Kawach 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Pari reaches patal lok. A man there pleads to take her along as he cannot bear torture. Pari loses her coin. She then sees another masked man around doing some work and asks what is he doing. He says he is guarding this door of patal lok and she needs to give him something. She says she has a coin, but it is missing. He says she needs to give something, else she cannot go. Jolly tortues Rajbeer and Rajbeer calls Pari. Jolly laughs that Pari will not come here.

Heera on earth sees Pari’s hand holy thread losening and gets worried. Whole family prays god. Pari seaches her coin and finds it. She gives it to the masked man who gets her on boat and takes her to second stage of patal lok and says she cleared 1st stage successfully. Pari then walks towards second stage. He own shadows stop her and order to walk back as she cannot go beyond. Jolly continues torturing Rajbeer and Rajbeer shouts Paridhi….Jolly says the more he calls Pari, the more he willl torture him. Pari realizes they are all her shadow and cannot harm her. She moves to next stage. Jolly gets irked when Rajbeer repeatedly calls Pari and tries to erase Pari’s name from Rajbeer’s memory. On earth, Daadi sees Pari getting injuries on her body and gets tensed.

Pari reaches next stage and sees a big stone idol and a fire pit in front of it with letters written on stones path. She reminisces Heera telling that she should solve the puzzle. Stone idol speaks and tells Pari that she has to clear this puzzle. She throws stone on a letter steps, some catch fire and some don’t. She then uses her knowledge and finds clue. Stone idol says she is very intelligent. Pari crosses fire path. Stone idol says she is a good soul and cannot fight with evil souls, so she should return back. Pari says she will not go back. She picks a metal rod on floor and imagines Heera’s words that she has to fight evil.

Pari’s family sees her injures clearing out and get happy. Heera says that means Pari crossed next stage. The metal rod which Pari pick turns into gadha. She reaches the stage where Jolly and Rajbeer are. Jolly laughs that she came here and cannot go back. Pari walks towards him with gadha, but Rajbeer stops her. Jolly laughs that Rajbeer is his puppet now. Rajbeer pushes Pari down. On earth, Pari and Rajbeer’s holy thread loosen. Heera gets tensed. Whole family prays god. Pari also prays god. Jolly laughs that she will not go back now. Hanumanji’s powers emerge and Rajbeer regains his memory back. He reminisces the moments he spent with Pari. He calls her. Pari says hanumanji’s powers are back. Rajbeer gives gadha to Pari. They both hit Jolly. Pari then alone hits Jolly repeatedly and destroys him.

Heera happily says Pari’s family that Pari destroyed evil spirits and saved Rajbeeer back. Sayoni point at clock. Heera calls Pari to come back as sun is about to rise soon and if she does not return, she cannot back again. Pari hears her voice in patal look and says Rajbeer let us go back. They both return on earth. Heera applies holy ash on their foreheads and chants mantras. They both get back to life and hug each other happily. Family rejoice in happiness. Heera praises Pari that she proved that good always wins over evil, she is the kawach of this house, jai bajrangbali.

Vikranth and Saynoi’s marriage starts. Pari and Rajbeer also dress up as bride and groom. Rajbeer pulls Pari towards him. Vikranth says he wants to tell something, Pari and Rajbeer’s relationship did not break even after so many hurdles, they are role models for everyone , so they should walk in front of them and do pheras and they will follow them behind. Sayoni says yes. Rajbeer and Pari do pheras followed by Vikranth.

Rajbeer and Pari touuch Daadi’s feet after pheras. Daadi blesses them. Pari feels nauseous and runs in. Natasha comes and asks Rajbeer to give her gift as he is becoming father. Whole family rejoice. They all sit together. Natasha says there is only happiness in this house. Door bell rings. Pari goes out and sees a letter and a baby on door. She takes baby and letter in and reads a woman’s letter in front of family that woman is very poor and wants them to keep this child with her. Daadi says Balaji maharaj sent this child and asks what name will keep to this child, let Pari decide it. Child’s eyes glow blue.

Serial ends with positive note.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. They copied Anamika’s ending. Has anyone here had watched that show? Check Anamika’s episode 206, the same exact thing happens. Was little disappointed with it but overall happy that the show finally ended.

    1. U R CORRECT EXCATLY they copied ANAMIKA’S SERIAL i also watched that serial ending is ditto there baby eyes were red here blue

  2. The ending is exactly like Anamika the serial.


    Copied ending… i do not remember which show ended like this but yes i have seen this kind of ending…
    But show was good but not much to exceptation… and going to miss rajbeer and paridhi chemistry…. hope this kind of end will have kawach season 2 with better story and after seeing and listening to dialogues of heera, i have doubt of season 2….
    Good bye kawach…..

  4. i love this serial indian channels are blocked in Pakistan but i watch it on internet bcz its my fav show. 🙂

  5. It is copied one by one scene at the end without thinking much a girl mysterious child also introduced at the end which was anamika’s in that serial but here no idea of that child.

  6. Nice ending

  7. Shakaib

    Nice ending.

  8. You all know about that patal lok. For some reason I felt it was little bit similar to Son pari.
    In son pari frooty is taken to patal lok by that mask frooty on her own little bit help from son pari and some other person reaches back to earth. In that also she had to cross some 2-3 gates.

  9. This Patal Lok story is similar to Sasural Simar Ka the colors tv show and how pari reach patal lok in sasural simar ka ,simar reach patal lok to to kill patali devi but i think the story is little bit of similar.

    1. Ohh yaa i have seen the show sasural simar ka

  10. Thanks God …..
    This bakwas show is over.
    Please! Don’t expect for Season 2.
    Balaji has incurred huge loss in the Supperr Flop project.

    1. Mona146

      dont worry they are too rich to bear that loss. Im sure ekta must have covered all the costs as she is practical business woman.

    2. Absolutely! This show was TOTAL NON-sense! The story made No sense, the Spirits always had the ‘upper’ hand, the Kavach ‘deity’ changed from Hanuman to Durga? With Hanuman losing his ‘powers’ Are the creators of such hogwash aware that Absolute SHIT doesn’t sell. Thankfully-somebody Used their last brain cell, and stopped televising the ‘Dodo series’!!! Kudos to “la-end”. We educated + intelligent ppl can’t & don’t watch crap. Word of advice:’Get with the program and buck up your game. OR, piss off Permanently into the Galaxy’.

  11. Priyanka Bhardwaj

    Same as kuch najare utare nhi utarti……

    Serial end is not too good..

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