Kawach 18th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sakshi kidnaps Aastha and Prem, Rekha tries to help Sandhya save them

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Kawach 18th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Angad that Prem didn’t do any mistake. Angad says he wishes that their relation don’t end because of the boy. Sandhya recalls Tantrik’s sayings and cries. Shobha and Ankit come to hall. Ankit says Shobha is going to her mayka. Usha says but. Vinayak says it is a ritual that first delivery happens there. Usha says they didn’t ask her opinion. Shobha asks them to let her go. Ankit says I will be there until her delivery. They leave. Karthik looks on.

Aastha prays to God and asks her to make their fight end. Sakshi comes and says she can end her mummy and papa’s fight. Aastha asks really and asks her to make them best friends like us. Sakshi says you have to do something for this and whispers something in her ears. Aastha asks if they will become friends

if I do this? Sakshi says yes and asks her to come at 7:30, says she will wait for her. Angad opens the door and comes inside, asks with whom she is talking to? Aastha says nobody is here. Angad says he will do work and come back, asks her to play alone till then. Aastha hugs him and says don’t worry everything will be fine.

Madhuri Dadi is doing aarti. Everyone gets ready to go to Aastha’s birthday. Usha asks about the gifts. Karthik and Akhil bring the gifts. Vinayak asks Usha to give the gift which he brought for her. Just then Madhuri Dadi sees lizard in Gangajal pot and says inauspicious thing happened, this means someone will die today. Usha says they can’t go today and asks Karthik to go. Karthik asks Akhil to go and says he will be at home.

Rekha makes sketch sitting at the road side tea stall and makes sketch. She thinks someone will die at 7:30. Malini asks Angad if Sandhya will come downstairs or not. Angad says she will come. Aastha asks tattoo designer to make the design fast as she has to go somewhere. He says ok. Sandhya comes to Prem and asks him to eat cake etc until she comes back and asks him not to get afraid as she is locking the door. She thinks she is helpless.

She comes downstairs and greets the guest. She asks the guests to stay till they cut the cake. Angad looks at Sandhya upset. Aastha checks the time in the watch and tells Balraj that something good is going to happen at 7:30. Akhil greets Malini and asks about her injury. Malini says she is fine. Ankit asks Sandhya what happened? Sandhya says it is good that he came. Aastha is going from there, Ruhi stops her. Aastha signs her and goes. Jolly tells that she will kill him. Arjun brings food for him. Kiran comes and asks Arjun to give him injection else he will spoil the party. She goes. Arjun tries to give him injection, but Jolly gives injection to Arjun and he gets unconscious.

Aastha comes to a room and says I have come Maa? Sakshi appears there and says if you stay here then your mummy and papa will get together and search you. She says if you are getting scared then your mummy and papa will separate. Aastha asks her to go and lock the door. Sakshi goes out, locks the door and burns the door. The door starts burning. Aastha gets tensed.

Rekha comes to Jindal’s house and takes a boy to hide her face and go inside. She thinks the lady in the sketch is not here. Just then she sees Sandhya talking to Kaku and asking about Madhuri. She checks her face seeing the sketch and is coming towards her, but some kids come her way. Sandhya goes from there. Rekha thinks where did she go and thinks that girl’s life is in danger. She thinks to find out. Some boys go to Prem’s room and see him. They ask him to play with them. Prem pushes the boy. The other boy comes to the Prem. Prem roars infront of them. They all run out and complain to their mothers. Prem comes out. The lady scolds Prem seeing him roaring and brings him to complain to his mum. Prem bites her and runs away. Malini says he is unwell. The lady says they will not wait in the party and leave. Malini calls Aastha and they search her. Aastha feels scared and asks to open the door. She faints and falls down.

