Kawach 1st September 2019 Written Episode Update: Shakini gets mukti, Bhao sends someone else

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Kawach 1st September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rekha calling Shakini and asks her to come there and show her world to her. She finds herself in the cave and sees a house. She sees calendar and says Shakini’s story was in 1992, it is 27 years old. She hears a lady crying and her husband burning her alive. Shakini comes to Rekha and holds her neck. She says everyone will become dolls just as the sunsets and says her next target is Angad. Rekha’s soul comes back to her body. She tells Sandhya and others that Shakini took her in the past and says her husband burnt her alive, that’s why she hates all men. She says I couldn’t see her face, but she is very powerful. Sandhya asks about her neck. Rekha says she tried to suffocate and kill her. Sandhya feels bad for her. Rekha tells that they have to save Angad as he is her next

target. She says we have to do something before sunset. Malini says I know what to do and says we will give prem to her. Sandhya refuses to give Prem to Shakini and says Aaji has sent pandits and they can come here at anytime. Angad says he will not give Prem, he stayed till now with prets.

Pandits come to Sandhya’s house, but just then crow comes and makes a sound. The pandits get scared and chant om namashivay. They ring the door bell. Shakini comes there. The Pandit realizes someone is coming and is behind them. They chant om namashivay. She touches them. Sandhya opens the door and says there is nobody here. Angad says I will ask guard. Just then Sandhya sees the pandits doll asking her to help them. Balraj says they came to help us and now asking help. Kiran sprinkles gangajal on the dolls thinking they might return, but they don’t become fine. Balraj says it went in my mouth. Ankit says it is good. Balraj says nobody found a way to free us. Malini says what we will do, sunset is going to happen. She says we shall give Prem and says you are thinking about your son, but what about my son. She asks Sandhya if she wants to risk Angad’s life for Prem. Sandhya says she wants both Angad and Prem, she wants Papa ji, karthik and ankit to be fine. She says she loves them all and says everyone shall get their lives back and says I don’t want to lose anyone. Angad says I know what to do and goes to room.

Sandhya asks Angad what he is going to do? Angad says let me go, Shakini called me. Malini and Sandhya try to stop him. Angad says if sunset happens then we will lose dad, Ankit and Karthik. He goes to room and locks the door. They knock on the door calling him. Angad calls shakini and asks her to come infront of him. He says I have come. Sandhya runs to the temple and asks Shivji to save her husband and says he is the support of me and my kids. She lights the diya and does the God’s aarti. Angad asks Shakini to come infront of him. The crows fly on the house. Angad says Shakini, leave us. We didn’t do anything with you.

Shakini comes to Angad. Sandhya prays to God. Aastha and Prem come to temple. Shakini holds Angad from behind. She says you talked about leaving me before calling me. She asks him to look at her once.

Sandhya says om namashivay. Angad turns to her. She hugs him. Angad is shocked to see her face and is taken aback. Shakini asks if he is scared and feeling hatred looking at her face. She says I came as you called me and says I will take you to the place where everyone went. She tries to keep hand on his head, but he stops her and holds her hand. He says everyone saw your face, but not your eyes. He says it is filled with pain and says you must have got pain from your loved one. whom you trusted a lot. She says everyone shall get their love and says it is all brother, father and husband’s rights to give love to their loved ones. He says I am not scared of you, as I am seeing your beautiful heart and not your face.

Shakini says you are saying this, as you want to save your family. Rekha asks everyone to come with her. Angad tells Shakini that he wants her to leave his family, but he is not lying to her. He says all men are not same and asks her not to kill the love which is in side of her heart. He says leave my family, if your pain gets less by taking me then take me with you. She asks if he is not really scared. Angad says yes. She asks him to hug her. Angad hugs her. Shakini becomes beautiful woman. Angad smiles. Rekha is doing the vidhi. Shakini tells Angad that she never thought that such day will come and says nobody came like you before, and says you gave mukti to me. She says I am going, but Bhao will come. She says Bhao has kept many Shakinis captive and until Sandhya gives him Prem, he will send them. Angad asks who is Bhao? Shakini vanishes. Angad looks on.

