Kawach 22nd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Angad and Sandhya get married, Kapil enters Angad’s body

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Kawach 22nd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nisha applying haldi to Anga and thinks this haldi and piya are both mine. They start dancing. Angad dances with Sandhya. Pal ek pal plays….Sandhya also sings and dance with him happily. Everyone starts dancing on the song crazy Punjabi wedding song. Everyone claps. Later Archana asks Sandhya what magic did she do to Angad that he stares her and scolds others in office. Suman asks how was the first kiss? Sandhya says what are you saying, how can it happen before the marriage. She blushes. Nisha thinks of Angad and Bua’s words. She couldn’t bear to see him and thinks Angad is mine, Kiran aunty was right. She thinks we’re not lovers anymore, but I still remember the past. She recalls Angad about to kiss her, later she tells him that she was not in the consciousness and was with that guy. Angad says you was with him all the night and breaks his alliance with her. He says we can be friends, but not lovers anymore. Nisha thinks she can’t let Sandhya get Angad and thinks she don’t deserve her.

Suman asks Sandhya to test Angad before marriage and asks for 5 kisses. Sandhya says shut up and says no. Suman calls Angad from Sandhya’s pic. He is in the bathroom and picks the call. Sandhya gets shy to see him shirtless. He shows his abs. Sandhya smiles. Suman, Ruhi and Archana say surprise and ask him to give first kiss to Sandhya. He says if you pull my leg then I will come out and kiss you. He comes to his room and sees Nisha sitting there. He asks do you want something? Nisha says you and says you didn’t have food, so I thought to ask you once. Angad says I will come, go downstairs. She says you will not come if I go and asks him to come. Angad takes his sherwani and is about to go to washroom. Nisha asks why he needs to go to washroom to change his clothes and tries to make him their relation. Angad moves away. Nisha says I am your past, but exist in your present. She touches him sensually and asks if he don’t feel anything when she is with him. She hugs him and says lets start the fresh beginning.

Angad pushes her and asks if she has gone mad and asks if she don’t have shame, as he is marrying Sandhya in some hours. Nisha says Sandhya shall be ashamed and tells that you used to love me and she snatched you. Angad says you had betray me and don’t deserve me. He says we can get anything with money, but not trust. He says I will never ever get in your life as you don’t love true love and the other side is Sandhya who trust me. Nisha says Sandhya went and married a ghost in night and says if it is not betrayal. Angad says she had a misunderstanding and tells that she returned when she came to know about the truth. He says his love is so immense and it was so deep that his love is sufficient for Sandhya and him. Nisha says when you can forgive Sandhya then why can’t me. Angad says Sandhya and I had a misunderstanding, but we have betrayal between us of that night. He says I love Sandhya always and asks her to just leave. Nisha sits in the car and thinks she will see what is the limit of his love.

Pandit ji asks Sandhya and Angad to exchange garlands. They exchange garlands and sit for their marriage. Pandit ji asks Vinayak and Usha to step forward to do kanyadaan. They do her kanyadaan. Angad’s mother ties the ghatbandhan. They take the rounds. Kiran thinks Nisha’s groom is becoming of someone and don’t know where is Nisha. Nisha comes near the Trishul and kills the Pandit keeping eye on the trishul. She says what did you say that you have loved and not me. She says once this trishul moves, Angad and Sandhya will separate and he will be just mine. She recalls maha Pandit ji’s words. She says everything is fair in love and war. Pandit ji asks them to complete the last 4 rounds. Angad and Sandhya are taking rounds. Nisha tries to pull the trishul out and gets pushed down. She gets scared. Angad and Sandhya are still taking rounds. Nisha asks herself not to get scared, Andy thrown you out of his life, pull out this trishul and get him. She asks herself to do it and take the trishul out of the ground. She holds the trishul and pulls it with great force, it shows as lava came out from the ground. She falls down on the ground and takes out the box and frees the evil spirits. It blasts in the sky. She looks on. Pandit ji asks Angad to make her wear mangalsultra.

Angad is about to make her wear mangalsultra, just then the storm comes in the sky and the electricity light flickers. Pandit ji says don’t know what is happening and sees the havan fire setting fire. He says this is abshagun. Kiran says bhoot came and says he will not let anything this marriage happen. Vinayak and phupha ji tell that they will check the light. Angad says nobody will go anywhere. Some pandits come there. Angad says I asked them to chant Shiv chalisa. The pandits start chanting Shiv Chalisa. Sandhya folds her hand. Karthik and Ankit go to main switch box and switch on the lights. Pandit ji says now the storm ended and asks them to complete the rituals. Karthik says he has put on the fuse. Pandit ji lights the havan fire. Angad wipes her tears. Chachi says how this storm came, Pandit ji had said that he has kept the ghost captive. Chacha hears wrongly. He then says because of the bad weather.

Usha senses something is wrong and thinks to call Pandit ji. The head of Pandit ji comes near the trishul and sees his Shishya killed. Usha asks Pandit ji if the ghosts are captive. Pandit ji says yes and says marriage will happen. The lady ghost comes out from him and kills him. Angad fills her maang with sindoor. Sandhya gets teary eyes. Pandit ji asks them to get up and says marriage is completed. He asks everyone to bless them. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Angad kisses on Sandhya’s forehead. Sandhya is sitting on the bed. Archana and other girls come there. They tease her. Suman asks her to read wedding night rules. Sandhya says I will not right. Ruhi and Suman ask he rto write. Suman asks her to write and tells what to write. Karthik, Ankit and others tease Angad. Angad asks them to go.

He comes to room and calls Sandhya. He finds her letter with rose on it. He picks the flower and reads the letter. He smiles. Suddenly the letter starts burning with fire and electricity flickers. He sees Kapil’s ghost there. Angad asks how did you come here? Kapil says he is not a human who can be captive and says I am the air which nobody can catch. He says what do you think that you could stay with Sandhya. Angad attacks him. Kapil says attacks him and I am the soul, what do you think that you can catch me. He says you got married as I let you to marry. He makes him fall down. Angad asks what do you want? Kapil says Sandhya and says she is in my soul. Angad asks him not to take her name. Angad feels pain due to Kapil’s attack. Kapil says you have a good body, but I don’t know so what to do. Angad asks him to go and says I am saying this for last time. He says she is wearing my name sindoor and mangalsutra and married me. Kapil says body is yours, but soul is mine. He walks towards Angad. Angad says you can’t do this. Kapil says I have done it and enters inside Angad. He says we are one now, and says outside is you and I am inside. Angad says you can’t get her as she is having her mangalsultra. Kapil says she has kawach, but not you. Kapil says you can’t stop me from doing what I want. Angad falls on the ground. Kapil looks on with his red eyes from Angad’s body.

Precap: Kapil tries to get closer to Sandhya and says I just need you. He keeps his hand on her stomach.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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