Kawach 15th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Angad ruins Kapil’s conspiracy to unite with Sandhya and becomes her Kawach

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The Episode starts with Kapil trying to get intimate with Sandhya. Sandhya moves away and says even the clouds are doing conspiracy and says don’t know when will the rain stop. Kapil says this rain will not stop until we unite. Angad is standing out and calls Sandhya, but she doesn’t listen to him. Kapil makes her wear black thread and says it is his mangalsutra. He says nobody’s bad sight will be on you now except me. The black thread makes Sandhya come in his spell. He asks shall we unite. She says we met for it. Pandit ji tells Sandhya’s family that the ghost has trapped Sandhya fully and she has come in his spell. He says the wrong thing is going to happen. Kapil hugs her…Kuch is tarah plays….He takes her to bed and looks at her. Sandhya is smiling, but tears roll down from her eyes. He gets closer to her. It is raining heavily.

Angad feels Sandhya is in trouble and asks God to tell where is she, give me some sign. The cloth is hanging outside the house. Kapil touches Sandhya’s stomach and it turns red while her eyes are closed. Angad sees Sandhya’s dupatta and calls her. Sandhya gets up and comes out of the trance. Kapil gets angry and asks her to stop and don’t go. Sandhya says Angad shall know that I am not scared and moved on in life, and is not alone but married now. Kapil says Angad went to that girl, he doesn’t care about you and asks what she wants to prove him. He says I am just for you. Sandhya says I want to tell him that you are for me. She comes out. Angad is about to come to her. She asks him to stop. Angad asks her to come. She says she will not come with him and calls him Angad. She says respect and love are gone and asks what she means to him. Angad says I love you. Sandhya says that love is with Nisha. He says I loved you and trusted you blindly. She says Aaji asked me not to step out of the house, but I came out for you and says your love is with Nisha. Angad says there is a misunderstanding and asks her to listen. Sandhya tells him that she got married to Kapil. Angad asks whom? Sandhya calls Kapil.

Kapil comes out, but Angad couldn’t see him. Kapil says Angad wants to prove that you are mad and asks him to let Sandhya be with him and asks him to go to his girlfriend. Angad is surprised. Sandhya asks him to go and says I will stay with Kapil. Angad asks her to come home and thinks something is wrong here. He sees Sandhya getting dragged inside and stops her. He asks her to come home and talk. He asks her to think about aunty uncle. The lady pret comes out of the house. Kapil makes the tree red and tries to make it fall on Angad, but Sandhya leaves Kapil’s hand and pushes Angad. They fall on the ground. The aarti starts in the temple early morning, Kapil and the pret leave. Angad asks why did you save me if you don’t love me. Sandhya says because I am not like you. She looks for Kapil and shouts, faints and falls down. Pandit ji tells that the inauspicious thing didn’t happen, but that pret will come again. Angad lifts Sandhya and takes her home. Kapil says you are going with my safekeeping and will return. Everyone is waiting to see Sandhya to get up.

Sandhya gets up and asks where is my husband Kapil? Everyone is shocked. Sandhya asks where is my Kapil? Angad says you don’t have any husband. Ankit brings Kapil. Sandhya says he is not my Kapil. The black thread in her neck makes her fall down. Just then her hands get twisted and then her legs get twisted. She shouts and a heavy wind comes. Everyone is shocked. Sandhya walks with her twisted legs and hands. She asks Kapil if he is Kapil and hurts him with her evil powers. She says you all are lying to me and playing games with me. Suman says no di. Sandhya says you all want to make me mad. She asks where is my Kapil, where did you hide him. Vinayak asks why we will lie to you. Sandhya says because you are supporting Angad. Suman says there was nobody there. Sandhya asks her not to say any more word else…Suman gets scared. Sandhya pushes Angad and others and goes out of the room. Pandit ji says she is Aatma. Angad breaks the door and comes outside.

