Kaun Hai Woh Qaatil – AvNeil Horror SS – Episode 8

8. Nayantara’s face mystery

Story so far: Neil and Avni’s honeymoon – Manali cottage house – strange behavior of Neil – cuddling with corpse – heartbroken Avni – same repeats the next day – the corpse becomes a soul – Nayantara – revenge – parents sister murderer – Nayan’s twin sister Tara – non-identical twins – mother Manyata – Tara’s lover Mayank – Nayan’s lover Yuvraj – Nayan accuse Yuvraj for using black magic – Neil justifies – Tara Nayan leaves –  fire not affect Neil – Tara Nayan confused again – Manyata’s death mystery – Gorakhnath entry – first birth curse – 4 birth related – Alice factor.

The episode starts with the continued conversation of Goraknath with the spirits and Avneil.

Nayantara – “Gurudev! I know something about my face which can help you.”

Avni, Neil and Goraknath look at her.

Tara – “Nayantara and I share the same face that is she looked like me. There is a big mole in my neck, which is used to differentiate me and Nayan. But she met up with an accident, so her face was changed like Alice’s one. Nayantara loved her new face more than her real face because she doesn’t like resembling  me. She wants to be unique. Many misunderstood Nayan for me and she felt inferior as she was never given importance. Its her immaturity and insecurity.”

Nayan – “That is the reason, even after becoming soul, my face is not changed as I desired for my new face and hated the old face.”

Tara gives him a photograph regarding the faces of them ,which was taken before Nayan’s accident.

Goraknath – “Who changed your face?”

Nayantara stands blank. Avni and Neil are shocked by the happenings. But they are at least relieved as the sudden development as he is going to reveal the secrets.

Avni – “Gurudev, Am I also related to Neil in his previous births? Why didn’t you remember our previous birth accurate, which happened 30 years ago, but you’re remembering old stories that happened 200 years ago?”

Goraknath – “We still didn’t know the accurate facts. There are manuscripts which are written by your Kulguru who lived during Neil and Avni’s first birth. We share the lineage of that Kulguru. We know about your history through our ancestors and we were mutual well-wishers.”

Avni and Neil just nodded their head as asking questions to him not worth the plugged nickel. Nayantara and Tara are confused to the hell. The questions Neil asked make too much sense to answer. They couldn’t seek their revenge in these 34 years and they know nothing about their mother’s death even though she stayed in the house for six years where the spirits too stayed. The girls are not in a perfect point about the murderer and gets confused and fooled again and again by someone. They could understand the mockery that Avni and Neil felt. Are they really the most useless souls?

Goraknath – “We should conduct a special ritual on tomorrow morning with a special person. Before that, you have to know about your previous birth.”

The Goraknath’s disciple enters the house and greets him. He sits near him and hand over a thread to Goraknath. Goraknath gets that and recites some mantra and he ties the thread to Neil. Neil closes his eyes and lost himself. Avni looks at him, surprised and about to ask something, but Goraknath intervenes, “He is in his subconscious state and he could remember everything that happened in past birth and he could not lie anything about the facts and we could get the truth. But it takes time. So, Avni let his head rest on the pillar behind you.”

Avni obeys his words and rests his head on the pillar.

Goraknath signs Tara and Nayantara to describe their side of the story.

Nayantara – “Our family consist of my twin sister Tara, my mom Manyata, my dad Keshav. Tara and I  shared the same faces and I was affected so much. The days passed by, we both joined the same college. Within few days of college’s commencement, I started making friends so I am quite popular. But I am too conservative at other side. Then, Yuvraj proposed me by standing on the edge of the terrace and blackmailed me accepting the proposal. It had become a huge scene and as there being no ways, I accepted his proposal. I confirmed that he proposed me not Tara. Day by day, his foolish &  cliche behaviors like writing blood letter, filmy dialogues started to impress me to the core and I fell in love with him. His romantic moves were extremely attractive so that anyone can fall for him. Apart from his flirty activities, he is good at heart. That is  what I felt. But All that glitters is not gold.”

Neil speaks something that makes Nayan stop speaking. They all listened what he says.

Neil gets reminded of everything due to the hypnotic treatment, but still he is in subconscious state so that he can never lie any facts. He narrates how he fell in Nayantara at first sight and proposed Nayantara within few days of seeing her. His obsessive nature made Nayantara fell for him. Whatever he said matches with Nayanatara’s words. Then, he continues the rest story.

The extract from his words as a FB

*****Flashback Starts*****

November 1, 1983 – 4 months before the Parekh Murder.