Rekha says Shakini got mukti. Balraj, Ankit, Karthik and Pandit jis become fine. Everyone get happy. Sandhya comes there and says you all got fine. She asks about Angad? Ruhi says he is in room. Sandhya runs to room and hugs Angad. She asks if he is fine. Angad says I am fine. Sandhya says you have saved everyone and asks how did you do this? Angad says with love, I told that everyone shall get their love and I had understood that she didn’t get her love and respect and says I gave her respect. He says you gave me strength. Sandhya says everything is fine now and hugs him. Angad tells her that Shakini went, but told before going that bhao has many shakinis with him and he will send them until you give him Prem. Malini overhears them.

Balraj, Ankit, karthik are happy. Prem brings his doll there. They joke. Malini tells that Prem is the trouble and says until they will have him in the house, Bhao will send Shakinis. She forcibly takes Prem out of the house and locks the door. Prem calls for Sandhya and Aastha. Sandhya opens the door and hugs him. Angad asks him not to worry. He asks Malini why did she throw the small kid out. Malini says Bhao is coming and tells that what will happen if anyone lose their life. Sandhya says they will fight with Bhao. Malini says she will not stay in the house and goes to her room to pack her stuff. Crow comes and sits on the window. Malini hears someone laughing and asks who is there? She sees something shaking under the blanket. Balraj tells that Malini is in room and not opening the door. Just then they hear Malini shouting. Angad breaks the door and gets inside. They see Malini on floor and have become green. Balraj cries and worries for her. Ruhi calls the doctor. Sandhya says this is not medical problem, but if it is done by Bhao. Angad says I don’t think this is done by Bhao as she has turned green.

Rekha is in her room, when the door opens by itself. Rekha asks who is here? She closes her eyes and makes sketch. She sees hand impression and thinks it is looking of a child. Kiran sees green hand impression on the wall and tells Angad, Sandhya and others. Rekha comes there. Shobha says surely there is some connection with mom. Angad asks her to look at Aastha and Prem leaving their hand impression on the walls. They say it is of Prem. Ruhi takes them to wash their hands. Prem says it was not my hand impression, but Ruhi doesn’t believe him and takes him to wash their hands. Rekha touches the hand impression and finds blood coming out of her eyes in the mirror. She gets shocked. She sees green foot impression and follows it.

Doctor comes and checks Malini. She asks Balraj to give her medicines, says she has taken her blood sample, if she don’t get consciousness then she has to be admitted. Sandhya thinks it is not natural. Rekha follows the step. Pandit jis tell Sandhya that they are going now, but will come in morning to do the puja. Sandhya thinks to check for Rekha. Rekha finds the foot impression coming to her room. She asks who is here? Sandhya is coming there. She sees Prem and Aastha and says they have become clean. Rekha finds the crow in the window and thinks if someone is going to come. She finds a green boy like creature on the rooftop. Sandhya comes there and thinks Rekha is sleeping on the bed. Ruhi comes and takes Sandhya with her. The boy says you came to help Sandhya, it is enough.

Jolly is in the room. Boy or the small man asks what happened, if he is restless. Jolly gets shocked and says he has come. Balraj and Ankit come there. balraj asks Ankit to give him injection. Ankit gives him injection and says he will be calm down all night. Karthik tells Sandhya that he will stay here. Sandhya says everyone must be worried and asks him to go. Karthik goes. Sandhya closes the door and switches off the lights. The little man tells that so much will happen which this house have not seen and it will be echoes everywhere that Bhao has come.

Precap: Aastha gets scared when her blanket gets pulled. Malini cries seeing her green skin and her legs getting numb. Rekha asks who torn this book and says only human can touch it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now i understand??,,,BHAO?‍♂️?‍♂️ is the actual spirit form?? of theson of Sakshi and Kapil,,,since he is only a spirit? ?without any body,,,he longs for the body and powers which Prem has ✌??as he is Sandhya and Kapil’s son???,,so he wants to get Prem??

  2. Eihi don’t understand what is a main theme of this serial’s

  3. Mother KAWACH of her son; is supposed to be main theme now

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