Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi and Baji become friends

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Baji says let’s be friends? Kashi says sit on this swing. He says what happened? Kashi says I am Kashibai. I don’t need anything in favor. He says it’s not a favor. I said no last time so you’re asking in return of your help. He says no I only want your heart. Whatever happened between our parents was between them. Whatever will be between you and me, I will know it. Kashi says how will you know my heart? He says I will read your heart. He makes her sit on the swing. He says I will do what your heart says. I will get you all the happiness. And this is to make you proud that Baji is your friend, like I will always be proud that Kashi is my friend. Kashi says do you know happiness? how can you bring it? He says I’ve seen it in your smile. I will find out where your happiness and you can tell me slowly. I will always keep you happy. Do you accept my happiness? Please say it.

Baji says Kashi? Do you accept my friendship? He goes in the lake and says Kashi say yes. This friendship will go down in history. Do you accept my friendship? Kashi recalls all that he did. Kashi says I accept it. She smiles. Baji sprinkles flowers on her. He comes to Kashi. Radha stands in between them. Radha takes both of them from there.

Scene 2
Radha says last night went to lake and now to that village? IF you stay up all night, how will you practice in the morning? Do you even know your responsibility? Or the mistake that you did. He says yes. I should be punished. He extends his hand. Kashi extends her hand and says we can divide the punishment too. Baji says I took you from here. She says but we went together. Radha says yes you both will be puinshed. Go and stand outside the house in cold. So you realize the nights are to rest so you can work the next morning. Baji says aai, let Kashi go. Please. Let her rest. Kashi holds Baji’s hand and says aai said it. How can we say no. she takes him out. Balaji says what you are doing, I am against it. I like the result of it. Baji and Kashi are coming close.

Scene 3
Kashi and Baji stand outside. He says you must be thinking it’s a big price you have to pay to become my friend. We just became friend and now you’re punished. she says we became friends and got to spend time together. He says I didn’t know you say such good things. Kashi says you were my enemy, you’re friend now. You will know a lot of things. I also found out you can make friends too. Baji says and? She says and you take care of my happiness. And you saved my life.

Radha is angry. Balaji says aren’t you happy? They’re together and not fighting? Radha says why won’t I be happy? I want them to be the strongest together but I don’t want Baji to become weak. I never raised him like other moms. Never coddled him off. You think I didn’t want to make him sleep in my life? But I don’t do that. I never sang him lullaby. I knew the ones who listen to lullaby can’t listen to people’s problems. She’s trying to make him soft like her. she’s to become strong instead. I will do what I think is right. She leaves.

Scene 4
The next morning, Baji is up. Kashi is asleep on his shoulder. Radha comes. Radha says before anyone sees you, get ready and come for arti. Baji says Kashi open your eyes at least. He says take this morning light as first gift of our friendship. Kashi smiles. Kashi comes inside. She’s happy. Ganga says you look very happy. Kashi says you won’t understand. She says my friend gave me light. Ganga says which friend? She says Baji and I are friends. Radha looks at them and says Baji can’t become this.

Baji says what are you looking for? She says I need to cut this cloth. He says hold it. He cuts it with his sword. Radha looks at them. Kashi says thank you. Baji says done. Kashi says wow. He says you are my friend so I did this. Otherwise my sword only cuts enemies. Kashi says your sword did a good thing for the first time. It didn’t kill anyone. All because of me. He says thank you. He bows down to her. He says thank you Kashibai. Radha is angry to see all this. Radha says his sword isn’t being respect.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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