Sandhya makes the pandits fly in the air and asks them to give Kapil. Sandhya makes Angad fly in air and drop him down. Pandit ji recites some mantras and makes her fall down. Pandit ji sees pret in the thread and says pret is in it and asks them to break it. Sandhya says if anyone break it then I will kill that person. Karthik tries to break it, Sandhya pushes him. Vinayaka asks her to let him break the thread and says you will be fine. Sandhya pushes him in air. Dadi says she will break it. Sandhya laughs heavily and flies in the air. Angad goes near her and holds the thread. The crematorium ground and the prets are shown. Angad tries hard to break it, blood comes out from his hand. Angad says Om Nama Shivaya…temple is shown. Angad breaks the thread, the pret comes out of Sandhya. Sandhya and the Pandit fall down. Angad holds Sandhya as she faints. Sandhya gets up and asks where is Kapil? Angad says there was no Kapil. I brought you home. Sandhya says you are lying. He says you was saying that Kapil was with you, but nobody was there. He tells everything. Sandhya is shocked.

Usha says Angad is saying right. Sandhya apologizes and says she married Kapil last night. Angad asks him to say from the start. Pandit ji asks when did you see him for the first time. Sandhya says I heard about the story of Mahashivratri story. She says Ranjana went there even after I tried to stop her. She says she heard Dadi and papa talking about the temple and was scared for Ranjana and went there. She says I searched her but couldn’t find her. I reached the temple, did puja there and recite the mantras there and saw Kapil’s face for the first time. Pandit ji asks did you read mantras correctly and asks if the jaap was right. Sandhya recalls reciting the mantras and recalls falling down once and then getting up and reciting the mantras. Pandit ji says you left some words and that’s why your puja is incomplete. Sandhya says but I saw Kapil.

Pandit ji asks if she saw him behind the shivling. Sandhya says no outside the door. Pandit ji says he couldn’t enter inside as he is pret and took advantage of your incomplete puja. He says that pret came with a special purpose, wants to unite with you and wants to whisper something in your ears. He says he will try to tell something in his ears, but don’t let him say anything. He says I saw everything happening with whatever happened with you in the havan kund. Angad asks where she had seen him. Sandhya says she had seen him in the engagement party when ring fall. Suman says this Kapil was there. Usha says she also didn’t see him. Sandhya says whenever I meet him, he was alone. Pandit ji says he is a pret and has no reflection. He asks them to go else pret will not leave anyone. Vinayak says all the ways are closed due to rain and asks how to go. Pandit ji says I don’t know if the night comes then he won’t let you all go. Usha says today is Sandhya and Angad’s marriage. Pandit ji says the ghost will not let this happen.

Everyone comes out to leave. Pandit ji says it is night, the pret will not let you go. Angad’s aunt Kiran asks her brother to end the alliance. He says Sandhya is our bahu now. Karthik asks Nisha if she is fine. Nisha says yes. Pandit ji says that pret will follow him and will be after you and will show you what will not be there in reality. He asks them not to stop on the way in any circumstances. He tells Angad that only you can break that thread and that means you are her Kawach and is her true love. Sandhya reminisces his love and her bad behavior. He says she will not leave Sandhya in his life. Sandhya smiles. The lady pret comes back to Kapil. Kapil says Angad…I will not leave Sandhya easily even if she leaves the village. He says Sandhya is just mine, I waited for her for many years.

Precap: Kapil is holding Angad in air and trying to kill him. Sandhya recalls Pandit ji’s words and recites Shiv chalisa. Sandhya starts reciting the mantras. Kapil’s becomes black smoke. Pandit ji ties him in the box and buries him. He tells Angad that just as he gets married to Sandhya, Sandhya’s marriage with ghost ends and will become her kawach.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. P.S.T

    best episode ever. omg i cant wait for the next episode. This show is the best. to be honest i dont know how to express myself because i alone felt this way at the start of ishq mein marjawan and i’m glad that i find another show to replace it because when tara left i left the show. but i’m back now with the new series kawach 2. my favorite actor is play the male leader and the female leader has also being my favorite, they are both amazing actor and i hope they keep the show more interest and it doesn’t ruin, like most of the show colour is showing now, im sure most of you know it i’m not can name it, i cant wait for the rest of the episode to come.