Rekha hears the chain sound and comes to Jolly’s room. Jolly attacks her and holds her neck, saying she has come and will kill. Sandhya comes there and asks Jolly to leave her. She asks Arjun to get up and he gives him injection. Sandhya tells Rekha that she will call doctor. Rekha says no and asks her to go and save her daughter. Sandhya asks what? Rekha shows the sketch and asks where is this place? Sandhya says this is storeroom. Rekha asks her to go and save her, else she will die. Sandhya runs there and finds the fire outside the door. She throws the water on the fire and goes inside the door. She sees her unconscious and takes her out. Angad, Malini Ankit and Akhil come there. Angad checks her beat pulse. Akhil asks him to give her CPR. Angad gives her CPR and she gains conscious.

Sakshi says how did Aastha get saved and tells that today her death was written. Prem asks her not to kill her. Sakshi says I am your mum. Angad asks Aastha who asked her to go to storeroom. Aastha signs at Sakshi and says she asked me to go there. Everyone think she is pointing finger at Sandhya. Malini asks Angad to see. Angad asks if Sandhya asked you to go there. Sandhya says no, you are Mamma and says Maa sent me. Angad asks who Maa? Sandhya recalls Aastha telling about Prem and her special friend and asks who is she? Aastha says Prem and my special friend…Maa. Sandhya asks about her name? Angad says I will check the fuse. Sandhya tries to light the match stick. Angad thinks why phone torch is not lightening. Suddenly light comes back. Malini looks on the bed and says Aastha is not there. Sandhya comes to Prem’s room and finds him missing. She comes out and tells that even Prem is missing. Jolly says she has taken them. Sandhya says about whom he is talking about?

Prem and Aastha are in the cave, far away from home. Sakshi says you did a mistake by telling them about me and says now your mum will suffer. Kiran says how can they go missing? Malini says no unknown people came here. Sandhya recalls about Rekha and tells Angad, thinks she has taken them. Rekha comes there and tells that she sees the future and the sketch gets made itself. She says she came from Bengaluru, to save her kids, but couldn’t save them. She says someone bad soul is here. Malini says Pandit ji also said that. Rekha shows the sketch and they are shocked to see Sakshi with Prem and Sandhya standing far. She says her face resembles your wife. Angad says he knows about her.

Aastha tells Prem that bad friend went, they shall leave. Prem asks her not to go. Aastha sees snake coming from front and runs to other direction and sees snake at other side also. Sakshi comes there and says you want to run and asks her to run and see. Aastha comes back to Prem and sits with him.

Sandhya says she is Sakshi, her twin sisterm who is dead now. She tells Aastha that Prem used to call Maa and he used to refer at Sakshi. She says when Aastha was telling, she was signing about Maa. Angad says this means Sakshi had kidnapped Prem 7 years old. Sandhya says Prem was with her for 7 years and when I brought him here, she came with him. She says I should have understood. Angad says nobody had understand and asks her not to blame herself. Kiran blames herself. Angad tells her that he was blaming Prem and says they doesn’t know that Prem was living with a danger which he couldn’t even imagine.

Sandhya asks Rekha to make the sketch and find where are the kids? Rekha says I can’t find with my wish and says she can do one thing, she can call Sakshi’s soul in herself and then they can ask her about the kids. Angad says this is dangerous for you. Rekha says kids’ lives are in danger now. Sandhya asks Rekha to do whatever she can to save the kids.

Sakshi scares the kids and says I am everywhere, don’t think of escape. Rekha recites some mantras and invite Sakshi in her body. Sakshi disappears from there and her snakes too. The snakes disappear too. Prem calls Sakshi and asks Aastha to come, seeing her gone. Aastha says no, Maa will come. Prem asks her to run. Aastha says no. Prem asks her to come and says Bhaiyya is here. Aastha smiles and gets up. Rekha’s eyes turn white. They all get shocked.

