Kawach 17th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Prem ruins the havan to save Sakshi, Malini doubts Sandhya

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Kawach 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya covering blanket on Prem. Usha comes there and asks her not to worry and tells that Prem’s BP was low, it is good that Angad broke the door and saved him else don’t know what Jolly would have done. Sandhya says I don’t think so and tells that he was asking for forgiveness when we came inside and says she feels that he remembers everything and may be he remembers what he did with Sakshi and her family and he must have known why Sakshi hates me so much and why she thinks me responsible for her and her family death. She says she will ask him when he returns home from hospital and tells that she is sure he knows the secret. Doctor checks Shobha and asks her to hear the baby’s heart beat and gives her stethoscope. Madhuri Dadi tells that she will hear the heart beat daily.

Pratibha says she will go to her parents’ house for first delivery. Karthik says no, and says her first delivery will happen here. Ankit asks why she can’t go to her house as according to the custom, she shall be there for her first delivery. Karthik says Prem and tells that we don’t know him and something is there which is can’t seen. He asks her to go when he becomes normal. He says I have to go now.

Sandhya comes to Jolly and says I came to know that you remembers all past and asks him to tell why Sakshi hates her and holds me responsible for her family’s death. She asks him to tell. Angad comes there and tells that he became violent in hospital and Doctor gave him a strong injection. He says he will tell you, but not now. He tells that he is not against that boy and tells her about Aastha’s birthday party tomorrow. He says Aastha’s friends and their parents are coming tomorrow so keep that boy away from there. Sandhya nods her head. Aastha asks Angad about the party. He says jolly phupha ji is unwell and everyone is sleeping, so we will have party. They go out. Everyone wishes her happy birthday. Angad asks her to cut the cake. Prem is watching her from far and hiding. Aastha insists Prem shall come there. Malini says Prem is unwell and that’s why sleeping. She asks Sandhya. Sandhya nods her head. Prem is watching from far. Sandhya looks at Prem who is peeping there and comes back to his room. He acts to blow on the birthday cake and cut the cake in his room. Sandhya brings cake pastry for him and lights the candle on it. She asks him to blow candle and cut the cake. She makes him eat the cake and asks if it is good. She tells him that his birthday is after 15 days and they will celebrate his birthday, will get him new clothes and gifts and also joker. She asks did you see joker before? She wears the cap, puts something on her nose, holds the stick and acts as a joker. Prem smiles looking at her, but soon he gets scared seeing Sakshi behind Sandhya. Sandhya thinks what happened to him suddenly. Prem covers himself with blanket and hides himself. Sandhya asks what happened to you and asks him to leave blanket. She thinks what did he see that he got scared and hide himself. She switches off the lights and goes from there.

In Angad and Sandhya’s room, Aastha wakes up in the night, takes a gift and thinks to go to Prem’s room. She comes to Prem and asks him to wake up, says she brought gift for him. Suddenly the toy car starts moving, she asks who is driving it and says miracle…car is driving on its own. Sakshi comes there and asks Aastha not to worry, says I will not hurt you. She asks her to look at her face. Aastha says Mamma. Sakshi says she is Prem’s friend and asks her to become her friend. Aastha nods her head. Sakshi asks her not to tell her mamma and says we will become secret friends and if you tell your Mamma then she will land in many problems. Aastha says ok. Sakshi says Prem will love you more once he comes to know about our friendship. Aastha says ok and goes. Sakshi thinks just like she has lost her husband, son and family, now Sandhya will love her family and daughter.

Rekha at Krishnan house makes a sketch and sees what she has made, it shows Jindal house, Mumbai with full address. She books ticket to Mumbai and thinks something wrong is going to happen today, I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow there, but something very dangerous and I shall reach there before that.

Next morning, Sandhya gives two dresses to Aastha, one for puja and other for party. Aastha says she will make Prem meet her friends. Sandhya asks her to get ready for puja. Malini comes to Angad and says I don’t want any problem to happen in puja and party and says Prem…Angad says Prem will be in his room.

Sandhya makes Aastha ready for the puja. Aastha says Prem’s special friend is with him. Sandhya asks whom? Sakshi comes and signs Aastha. Aastha says nothing. Sandhya is going. Aastha says sorry to Sakshi. Sandhya hears and looks inside. She sees doll and thinks Aastha is talking to doll. Sakshi asks Aastha to come to Prem’s room and says they will play a game. Aastha says Papa asked her not to go there. Sakshi says they will play the game. Pandit ji comes to Jindal’s house and realizes the evil power in the soul and tells the same to everyone. He says everything will be fine after Shanti Puja. Aastha asks Sakshi what game they will play? Sakshi says they will fly in air. Aastha asks what to call you? Sakshi says same thing what Prem says, Maa. Aastha says Maa..even I want to fly in air.

Malini thinks to bring Aastha. Angad also comes with her and searches for Aastha. Malini says Sandhya is in kitchen. Sakshi makes Aastha fly in air and makes her scared. Prem gets scared too and asks her not to hurt Aastha. Angad and Ruhi make sweets in kitchen. Angad comes and asks about Aastha. Sandhya says she was in her room. Angad says he was not there. Malini says if he went to Prem’s room. Sakshi scares him and makes him look down the window. Angad and Malini come there and see Aastha fallen on floor. They think Prem hurt her. Angad asks Aastha why did she come here? Aastha says Maa asked her. Angad scolds Prem. Sandhya comes to Prem’s rescue. Angad tells him that Aastha was never scared and asks her to keep her son away from his daughter. Sandhya asks Prem, what happened here? Prem is very scared and goes under the bed.

