Kawach 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kawach 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pari takes Rajbeer to hospital and pleads doctor to save her husband. Bharath asks what happened, where is Jolly. Pari says Jolly is in Rajbeer’s body and told he will not leave Rajbeer’s body. Doctor’s team try to save Rajbeer, but he pushes them all. Vikas tells Pari how will they find out where Jolly’s body is buried. Doctor comes out and says Rajbeer is not cooperating at all. Pari requests to save her husband somehow. Vikas also requests to savwe Rajbeer. Shakti tells Pari that he head Jolly and Saudamini discussing that they will bury Jolly’s body somewhere in Karjath, but don’t know exact place. Vikas says Jolly has bought a land in Karjath.

Pari, Vikas and Amal go to Heera who gives them holy sindhoor and says if they come under 500 meters of Jolly’s grave, this holy shinoor will turn into humanji’s shape and will take them to Jolly’s grave. Rajbeer is seen sinking in hospital. Pari, Vikas, and Amal reach near Jolly farm land. Amal chants hanuman chalisa and says Jlly can come any time. Pari throws holy sindhoor in air and prays bajrang bali. Holy sindoor flies and falls on Jolly’s grave. Amal and Vikas dig grave. In hospital, doctors continue to control Rajbeer. Rajbeer gets up, Jolly’s body leaves his body and he falls back. Vikas and Amal continue digging. Pari sees skeleton and says it is Jolly’s. Vikas goes to bring petrol from car. He picks petrol can from car and walks holding can and holy sindhoor. Electric wire breaks down and attacks Vikas. He escapes at first, but then it grips his neck. Pari hears Vikas’ sound and run towards him. Wire frees him and he thanks Pari for saving him. Pari says they have to do Jolly’s last rights. Amal asks her to go and do it. Vikas says they all 3 will go. They walk towards Jolly’s grave. A tornado emerges and Jolly takes his skeleton away. Amal says they had to burn Jolly’s skeleton, if Jolly came here, who is in Rajbeer’s body then. Vikas says only Heera ji can answer this. Bharath calls Pari and asks her to return to hospital soon.

Pari with Amal and Vikas rushes to hospital. Daadi says Rajbeer is no more. Pari says this is not possible, Rajbeer is alive. Doctor says she has lost her mind due to her husband’s death. Pari says Rajbeer promised he will not leave her alone. She goes to Rajbeer’s room and shakes him to wake up, he promised he will be always with her. Nurse comes and says her family needs her. Pari’s mangalsutra stucks in Rajbeer’s shirt button. Paris says told Rajbeer does not want to leave her. She goes out. Bharath says Rajbeer fell from cliff and cannot be alive. Pari says Jolly is playing game, she will go to Heera and take her help. Bharath asks Vikas to arrange for Rajbeer’s last rights and asks family to take Pari home. Pari locks herself into Rajbeer’s hospital room and says nothing has happened to Rajbeer. Daadi says family that Pari protected them so many times, they have to trust her. She asks Pari to open door, they all trust her. Pari opens door and hugs Daadi emotionally. Daadi asks her to go and meet Heera while they take Rajbeer’s body home.

Pari meets Heera. Heera asks if she burnt Rajbeer’s skeleton. Pari says no and describes her all the incident happened and also about Rajbeer. Heera says she will check Rajbeer’s body and see if Pari is right or wrong. She reaches Rajbeer’s house and asks family to move aside, she will check Rajbeer’s body. She chants mantras and checks in her style and informs that Pari is right, Rajbeer did not die a natural death as his soul did not go to yamlok, Jolly has taken Rajbeer’s soul to patal lok to torture him.

Jolly takes Rajbeer’s soul to patal lok. Rajbeer asks where is he. Jolly says he brought him here to punish his wife, if he will torture him, his wife will feel pain. He ties Rajbeer to a pole and says he cannot escape form here and says in this world his powers will increase and human’s powers decrease. He lashes Rajbeer and Rajbeer shouts in pain.

Pari asks Heera why Jolly took Rajbeer’s soul to patal lok. Heera says evil spirits’ powers icnrease there and Jolly has already started torturing Rajbeer and shows lash marks on his body. Pari says she will go to patal lok and get back Rajbeer’s soul. Bharath says sh ecannot go there as angels and other spirits go there . Heera says if something happens to her in patal lok, her soul will be stuck there forever. Pari says she will go there at any cost and save Rajbeer. Daadi says she will not stop her, history has shown them that a wife can do anything to save her husband.

Pari prays hanumanji and sleeps next to Rajbeer’s body. Heera ties her and Rajbeer’s hands together. She says this is hanumanji’s holy thread and will protect her. Whatever she has read in books, there are many stages in patal lok, she is sending her to first stage. She has to cross all stages and reach last stage where Jolly has taken Rajbeer’s soul. She gives her a coin and says this is a sign of earth and she should not ever lost it, else she will not able able to come back to earth. She continues that evil spirits will attack her as soon as she reaches, she has to cross them all and reach Rajbeer’s soul. She gets Pari’s soul out of body. Pari goes and prays hanumanji. Patal lok’s door opens. Heera asks to go soon. she calls Pandits and tells they wll chants mantras until Pari comes back from patal lok. Pari reaches Patal lok and looks all around.

Precap: Jolly continues to torture Rajbeer. Heera sees Pari’s hand thread loosening and says Pari is facing trouble in patal lok.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Copy of Raaz 3 only….
    But its better now to watch it than what it was in start…
    But plz can anyone tell how did manjulika and her daughter killed by Pari???

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