Precap: Rekha holds Sandhya up by her neck. Angad asks Akhil and Ankit to break the stone to make her return. They break the stone. Sakshi returns back in the jungle. Prem and Aastha come to the temple. Rekha couldn’t make any sketch and thinks why everything is dark. Aastha tells Sandhya that Prem and she will play. Sandhya says Maa punishes those who don’t agree to her and stares Prem. Prem gets scared. Sakshi possesses Sandhya’s body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hope aastha and prem get saved from that cruel Sakshi… As per show prem is sakshi and kapil son, but sakshi using innocent child for her personal revenge….

    1. No Shraddha Prem is biologically Sandhya and Kapil’s son which is very clear from the DNA reports mentioned in last week’s episodes, Sakshi is his mother from previous birth and at present his adoptive mother,,,,who is just using him for his revenge,,,you are also confused like Lakshmi i guess

  2. Thanks Lisa for the details …Sakshi taking the role of an adoptive mother for her husband’s son is justified but the question is does she deserve to be a mother after what all she did to. a child…can any mother think of suffocating a child to death just because she is Sandhya’s daughter…My god ,she is so creepy that I wonder what was she like when alive…She was shown in just one scene so we don’t know much about her personality…but I believe she must be a jealous and revengeful person even when alive.What a wicked and mean wretch she is! She kidnaps not just Sandhya’s daughter but Prem too whose mother she claims to be.In that particular scene,I could n’t help but thinking how was it possible for a mere spirit to transport two humans to a far away God forbidden ,secluded place…Ofcourse ,we have decided to not think about logic and just enjoy the story .Still I feel the writers should have taken some pains and surfed the net for correct information as plenty is available on paranormal phenomena.Spirits / poltergeists ,moving inanimate objects is acceptable as there are recorded cases but taking away humans is not heard of…Infact I,myself experienced this rather spooky phenomena of things being moved or dragged by an unseen hand….
    This was more than three decades back when my father ,who was a doctor ,got his transfer to a very remote area in Andhra Predesh ( by the way I am from India) to take care of the medical needs of around hundred engineers and their families…the construction of a major irrigation dam ,Nagarjuna sagar ,was going on that time…In the midst of complete wilderness ,there was a small colony for the employees’ accommodation ,some office space and a small hospital.We shifted into one of those houses when I was ten and stayed for almost six years,where lots of strange things had happened but never threatening ones.Ofcourse none of us ever saw anything but there were always these subtle signs of something being wrong like hearing knocks on the front door when no one was there and not hearing anything when someone was actually there,knocking or even banging…This would invariably happen during late night hours when someone from the hospital comes calling for an emergency as there was no phone facility there…I don’t know what my parents used to think about these unusual happenings ..may be they chose to ignore as there was no alternative but they never discussed this in front of me and my three siblings …But the queerest of all would be reserved for us only…after coming back from school (there was only one school that too far away in the nearest town) we were allowed to go out and play till dusk ..During that time my mother used to go to neighbours for the usual ladies’ gossip and father to play tennis and we ,children ,would always return first to start with home work …but never ever dared to unlock the door and entered the house …instead we would wait in the porch and wait for my mother to comeback…why,,,there was always this spooky noise of furniture being moved and dragged..the noise used to be so loud and clear that it looked as if someone inside was putting on a show for us…And everything would stop the moment my mother enters the gate and there was never a single trace of anything being moved ..Anyways the frequency of this show had considerably reduced as we grew up…I left for hostel for my college education and that was the last I saw of that house as my father got posted out of that place…Though We never saw anything ,there was always this feeling of being watched.. …Even this dragging of furniture I must admit that we never actually saw it with our eyes but heard it many ,many times clearly….Afterall there was just this front door between the porch where we would wait and the living room ,the centre of all activity,,,so no chance to be mistaken…this was not just my experience but my siblings and friends too.I don’t know what is the logical / scientific explanation ,but the noise was there to be heard… Later ,after about five years or so ,we happened to meet one senior engineer who worked there and stayed in the same house with his family …he said that he saw the spirit of an old woman many times but not his wife or three daughters….Thank god , we did n’t have to undergo that horror..Anyways I felt like sharing it today as I thought this is an apt platform to do so..

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