Kaun Tujhe yu pyar karega jayse mai karti hun SWASAN OS

Hi friends. I have never commented on the episodes of Swaragini but am a big fan of it. Well I am actually a die heart fan of CAS.
Hope u all love this……

Swasan and Raglak are married and love each other a lot.
Swara and Ragini are singing songs, dancing, playing guitar and enjoying inside a room and Swara is more excited.
Sanskar and Laksh are sitting and discussing about their work in the next room.
They hear the loud rocking noise.

Laksh: These girls know…..always having fun.
Sanskar: Especially Swara. U know whenever I go close to her to have some romance either she makes fun of me or she cracks a joke and my mood gets changed.
Laksh: She is really a fun loving girl.

They hear Swara’s shout ( Wo wo wo)
Sanskar: What will I do with this girl…… Well is Ragini romantic???
Laksh: She!!! She is soo shy that whenever I go close to her she runs away.
Sanskar: Atleast she doesn’t destroy ur romantic mood and this Swara…..Ufff…..

Swara(shouting): Wo Wo Wo….. O yeah….

Sanskar: What r they both doing??? Lets see….

Sanskar and Laksh open the door and sees that the room is lighted with a disco light, Swara is playing the guitar, dancing and jumping on the bed. Ragini is sitting in one corner and laughing at her pagalpan.
Ragini suddenly notices that Sanskar and Laksh are at the door and seeing Swara and they both are shocked.

Ragini: Areee Laksh and Swanskar…… When did u too come??? SWARA…. Sanskar and Laksh are seeing u stop it.
Sanskar(to Laksh): Seen….
Laksh: What has happened to her???Stop her bhaiya.

Sanskar goes, climbes the bed and pulls Swara’s hand and Swara falls on Sanskar’s arms. They have an eye lock.

Laksh(to Ragini):( holds her hand and pulls out of the room) Come, leave them alone.
Ragini smiles shyly….

Swara gets up…..
Sanskar: What were u doing???
Swara: Aaaa…. SORRY….. Sanskar….
Sanskar: Its ok Swara…. No need to tell sorry. But take care of urself, if u woud have fallen from the bed while jumping and fractured ur arms or leg then what would have happened to me???? have u thought about that….
Swara(with a sorry face) hugs him and kisses him at his cheek.
Sanskar: This will not work always…..
he pushes Swara against the wall and leans to kiss her at her lips.
Swara: Aaa Ragini….
She runs out of the room and laughs loudly.
Sanskar smiles and nodes his head: Dhat…..

Ragini and Laksh are watching a movie together and suddenly swara pushes and opens their door.
Ragini: SWARA!!! U at this time…. U should be with Sanskar now….
Laksh: Swara….. Pls don’t disturb my bhai more. Spend some time with him otherwise he will go mad.

Sanskar comes running…..
Sanskar: Swara…. u r here….
Swara: U can’t get me Sanskar.

Ragini: Are are what u both r doing???? Go to ur rooms and do whatever u want.

Sanskar: Ragini, tell ur sister to go. From that time she is running away here and there.
Ragini catches Swara and tells her: Swara….. Why r u disturbing him???
Swara: Just having fun…..
Laksh: Ok enough of fun now u both go to ur room….

Sanskar goes out the room alone with a sad face.
Swara notices that he is sad so she runs after him and jumps over his shoulder and starts singing “Tu ata hai seene me jab jab sase bharti huun tere dil ki galion se mai har roj gurasti hun”
Sanskar lifts Swara in his arms and carries her to their room…..

Hope u guys love this chulbuli love story of SWASAN.
Pls leave a comment- good or bad it doesn’t matter. But pls don’t use slangs……

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  3. Sweeta

    ????beautiful nd fully crazy

    1. Tiyasa

      Thanks…. It means a lot…
      Ya its fully crazy. I like crazy Swara a lot that’s why I made this OS….

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  6. superb dear amazing

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      Are u and the above saloni the same person???

    2. yes dear.. by mistake it got posted twice

  7. Nice.

  8. Deeksha

    Nice dear… But I expected more….!!!!

    1. Tiyasa

      Ok I will try to improve my writing next time. I may start writing a ff on Swasan or Raglak or write os’s after my exam that time I will try to satisfy ur needs.
      Well, pls tell me ur expectations and will u be my friend????

    2. Deeksha

      U could be my frnd dear…!!!!!!!! And dear next time try to give a proper story with proper ending….!!!!! Nevertheless this Is os is absolutely fine and it has got no issues with it….!!!!!!!

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    very nice

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      thanks dear

  10. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Awsm dear.. Swara is soo cute??.. Poor sanskar??.. Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Tiyasa

      thanks a lot dear…. Ya Swara is too cute… Hmmm bad luck for Sanskar but atlast Swara sings a love song for him….
      Ok I will keep writing like this….
      U too take care and keep smiling….
      And I have Swara like this as I like crazy Swara and I am too a fun loving person.

  11. Pooja26

    haha swara 😉 😉
    post asap……..

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      Thanks a lot dear….
      Nice dp….
      I may start writing a ff on swasan or write os’s like this after my exams are over….
      Well what does tc mean????

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      take care….. (tc)

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      U too take care

  12. Simi

    Nice.. ?
    But looks like incomplete

    1. Tiyasa

      i will try to improve…. and u may imagine what will happen next inside their room.

    2. Tiyasa

      ***** ROMANCE between SWASAN

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      Thanks dear it means a lot

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    well 1 thing I loved that is the unity between Swaragini fans. Swaragini has gone off air but still many of u visit the page of swaragini….. and especially i appreciate those who r not regiatered members. I wish the CAS fans were like u all…..

    And THANKS all of u guys….

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      I couldn’t make out what u wanted to say.
      Well, thanks for reading and commenting.

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