Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi goes to battle with Baji

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kashi says to Radha did you call me? She says yes pick that sword. Baji likes it the most. You ran from him and stood him all night. He isn’t what you want to make him. You’ve to make a relation with this sword. Pick it. Kashi says I can’t pick. Radha says you have to. For Baji. Kashi says you are his mom and you think good for him. Picking this sword is against my thought. Radha says are you a coward? You’re not a banker’s daugher anymore. You are a fighter’s wife. A sword can bring the universe in your feet. She says no. I don’t think so. My dad had two brothers and they were both killed by a man with sword. Ganga’s dad was also killed by a man with sword. Balajoshi went away from our family because of it. It might bring you things but it only took things away from me. I don’t think it’s right and I won’t pick it. You can call me coward. Radha says it’s an order. She says let me be who I am. A man comes and tells Radha there’s a fight and BAji is getting ready for it. Kashi is worried.

Balaji and Baji plan the fight. He says I will go from the lake side and you go from this side. Radha asks what happened? He says Balajoshi and his men. Radha says Kashi will also go with you. She should also know what her brother does. Kashi says he’s not my brother anymore. He’s as enemy to me as Baji. Radha says you should go and see Baji’s sword there. Balaji says she’s a kid. He says our daughters don’t go either. Radha says they respect swords. She would see and know the value of a sword and that it’s not for her chores. She should understand the difference between a banker’s wife and a fighter’s wife. Baji says she’s new here she will learn. BAlaji says she won’t go anywhere and that’s my final decision.

Radha says for your brother killed in a battle you have to take her. She knows that your brother was killed in a battle. That her uncles, Ganga’s dad were killed by sword. She thinks sword took everything from her. She should know the power of sword. SHe should know that you became army leader with the sword’s power and the fear of sword didn’t make Mahadji a fighter. she only knows one side of it. She should go to a battle to see the other side of it too. Baji says but.. She says swear on me. She says go and I will get her ready for the battle. Kashi is shocked. Radha says to Kashi don’t make Baji weak in the battle.

Scene 2
Baji says I don’t get aai. Balaji says takes her to a safe place and stay there. I will get you both. He says I can’t lie to aai. Balaji says you’ve to protect aai. Baji says I can go there and still protect her. I can give my life. Ganga says Kashi will go to the battle? Annu says why? Bhuibai says because she’s a fighter’s wife. Chimaji says she will faint after seeing the blood. Radha says that’s why she should go. She brings Kashi out dressed like a fighter. Radha says she should go there and be brave and see the goal of this regime. Ganga says Kaki is right. KAshi should go. Ganga does Baji and Balaji’s arti. She does Kashi’s arti too. Kashi touches her feet. They leave for the battle.

Scene 3
Kashi is on the horse. She says I am scared. Baji says I am with you. She says I am still scared. Baji says you styay in that hut. I will get you back from here. Kashi says no. She says I became your friend I will stay with you. Baji smiles. Kashi says how can you lie to aai? He says what about battle? Kashi says biggest risk was when you were enemy and I married you. Now you are my friend. I trust you. Baji says okay. They all go and looks for Balajoshi and his men.

Arrows start attacking Baji’s men. they die one by one. Baji tries to protect Kashi. He hides her behind a stack. Kashi is scared. Baji says don’t be scared. I am with you. He protects her. Baji says they’re hidden here. I will send some soldiers for your protection. Kashi says I will stay with you I will die but won’t go. Baji goes to find the the enemy. Kashi comes with him. Kashi hugs Baji. He protects her from the arrows.

Episode ends

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