Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kashi comes to Baji’s house

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Scene 1
Radha says just send the message to Mahadji. He says what’s in your mind? She says making circumstances that makes him want to help you on his own. Balaji says is it okay to play games with your friend? SHe says yes if you play them for your public and regime. And this regime is his as well. I want him to know that too.

Baji’s brother tells him Kashi and his family would be coming. He says she’s so annoying. He says I will tell Kashi.

Scene 2
Balaji’s man gives the message to Mahadji that BalaJoshi is there and they saved his life. He says thank you. Tai is worried for her son. Mahad says he’s fine. We don’t need to go there. Balaji will take care of him. He did a stupid thing. Kashi says you are mad at him. Let’s go to him right now. He needs us. Her brother says what will they think that we are not together in bad times? He says okay go. Ramchandar will go with you. Tai says your ego is more important than his life. Don’t come as a father but you have to come as a husband. He says I won’t go. Shuibai says if you don’t go we won’t go either. He says don’t force me. Okay then go. I won’t say anything and ask him not to talk to me as well. Shuibai says is it okay to take KAshi there? Tai says she can’t force her for any decision. Let’s take her.

Scene 3
Radha says 3 days are gone out of 7. We have to do something in these 4 days. Mai says will Mahad coming here solve your problem? She says I am waiting for Kashi. She will come for sure. Bhiu says whe will our friend come? Balaji says looks like it’s a weak friendship. They ask why? He says none of you arranged things for her. Her food, place to sleep and things. Baji says do their arrangement somewhere else. RAdha says you won’t decide who comes here. She’s a good girl. Balaji says your mom is right. He says you all can’t see how spoiled she is.

Kashi says to Ganga i don’t want to go to that Baji’s house. But my brother is there. I didn’t know I would have to meet him. I can’t tolerate him at all. How will I shut up him? Ganga says I have a solution. She brings a leaf and glue. She tells baji the plan.

Scene 4
Mahadji comes with his family. Radha says to Baji you can’t leave the house. You’ve to welcome them. That’s our custom. Radha does their arti and welcomes them. KAshi looks at Baji and smirks. Radha says stop Kashi. When a young girl comes to our place we stamp her feet on our floor. It’s our ritual. Tai stops Kashi. She says we never did such ritual. We won’t do it. Mahadji says it’s okay. Whats the big deal? Balaji says our Radhabai likes to keep memories of guests safe. If you don’t like it.. Balaji says it’s okay. Kashi enters the house and stamps her feet. Radha says come let’s meet your son. Baji says to Kashi I am helpless because of my parents. I am tied because of my friends. Some guests aren’t good. Kashi says tell your mom. Go from here and talk to your sword. Kashi leaves.

Mai tells Balajoshi your family is here. He gets up and says I want to go from here. His mom comes in. She says where were you going? So mad at your parents? Look at your condition. You’ve to rest to get well. Kashi says please rest. You will be fine. You will come home with us. He says why did you all come? Shui says we are your family. If we won’t who would come? Tai asks Kashi to go out and play with Krishna. She says why? I wanna meet Bhao. Shui says do what tai is saying. They leave.

Mahadji says to Radha what you did outside with Kashi we do this ritual for brides? She says time answer some questions. He says what are you talking about? Mahad is my friend and a guest here. If you are thinking Kashi can be our DIL it’s not possible. Our wealth isn’t the same. She says time solves everything. She leaves.

Balajoshi says my breaths are left. Why don’t you all forget me? Tai says how can we forget you? You were born from my womb. You were raised in my arms. How can parents not worry when son is injured. He says mom must be worried but baba. He only cares about the fact how his son became a fighter instead of a businessman like him. Mahadji says you became a fighter instead of businessman that doesn’t hurt me. But that fact that you’re not in Shahu Maharaj’s army. Balajoshi says I am with Taraghani. He’s Shahu’s enemy not yours. You made your son enemy for him? He says if you were my enemy I won’t have come here. Tai says enough. A son and father shouldn’t fight like this. Mahadji says he keeps emabrrassing me.

Kashi says I came to meet bhao. Aai didn’t let me meet him. How long will the fight continue between baba and bala bhao. Why do they fight? He says I don’t know. She says this sword is the bad thing. Since he picked it, his fight started with baba. No one should pick it. Baji says don’t say these coward things in my house. There’s nothing better than a sword. Kashi says I was talking to my brother an myself. Who is talking to you? He says don’t insult fighters. Sword is our pride. Kashi says don’t say unnecessary things. Go from here. He says I won’t. Or what? Kashi says go. He says I won’t. What will you do? Kashi sticks the leaf on his mouth. She says I did this. She laughs. Kashi says you can’t speak now. It won’t come out. I made a mixture of glue. Ganga made it for me so I can shut you up.

Episode ends

Precap-BAji says the fighters and swords you hate protect you. Radha says now time to tell Mahad how much wealth do we need. It’s time to increase his fear.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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