Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi does justice with Bhiubai

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Bhiubai asks Kashi to promise her that if she doesn’t bring justice to her by tomorrow then she will celibate with her for life. Kashi says I promise you. Baji says do you know what that means? Kashi says I know that but women have to give a test at every stage, I will pay the price for doing justice but I won’t let anyone question you.

Kashi asks Sooriya to arrest Bhiubai’s husband. Sooriya says do you know the result of that? It will be the end of your rule. Kashi says I have thought of that, if we are dependent on these people then it’s better to end it. What kind of rule is this where a husband is beating his wife, abusing women and having affairs with other women? But we should let it happen because he is powerful and finances our vaults? Are we all sold to him? I know we need money to run this rule but my justice is not up for selling. Bring him to me. Sooriya says it’s not easy to bring him here, he has shaken hands with Mughals and they are protecting him. It will take time to find him. Baji comes there and says it won’t take time to catch him. He tells Kashi that I will present your criminal to you. Sooriya says he is with Mughals. Baji says if Kashi can take a stand for a woman then I won’t back down too, I would go there and won’t be back empty-handed. Kashi smiles at him and says I take these words as a promise, she asks the minister to prepare for the hearing. Baji leaves.

The soldier announces in the village that there will be a big hearing today.

Radha comes to Bhiubai and says I won’t let you become a saint like me. I won’t let Kashi do injustice to you also.

Kashi is getting ready and tells Ganga that Baji gives me strength. Ganga says how will you punish that man? Kashi says Baji is with me this time, everything will be easy now.

Scene 2
Baji brings Bhiubai’s husband as a criminal and presents him to Kashi’s court. Kashi says Baji never fails. Bhiubai’s husband says I will cut your tongue. Baji asks him to shut up. The husband says this woman belongs to the kitchen, I don’t talk to the woman, she wouldn’t know how to run a reign. Kashi says I am a woman but we equal right now. The husband says really? His men bring boxes of gold coins. The man says you have to fill these boxes with coins first, that’s the debt that I have given to Baji. If you punish me then everyone will see that you are taking your sister-in-law’s side. I want my money back first and then I will say my side of the story. Kashi takes off her jewelry and says your debt is on all of us so I will start. All women take off their jewelry and put it in his box following Kashi. The boxes fill up. Kashi says your debt is paid off now. She says you should have kept your wife with respect but we won’t be silent just because we were in debt. Bhiubai’s husband says this is our personal matter. Kashi says this is my courtroom so tell us how dare you beat her? She wants justice and we won’t tolerate abusing women in my reign. I can tell you that abusing women is punishable in my court. The husband says I am wealthy so I can do anything I want. Kashi says you don’t have a daughter otherwise you would understand what’s it like to send a daughter to someone else’s house. One side is you and another side is my husband, Baji has won all the wars and is brave to protect his people. Baji says it takes more to fulfill 7 promises of marriage. Kashi says what Baji does makes everyone proud of him unlike you. Kashi tells the husband that everyone here will decide his fate. All people chant to kill him. The husband gets scared and says I was wrong, please forgive me. Kashi says I have decided that your punishment would be decided by Bhiubai only. She brings her out. Baji smiles at Kashi and thinks I didn’t know how to solve this matter but she so easily handled it, she is very unique.

Precap: Bajirao says to Kashibai from now on my heart is for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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