Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji breaks off his relationship with Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Baji asks Sooriya who is this man? Sooriya says this man wants to tell you something, he was Mastani’s attacker. The attacker says I am Mastani’s soldier, she plotted the attack on herself. All are shocked. Baji asks why would she do that? The attacker says so she could take you away from here. Mastani says he is lying. The attacker says she ordered us to attack her and Matank stole Chimaji’s stamp. Baji asks why is he telling all this now? The attacker says because Kashi saved my life. Baji asks Mastani to tell the truth. Mastani says they would have attacked me anyway. Baji says I did so much for you, I went against my family for you, I married you but you did this? Mastani says look at me, my love is pure for you, we just got married. Baji says I told you that I already have a wife and you accepted her so why did you start competing? Mastani says whenever I saw you with Kashi, I got jealous of seeing your bond. Baji says Kashi didn’t do anything against you. Mastani says I was scared to lose you. Baji says you don’t know her, you have crossed all the limits to get me. Mastani says where will I go? Baji says you will stay here, you wanted all this right but you don’t have me anymore. He asks where is Kashi? A servant tells him that it was Kashi who saved his life by going to the jungle, Mastani followed her and took the credit. Baji glares at Mastani and says you talk big about love but love is about sacrificing in silence. He goes from there.

Baji comes to Kashi and asks why didn’t she tell him about Mastani plotting all that? Kashi says you were blinded so I couldn’t tell you anything, you are not my Baji anymore. She cries and says I have lost you. Baji asks if I come back to you then will you accept me back? He sits at her feet and says I am sorry. Kashi says don’t apologize. Baji says I have hurt you but you still kept thinking about my happiness. Kashi says it’s okay. Baji says no, I have done a sin but please give me a chance to live with you again. Kashi says I am here, nobody can separate us. Baji hugs her and says no one can come between us now. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and says only you deserve it.

Mastani comes to her room and breaks everything down in anger. Matank tells her to not lose hope, Baji will be yours. Mastani says I have lost everything. Matank says but you can take revenge on Kashi. Baji can change sides easily so just wait till then. Mastani says I have been waiting for him for years. She burns all her memories with Baji. She says my love might be burning but I will take my revenge at the right time, then Baji will be mine.

All family members have a pooja together. Radha tells Kashi that we are all together because of Kashi. Baji says they are right, Kashi is my pride. He holds her hand and they go to meet people. Baji shows the map that Kashi created for him. Baji says I am known as a warrior but the real warrior is Kashi because she takes care of everything here when I am out there fighting. He says Kashi’s name will be written on this map with me. She made this map for me but people will remember me because of Kashi. Baji tells everyone to respect their wives because they are our of strength. He gives a flag to Kashi and says wherever you put it, that will be yours. Kashi puts it on the map. All chant for them. Baji and Kashi sit on the throne. Mastani sees them and says that’s my place. Kashi turns to see her and thinks Baji will never the side of his family now.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I was surprised, isn’t today the last episode. Confused.

  2. Madinat Ibrahim

    Why! I wanted baji to marry Mastani.

  3. One of the most bullshit and hagiographic show ever. In order to show someone a hero another important character’s image was tarnished. I totally respect kashibai. I also agree to the fact that it was wrong on Mastanis side to love a married man. Peshwa bajirao is absolved of his crimes as he is the one who accepted mastanis love without pressure.But in this show just she was shown as a villain as she was half Muslim. I just hate this show because just to show kashibai as a great character mastani was shown a villain. Her greatness and sacrifice could also be showed without showing mastani as evil i know i will receive a lot of hate replies but truth is always bitter

  4. None of us knew exactly what happened. But I completely agree Mastani should have not been portrayed as a villain. They should have ended the show with a positive note, like Mastani’s son was born, along with Ragboa. “Kashibai Bajirao Ballal” was the theme, they could have shown the Peshwa death, Mastani’s death, and the life thereafter for “Kashi”. She was indeed one of the most legendary women of the Maratha Empire, they could have depicted her whole life.

  5. So it has ended? And I was really enjoying it.

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