will really go that extent…the children as usual are very cute…..particularly Prem…heartening to see Prem standing for Astha against his own mother ..he didn’t even hesitate to tell Sakshi that she is evil ….Happy to see a ‘happy family’ with Angad finally accepting Prem as his son…I couldn’t imagine that Sakshi would plan to take over Sandhya fully by forcing her soul out of her body…this is something unheard of….normally when a ‘possession ‘ happens,the soul of that person doesn’t leave him / her as they are showing here but stays dormant in the body itself along with the alien spirit.. ….the spirit just dominates the soul till counter measures like exorcism are taken …Anyways let us see how Rekha will help Sandhya to drive the evil Sakshi out of her body and life…

    1. LOL, Lakshmi???, Kapil had sex with Sandhya to get Prem, i think Sakshi is also following his footsteps since Prem is not her biological son, she might want her own biological child from Angad, but even now it is not possible since she is inside SANDHYA’S BODY???‍♀️?‍♀️,,,however KAPIL was lucky i guess,,,being a ghost ??he impregnated his sperms into Sandya’s ovum to get PREM,,,,however Sakshi doesn’t have own womb or ovum???

  2. Write today 25 Aug episode .. I’m waiting too read it

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