At Mumbai –  Night

Tara, Mayank (Sumit Bharadwaj) and Yuvraj and Nayantara are at Mayank’s house party. Tara and Mayank are friends, but Tara had a one-sided love for him. Nayan knows about her sister’s crush for Mayank. He is also her crush as he had been the chocolate boy of the college just like Yuvraj. Yuvi and Mayank were best friends whose duo were adored by most of the girls.

They were having snacks and discussing about some other stuffs.

Nayan – “Guys, shall we have a dance?”

Yuvraj – “Sure, sweetheart.”

Mayank – “Hey buddies, let us have a challenge, ‘Nayan-Yuvi versus Tara and me’. We both can dance. From the radio, I have recorded all songs on a tape in a random order, and as the song plays, you have to give a reluctant dance moves along with your partner. Suddenly, the song changes without any sign, get ready for that. Whoever loses must do the dare(punishment)  which the winner gives. Deal?”

Mayank and Yuvraj bumped their each other’s fist. Tara is on cloud nine as she is going to dance with her prince-charming for the very first time. She blushes.

Mayank plays the radio. Yuvraj-Nayan and Mayank-Tara starts to dance.

The song changes at the random interval. Both the pairs managed to give each other a tough competition. Yuvraj kisses Nayantara’s cheeks and Nayan pinched his dimples and asked him to beware that is not a private place. Yuvraj and Nayan smiles.

Suddenly, a humming sound is heard in a minimal volume to which the duos didn’t give any attention and as the seconds passed by, the humming sound’s volume is increased. Radio tape was over, but still the couple manages to dance.

Mayank locked his lips with Tara’s lips in front of Nayantara which shocked her to the core. Tara do involved in the kiss. Nayantara thinks, “What is this nonsense? Are they loving each other?  Even if so, what is all this nonsense? They are dancing and kissing! Yuck…” (80’s feeling)

She looks at Yuvraj and asks him to see what Mayank and Tara doing. Their romance goes erotic when Mayank removed his shirt.

Nayantara closes her eyes and shouts. Yuvraj pacified Nayantara and says, “They are lovers. They are doing whatever they wish…” He gives a naughty smile.

Yuvraj’s words made Nayantara close her eyes than Tara and Mayank’s socially unacceptable and disgusting behavior.

Nayantara is still closing her eyes and she understood something is wrong with Yuvi, Tara and Mayank due to their 360 degree behavioral changes. And then she opens her eyes, Tara’s eyes were differently colored and Mayank’s nerves which are red is visible to Nayantara through his sleeveless black cloth.

The nerves become denser. Mayank and Tara smirks at Nayantara whereas Yuvraj is lying unconscious as soon as the humming tune stopped. Nayan is scared.

Tara – “Sins cannot be undone even after taking thousand births with a new identity. Destiny gives a proper punishment for the sins.”

Mayank’s eye colour changes and he strangulates Nayantara and says, “Your lover would die soon, but let him die after seeing your dead body and that is going to be the biggest punishment for him.”

Saying this, Tara throws a mirror glass piercing Naynatara's face

Saying this, Tara throws a mirror glass piercing Naynatara’s face. Then,

Tara and Mayank become into creepy creatures to scare Nayantara. Seeing them, Nayantara runs. The door was closed and there is upstairs in the house.She went to the terrace, but still Tara and Mayank followed her.

Mayank – “Death is near you, dear sinner.”

He gives a victorious smirk and Tara does the same.

Nayantara takes a stone nearby and throws at Tara's head

Nayantara takes a stone nearby and throws at Tara’s head. Her head is bleeding. When Mayank is about to check, Nayantara jumps from the terrace and she fell down on the road. Tara and Mayank worries as the surrounding people come near them to check who is in the pool of blood.

Tara and Mayank understood situation has gone out of hands. So, for foul play, Tara and Mayank hit themselves and falls unconscious near Yuvraj to avoid being caught.

*****FlashBack End*****

Narrator’s POV: This is the incident what Neil said and when he is about to say further, Nayantara forcefully stops him by bringing him to conscious state and she looks furiously at Tara.

Nayantara – “You were the one who made me attempt suicide and due to the accident and face injuries, my face was changed into a new one. But, you reasoned Yuvraj is the one who did the murder by using black magic. I too believed and confronted him. But due to fate, he proved that he is innocent but  I could not understand what happened to me that day. Then, you cleared everything is my illusion and saying that I was mentally unstable. Did you deserve to be called sister?”

Tara returns back a furious look and pushed Nayantara.

Tara – “Stop it, Nayantara. You were right that Mayank and I were the culprits. We thought you would die on the spot, but your face was changed due to plastic surgery. Only then, I understood that our prey is not you. That is Ananya aka Avni.”