  2. Interesting for now, I am not sure about future story since it is ekta’s show

  3. This episode was filled with thrill and confusion, now i kindda feel that the story-line is that Kapil’s enmity is nothing to do with Sandhya or her family since he is referring to his past which was 2 years back, at the same time angad is telling that he has been madly in love with Sandhya since two years, so something should have happened between Angad/Kapil for which Kapil is avenging by snatching Angad’s lady love from him (as already seen through marriage and suhaagrat drama????), so what they mentioned in the promo even though Angad will try to marry Sandhya after all he is madly in love with her, she will not be able to do so as she is married already to Kapil’s aatma ?? who will go to any extent to take his revenge from Angad, so Sandhya has to protect him by becoming his Kawach as said in the promo…..If not i think it is just a repetition of Season 1, manjulika possessing paridhi to get Rajbeer, here Kapil possessing Angad to get Sandhya ?, Just waiting to watch next week’s episodes. i think it shoud be great relief for Sangad fans now after this episode???, because Sandhya was out of danger because the Lord’s Kawach was protecting her (which is obviously Angad). but i really love Kapil-Sandhya pair and hope they are together?, i was quite disappointed when i came to know that Kapil is the negative lead, now there is not much hope of seeing him together Sandhya again????

    Isn’t it also strange guys that Kapil had never mentioned of Sandhya’s vision of his face as her would be husband, to trick her and get her married to him. This should have been his most powerful tool if it was part of his plan of whole marriage??? Does he even know that Sandhya saw his face in the temple, really strange !!!?????

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting… This is show is some copy of one of movie of bipasha basu and john abram, though I didn’t remember name, but it was illusion to bipasha that john is real, though he wasn’t..

  5. Super Performance by Sandhya in this Episode……………She was just Outstanding
    JUst i got just one vibe while i’m watching it

    So it was revealed that only Sandhya has seen Kapil not other family members

    So many Questioned How Ghost was seen in temple and Sandhya’s Husband face
    In this Episode it was reveled that Sandhya read Mantras in Wrong and Kapil take advantage of that
    He also met her outside the temple door not at Shivlinga………………..

    Now we will see how Angad will save Sandhya
    Why Kapil was after Sandhya…………………….

    1. Yes Sarah in this episode there were logical explanations for all that happened before!!! But for me i felt this episode was boring, and i started disliking this show because i’m a Kapil-Siandhya fan, i don’t think they will be shown together anymore as Kapil is now sure the villain character. I think, i’m gonna stop watching this show. Anyways all the best to all the Sangad fans, for them the show is goin to become more interesting?????

    2. Yeah lisa
      i know it was odd…………..Even i also want Kapil- Sandhya’s story
      Let us see what gonna happen

      But Sandhya was doing superb acting………..

    3. Yes Lisa same to u I’m also Kapil Sandhya fan I have lost interest in this serial
      Kapil pura negative role I think Kapil is possessed by spirit but no Kapil is the spirit
      Iam total disappointed with this story line and I have one doubt jab Kapil ne Sandhya ko pakda toh uski stomach Kyu reddish horiye I don’t know Kya dushmani hai Sandhya ke saath un dono ko samaj mein nahi aari hai

  6. P.S.T

    guys i think kapil and the ghost women are both lover because sandhya is also playing the ghost of the women in the show. my guess would be ghost is sandhya look like and kapil lover so they are both working together to make their love story full by using sandhya body. somthing most have happen that made the ghost sandhya and kapil apart and they didn’t unite one their wedding night because when kapil try to get untie with sandhya she didn’t want but as soon as he put the black stregh around her neck the voice sound like the ghost women, like they were both wait for this moment a very long time which kapil said 2 years so i’m guess kapil knowing when sandhya was can be born or saw her somewhere else and wait until she is old but sandhya meet angad he fall in love with her but kapil didn’t know and the day he heard that she was marry he try to mislead sandhya. that’s i’m guess guys.

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