Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi challenges Baji to send him to a war

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Scene 1
Kashi tells everyone that a village was attacked and the women get burned first. We are all fighting against mughals so it’s our duty to save our brothers and sisters. Baji says I am taking care of war matters so stay out of it. Kashi says I am also responsible for my people so why are you not helping your people? Baji says the war is difficult, we can’t go into war just because we are emotional about some people. Kashi says what about humanity? You should have a big heart. Baji says we have to think about who to help, we can’t trust those village owners, they deceived us before. Kashi says but someone trusts you there, you should go there and save them. Baji says I have other responsibilities for my own people. Radha says only Shahu has a right to send Baji to a war. Kashi says I just think that our people want him to go also. Baji says I don’t think my people want me to go there. All soldiers chant in favor or Baji. Baji tells Kashi that she should understand why he is not going there. If she has a valid reason for sending him there then he will go. Kashi says then we will all everyone in our reign, if they agree with me then I will step down from my position, if you lose then you have to go there. Kashi says all commoners will take a decision tomorrow. All soldiers are chanting for Baji. Baji thinks Kashi doesn’t know that girl is but she put her everything at stake for her.

Baji talks to Kashi and says you want me to go away from you? Kashi says I always want you to be with me but I have to think about my people. Baji says our people don’t want us to fight for others. Kashi says I am sure they won’t be silent after seeing so much unfairness. Baji says if you lose tomorrow then you will lose your position. Kashi says we will see what happens tomorrow. Baji says if you lose even then you will win. Kashi says how? Baji says I won’t have to go on a war and we will be able to spend time together. He leaves. Kashi recalls his dream of becoming a father and thinks I can’t tell him right now.

Radha tells Kaviri that Pune people will stand with Baji so Kashi will lose for sure. She asks her to spread the news that village was friends with Mughals so we shouldn’t help them. Then people won’t agree with Kashi tomorrow.

Ganga comes to Kashi and says I also think Baji shouldn’t go on a war so I will vote for him tomorrow. Kashi says you think he won’t go on a war? Ganga says I think so, he wants to spend time with you. Kashi says our duties are bigger than our dreams.

Chimaji tells Baji that I am not with Kashi in this matter, I will take your side. Baji says you should support her as she has always been with you.

Kashi is trying to sleep. Baji enters the room silently. Kashi wakes up and says I need to eat something tasty. Baji scares her and asks what happened? Kashi says I smelled some food. Baji shows her mangoes. Kashi gets excited and starts eating it. Baji says you are eating a sour mango. Kashi says I like it. Baji says you will lose tomorrow. Kashi says just forget about tomorrow. They both eat mangoes together. Baji says we will spend the time together like a common couple. Kashi thinks Baji brought mangoes for me when I was craving for it. She thanks Baji for taking care of her. He smiles at her.

In the morning, the announcer tells people to vote in favor of Baji or Kashi. The commoners talk about that village being friends with Mughals and decide to vote for Baji only.

Precap: Bajirao says, everyone agrees with Kashi, so tomorrow we will climb Bundelkhand and defeat Mughals. Everyone cheers.
Radha says Kashi has kingdom, but I have truth about Kashi, now it’s time to tell the truth to Baji.
Radha says to Kashibai, you don’t have right to hide the truth about your son Baji should know the truth about his child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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