Angad brings Aastha to hall, but she is still scared, Balraj asks about Sandhya. Sandhya comes there and tells Angad that he should have scolded Prem. Angad asks why did you send Aastha to Prem’s room. Sandhya says she didn’t ask her. Pandit ji is doing havan and sees insects in the puja stuff. He asks them to bring another ingredients. Malini asks Kiran to bring. Kiran brings it. Angad keeps Aastha’s hand on it. Pandit ji starts the puja. Prem asks Sakshi not to hurt Aastha. Sakshi asks why are you feeling pain and says Aastha is nothing to you, I am your mother. Sakshi feels burning sensation and asks Prem to save her. Prem shouts Maa. Everyone is sitting with their eyes closed. Prem comes there running and throws water in the havan kund. Pandit ji scolds him for ruining the havan. Prem bites on Pandit ji’s hand and runs to room. Pandit ji says this boy is jaanwar and says puja will not happen here. Malini asks him to do puja. Pandit ji says where Pandit is insulted, bad thing happens. Malini says I told that this boy shall not stay here and he is a trouble. Sakshi becomes normal again. Prem comes to room and closes the door. Sakshi hugs him. Malini says I will not leave him. Sandhya says please mummy ji.

She says I will make Prem scared. Prem sits under the bed. Sandhya says I will make him understand. Malini says he is junglee and will be punished. She takes Sandhya out of room and locks the door. She says this boy will be in the room. Prem asks them to open the door and knocks on the door. Sakshi says you will punish my son. Sandhya asks Malini not to lock her. Malini says I don’t care for him. Sandhya turns to look at Prem’s door. Sakshi comes behind Malini and pushes her off the stairs. Sandhya sees Malini falling and climbs down the stairs. She asks Malini to get up. Malini says first you pushed me and then trying to help me get up.

Rekha is in the car and makes sketch of Sakshi pushing Malini. She comes to Jindal’s house and tells the watchman that she came to talk to the owner, it is the matter of someone’s live and death. Watchman calls Angad. Angad says she must have come to get charity and asks him to send her out. Watchman comes to Rekha and pushes her down. She makes sketch and sees Sakshi behind her, gets scared.

At Patwardhan’s house, Ankit asks Shobha to have something. Shobha says she is not in a mood. Ankit says I will play your favorite song and plays guitar. Shobha cries and says she wants her Maa and Mayka. She says this is my delivery and says she wants to go to her Mayka. Ankit says if Karthik refused then he might have a reason. Shobha asks what do you think? Doctor checks Malini and tells Aastha that she is fine. Angad asks Aastha to go and play. Ruhi asks Aastha to come with her. Balraj asks Malini how did she fall? Malini says Sandhya made her fall. Angad says there was a misunderstanding? Malini says Sandhya was behind me, got upset with me and pushed me down. Angad says Sandhya can’t do this. Malini says but a mother can do and asks him to kick the boy out. Sandhya hears them and gets shocked. She comes to temple and cries before God. She says what to do, my family is against me. Angad comes there. She hugs him and says I know you will always stand by you. Angad says you will not hurt anyone, but the mother inside you. He says you used to go to office, handles home and family, but since he came, you are doing many mistakes. Sandhya tells that Prem is already broken and not at mistake. Angad says our relation can break because of him.

Precap: Aastha prays to God about her parents. Rekha enters the house and asks Sandhya to save her daughter else she will die. Aastha is locked somewhere, faints and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hope astha don’t die, she is nice and sensible girl in whole family…. Poor prem due to sakshi he can’t live normal life

  2. Still the confusion as to who is the mother of Prem continues….Actually there shouldn’t be any doubts …he was born to Sandhya ,so she is his mother….Lisa,we discussed the same the previous week and concluded that he has Sandhya’s DNA ,but not Angad’s.But in the very first scene of this episode Sandhya,sitting by Prem’s bedside ,tells her mother that Jolly must have recognised Prem as Sakshi’s son as he had seen him earlier ;the reason why he was seen asking for forgiveness.Ofcourse Sandhya was unaware It was Sakshi that he was begging to forgive…what is confusing me is why did Sandhya say that Prem is Sakshi’s son? Anyways nothing is written in this written episode regarding this particular statement of Sandhya,but I am sure she said that…Lisa and Shraddha,any ideas about this confusion…
    I feel it is time for Sandhya to start suspecting that Sakshi hasn’t yet exited from her life…I really feel bad for Sandhya,she is such a simple soul that it will be difficult for her to even imagine that Sakshi can go to the extent of playing with two tender minds…The precap shows Rekha informing Sandhya about Sakshi’s evil intentions…I think this lady is a clairvoyant …Let us see how she will be able to help Sandhya and Prem..

    1. Lakshmi, because Prem is considered to be the rebirth of Sakshi and Kapil’s dead child, Kapil and Sakshi both wanted to live the family life which they had once lost. To bring their child back, they wanted the help of a human as Sakshi being a spirit could not give birth to a child, so wat Kapil thought was that even though Sandhya becomes the mother of his child, he can bring his dead child’s spirit into the child of Sandhya and Kapil, so he had s*x with Sandhya in order to get his child from her,,,but before he got the good news he got mukti,,,,so he could not bring his dead child’s spirit into Prem,,,,but Prem came to be considered to be the rebirth of that dead child whose mother was Sakshi,,,so Sandhya is referring to Sakshi as Prem’s mother in previous birth

  3. Different story line very good

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