Kawach 13th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya finds out about Kapil possessing Angad

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The Episode starts with Sandhya going out. Phupha ji calls her and asks her to have food. Shobha tells Sandhya that she is lucky to have husband like Angad. Ruhi asks her not to think and tells Angad has done all the arrangements. Sandhya says she is not hungry. She comes to the temple and says Kapil is possessing Angad and says since when. She says when did Angad write this letter, if he can read the letter than can tell me also. She thinks if he is under the spell and thinks Pandit ji had said that he has buried the pret aatma, then how did they come back? She thinks if someone joked with her and thinks why anyone will do this. She asks God why he did this happen when he is there? She says Angad is the one who trusted me and asks if he is getting punished for this. She asks Shivji to save her Angad and asks her to tell what to do. Dev comes and asks why are you crying? Sandhya thinks if she shall trust him. Dev asks her to share what she wants to say. Bua comes and scolds her son Dev for talking to her. She calls her bad reflection and asks Dev to come with her. Sandhya asks him to go. She thinks these tears and taunts can’t weaken me, you will help me to know the truth.

Manoj calls Bhairavi and tells her that he is not coming to Balraj and Malini’s anniversary as he is leaving the country. He says nobody believed Rishi that he didn’t kill Ashu and tells that his death connection is about 17 years ago. She asks him why is he digging the past. He says don’t tell me that I didn’t make you understand. He packs his bags, just then a heavy wind comes in his house and the door gets locked. A big box falls on his legs from the almari and he falls down. Kapil comes there and says you are still alive. He asks lady ghost to handle and tells that he is going to hospital to get Malini home, if she opens her mouth then he has to kill her. Sandhya comes to her house and finds Pratibha arguing with rickshaw owner who tells that she has to give him 2000 Rs as he took her to Devlali. She says she didn’t go there so will not pay him. Usha says I will give. Angad/Kapil brings Malini home and thinks where is Sandhya. Balraj asks Malini to come inside and says we will live the moments when I have brought you 35 years back. Angad/Kapil asks about Sandhya. Bua taunts him. Phupha ji says she might come. Angad asks Dev about Sandhya. Dev says I didn’t know and excuses himself.

Sandhya tells her family that Angad is possessed by Kapil. Usha says they asked Pratibha to go, but she don’t remember anything. Sandhya says that she will go to Devlali and meet Pandit ji. Usha says it is not safe. Vinayak calls them and asks to come out. They (Usha, Dadi and Pratibha) see Angad playing with Sandhya’s younger brother. They ask if he is fine? Angad says where is Sandhya, there is Angad. Usha says they have to go to shopping so that’s why called Sandhya. Angad/Kapil says he will also come as he has to take gift for mom and dad. Sandhya comes there and brings Prasad laddoo. She says I was doing Prasad and asks him to take. She offers him Prasad. He looks at her and asks her to eat it from his share. He says I have kept fast for mom and dad’s anniversary. Sandhya asks him to drink Gangajal atleast and says your fast will not break with this. He stands up and then puts gangajal in her mouth. He says you are pavitra so I am pavitra/ Karthik says so romantic. Suman says you love di so much. Kapil/Angad says I love her so much, don’t know if she loves me or not. Sandhya says I love my husband a lot, love my Angad. He smiles vanishes. He says lets go to shopping. Keychain falls down from her saree and she is shocked.

Manoj is in the hospital and gets up from bed. Bhairavi asks him to sit down and tells that you are hallucinating. Manu says they are back. He says Sandhya and Angad got married and so much happened. She says nobody believes on such things in this century. Manoj says I believe. Jolly phupha ji comes there and asks what happened?

Bharavi says why we will lie? She goes with Jolly. Manoj sees lady ghost’s reflection in the mirror and thinks if I am hallucinating and going mad. Usha comes to Pratibha and cries, says Sandhya got the proof. Vinayak asks what is going on between the ladies. He asks Usha to tell. Usha hugs him and cries badly. Usha says Angad is not Angad, but he is in Vashikaran. She says they have returned and cries. Vinayak asks who? Malini recalls ghost possessing her. Angad/ kapil comes there and asks if she is fine or her other organs are not working like her tongue. She is scared to see Kapil in Angad. Sandhya comes there and asks if she is fine? Angad sends her to get water. He pushes Malini and says I should have killed you that day and did a mistake by letting you alive. He says if you tell anyone by signing then I will kill you. Sandhya is bringing water and is on the way. Kapil asks do you want me to kill your husband and kids. He hears someone coming and pretends to massage her head. Malini looks at him scared. Kapil/angad asks him to think about family and says that god this time nothing serious happened. Sandhya asks him to go and says she will handle mummy ji. He thinks it is 3 pm soon and goes out of room. Sandhya hugs Malini and tells her that she knows what she knows and tells that you told about Kashti lady and says she will free Angad from the ghost possession. Sandhya comes out and asks Phupha ji about Angad. She sees Angad going to room with difficulty and thinks what happened to him. He goes to room and shouts as he comes out of Angad’s body. Sandhya comes to the room and calls Angad. She sees him beside the bed and having fever. She says you was fine sometime back. Angad hugs her and cries. Sandhya realizes he is her Angad. Khamoshiyan plays….Kapil appears infront of Angad and sign him not to tell else he is gone. She asks are you fine?

Dadi meets Panditji’s shishya. He gives her a book and says Maha Pandit ji asked me to give this book to Sandhya if anything happens to him. Dadi opens the book and checks. Pandit ji’s shishya tells that only Sandhya will be able to see the content and read it. She says it has solution to get rid of ghost. Sandhya talks to Angad in Marathi. He says I don’t know Marathi. Sandhya checks him in the mirror and says I know you was possessed by Kapil. He says what nonsense and pushes her. He gets concerned for her. He asks her to go. She says I will not leave you alone. Angad says I don’t want to see your face and is fed up of you. She hugs him and says don’t make me go away from you. He pushes her and asks her to go.

He makes her go out and closes the door. Sandhya says you are doing this because of me so I shall end myself and all your problems will be solved. Angad asks her not to do this. She says you have forgotten that you got married to me, but not supporting me. She says if I go far from you then will cry and give pain to everyone, so it is better to give them pain at once. She pours kerosene oil around her and lights match stick. Angad is tensed in the room.

Precap: Sandhya asks Angad not to worry as everyone is wearing rudraksha. Dadi gives abhimantrik mantra book to Sandhya. Rishi comes to the party and shoots at Angad, but Sandhya takes the bullet on her shoulder. Angad is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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