Nayantara’s heart gets pierced after hearing such words from Tara.

She never expected such a reply ‘prey’ from her sister. How can a sister be so cruel to her own twin? She is really a heartless devil.  She cries badly. Avni and Neil consoled her.

Neil to Nayan – “Your sister is the one who conspired against you. So you are the one who created everything to confuse her so that she could never take her revenge on you.”

Tara – “Taking revenge is her wish. I didn’t force her to do. In fact, I convinced her to take rebirth and forget all these. But she is relentless to do the same and she stayed in the world for the same. But she is the biggest fool. She didn’t take any rebirth, but I took rebirth.”

Saying this furiously, she smirked at Nayantara. Avni, Neil and Nayantara are looking at her in shock.

Nayantara’s POV: Is she a human? How can that be possible? All these 34 years, is she acting in front of me?

Tara closes her eyes and says, “Rudra, Shiv, Bhairav.” Her avatar from head to toe was completely changed into new one (Aditi Sharma). More than Nayantara, Avni and Neil were starled by seeing her face.

Avni – “Roshni…”

Roshni, Avni’s sister is standing in front of them. They shared such a beautiful bond of sisterhood to which anyone can be jealous of. As much as Avni knows, Roshni always treated her like her second mother and she always relies on Avni. But the truth is, Roshni is Tara, who is her unknown enemy for the past three births. Destiny took a turn by writing Avni and Roshni’s relationship.

Tara/Roshni – “Yeah, didi… Tara is reincarnated as Roshni… Your Roshni… Didn’t expect it, right? I am a human with incredible powers.” (smiles devilishly)

The main door of AvNeil’s cottage opens automatically to AvNeil’s shock, a car stops in front of it. Aman (Vikram Singh Chauhan) gets down with full of attitude.

He get in the house

He get in the house.

Within nick of seconds since Tara revealed herself, Avni and Neil predicted his entry after Tara’s secret is out. As they expected, Neil’s brother Aman who is also Roshni’s husband, is the reincarnation of Mayank.

Aman – “Kiya Mifa!”

A magical throne appears and he sits on it majestically. Roshni smiles at him and she too near him. Then, he smirks at Neil, Nayantara and Avni.

Neil – “Traitors! I felt so disgusted to call you both as my brother and my SIL. You were betraying me since your birth just like Roshni did to Avni.”

Aman – “Chill, bro. We were the one who was most affected by your deeds and we were demanding  a revenge for it. But your cheap tactics always overpowered us in previous births. But now, we both were powerful in terms physical, mental and magical.”

Aman smirks.

To be continued…


  1. Very very unpredictable and interesting

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    I am shocked that tara n NT had the same face.but after an accident she got Alice’s face.but getting Alice’s face was only a coincidence or is there any other mystery?Surprised to see NT”s old face as I have seen her in kzk2.I am shocked that yuvraj had threatened NT to accept his proposal n so she accepted him.i am shocked that NT fell 4 the eccentric yuvi.I am even more shocked that neil in subconscious confirmed that whatever she said about him was true.Yuvraj NT fb scene was romantic.Even I am shocked to see mayank tara’s sensual romance.but I am shocked to see the external changes in all of them.Why did tara call NT a sinner?Why did tara mayank attack NT?NT hurt tara to defend herself.but after that why did she jump down?so cunning mayank tara r to injure themselves to fake innocence.but glad to know that yuvraj is innocent.shocking that their target was avni.Tara took rebirth.so now is she a human or a soul?I am surprised to see tara taking the form of Aditi.Shocking that roshni who is avni’s sis is actually tara n mayank took rebirth as neil’s bro Aman who is roshni’s hus.Very interesting.but why do they hate Avneil?perfect pics

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much for the long comment. Loved it 😍. Tara and Mayank assumed Nayan to be Avni/Ananya who is Neil’s original lover. After knowing Nayan and Ananya were different, their mission of killing Nayan was stopped. Nayan jumped off to save herself from being killed mercilessly. Alice face is not a coincidence. Tara is reincarnated as Roshni so she definitely not a soul.

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      why do they want to kill neil’s beloved?

    3. Shesha485

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    This is so confusing! Unpredictable twist ! Nayanatara got Alice’s face … Nayanatara accepted Yuvi’s Psychotic love . Neil agreed that all she said was right . It was shocking that Tara was cheating Nayanatara all this time . Tara nad Manyank got incarnated as Aman and Roshni was a surprise . Curious to know about what is sin did Avni commutes to Tara and Mayank that they want to trouble AvNeil.

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