Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bajaj plans an attack on himself


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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anurag taking a video of Prerna. Shivani asks him to go, she will record it. He goes. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna is my wife, I m your Jija. She says sorry…. Anurag plays the dhol. Prerna recalls the old moment. Mr. Bajaj gets a dhol and plays. He dances with Prerna. Anurag too begin the Dhunuchi dance. They compete. Prerna looks on. The goons take Mr. Bajaj aside and throw the burning coal on him. His clothes catch fire. The goons runaway. Everyone gets shocked. Mr. Bajaj blows off the fire and goes out. Anupam and servant put water on the carpet and put off the fire. Mohini says nothing to panic, maybe their personal issues, continue. Anurag asks why did they do this with Mr. Bajaj.

Shivani says maybe Mr. Bajaj has harmed them also. Mr. Bajaj beats a goon.

Maasi and Prerna come there. He asks why did you try to burn me, tell me, what’s your enmity, who sent you. The goon says I will tell you. Mohini asks pandit to come early tomorrow. She asks is Moloy sleeping. Anupam says yes. Tapur says this attack look intentional. Mohini says I know. Kaka asks Anurag did you do this, anger can make anyone lose mind. Anurag says I won’t do this ever. He goes to attend a call. Mohini asks what was this. Kaka says Anurag planned his own accident, I thought he did this, else who can do this. Veena says we shall leave now. Anurag asks why.

Shivani says Dadi dislikes Mr. Bajaj and went in other pandal, we have to go. He insists them to come and have food. The goon says I was paid to do this, forgive me. Mr. Bajaj says you gave you money. The goon says Anurag. Mr. Bajaj asks him to go. Maasi asks why did you let him go. He says I don’t want to create any issue, I promised someone that I won’t trouble Anurag. He goes. Maasi says what happened to him, is there anything imp than life. Prerna looks on. She talks to Veena on call. She goes with Mr. Bajaj.

Maasi and Tanvi are with Mr. Bajaj. Maasi does the aid. He says let Prerna do it, she is good at it. Prerna does aid. Mai bhi hun….plays… He looks at Prerna. He tries to hold her hand. Anurag sees them. He gets upset. Mohini comes and says Anurag come with me, you know I don’t like Prerna. Kumud comes to talk. Mohini says let me talk to my son. Kumud says just answer one thing, how did Prerna marry in a rich household, I think that man married her for the sake of raising his daughter, Prerna would think she will enjoy there. Anurag thinks and says Mr. Bajaj married Prerna for Kuki. He goes. Mohini says listen to me. He says I can’t stop talking to Prerna, please, don’t expect this from me, sorry. He goes. Kumud says I thought he forgot her, he is still after Prerna. Mohini says I don’t know how, what’s special in that girl…

Prerna stops Mr. Bajaj and says you told me not to talk about Anurag, but what can I do, I left everything for this love, and this love snatched everything. Anurag comes. Mr. Bajaj sees him.

Mr. Bajaj holds Prerna’s hand and says I hope this doesn’t happen again. Prerna asks Anurag why are you doing this, you hired the goons. He gets shocked. Mr. Bajaj says I get hurt when you talk to Anurag. She says you hate Mr. Bajaj, but he is trying to protect you. He asks why.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who is writing these bullshit story lines? Ekta’s toddler…the one she posted on Instagram recently with the robot’s trophy wife. Missing buttons on shirts….. goons joining dancers unnoticed before an attack…haven’t we seen all this before…just cut and paste. How lazy. No originality at all. Even cartoon script writers will not dare dwell in these rehash bullshit script writing. These artists …I wonder sometimes….do they have any respect for their trades or it is just about money. Don’t they have family members…friends who tell them how stupid they look by condoning this bullshit or is it just a photo opportunity on twitter and Instagram for them with these fake artists. The idiot’s uncle and aunt who joined a couple of episodes before did not know anything and even asked why the idiot did not marry the robot’s trophy wife but now they know everything. Suddenly they have become an encyclopaedia of information aware that the idiot planned his own accident and the bimbo married the robot because of his daughter. I am surprised they don’t know that the bimbo is pregnant with their nephew’s baby. I feel sorry for the idiot. Head or tail the robot always wins…not even god can save him form the evil creature.

  2. I do not watch this series and I only read .. But that’s not long ago. I only serve the main actors .. In short .. But in this precap it is so nuanced .. Currently the series focuses more on Mr. Bajaj that the anurag .. Anurag his time to wait for Prena .. The girl does not do not trust her .. She says she’s in love but does not trust her love .. Certe Anurag did something stupid .. But until when anurag will have to convince and prove her love to prena .. No I do not understand anymore the current series .. We denigrate the marriage .. My wishes .. Feel the respect. In short .. So disappointing .. I just wish Anurag to go ahead and let prena make a choice .. To believe that she also has feelings for Mr Bajaj .. If that’s so she should tell anurag that she wants to stay with her husband and on anurag must stop the annoying .. My simple opinion

  3. Now anurag will try his best to prove his innocence uffff whats the need..y he cant let prerna do nd think nd believe whatever she wants to..from one week durga puja is going on nd all the time he is stuck with his married ex..doing aarti with her, making her dance video, picking her up, wiping her tears, etc etc etc..he really seems stupid..totally lost all his respect

  4. Whatever they are said and whatever they are do and whatever they are think , you know what just forget about it , and just let them think , we all know onu can’t do it , it is impossible not possible ! What did prerna said , when she talks with bajaj about sacrifice her entire life for her love anurag it’s true but her thoughts it’s wrong , i know onu can do anything but he trying to get hurts someone else and also he try to kill bajaj i don’t think !
    How silly is and nonsense and cheap think
    How can she believed that and where is her trust and love , and now she lost everything.
    Whatever situation comes to between them always he stand for her always he fights for her and now she forgot everything
    First time he stand for her that that (1 naag babu means naveen babu) during the marriage even he safe her from the marriage and second time he stand for her also that the (naveen and komolika) he fights for her the goons and safe her during the second marriage even he almost lost his life for her then they are confessed their feeling for each other and when komo coming between them for her and her love and happiness her family and house and he deal with komo because he safe prerna komo not to harm her eventually he marred with komo and also he first time sacrifice his life for her , and third time he stand for her also fight for her with that the guy Ronit komo’s brother he was kidnapped by prerna he again safe and fight for her and whatever he do it just for her even he fight to his mom and sister mohini, nivedita, he always help her always stand for her always fight for her, and
    Prerna didn’t trust him , i know she loves him very much but what is nonsense
    She deal with bajaj but not fair that she marriage with bajaj for anu not her happiness but today she doing nonsense and disgusting
    Prerna know Anurag and how is he then she doing nothing and just irritating characters
    Whatever anurag did his right do
    Prerna hiding everything to anurag and also big secret from him
    Prerna’s first secret to hide that deal with bajaj
    her sacrifice for anu , second secret to hide from him is the big secret he never know the truth and that is prerna is pregnant with his child , and when he come to know the truth don’t what will be he react
    Just wait and watch

  5. This story is going nowhere…it’s unbelievable or rather sad 2 educated, family-oriented, ambitious guys are focusing all their energy into “winning” a girl. Had anurag focused half of this energy on his work rather than running behinds a girl who crushed his self esteem…he could become a model for youngsters for archiving success at young age .
    Had bajaj invested some time in kuki rather than plotting against a guy half his age, maybe his daughter wouldn’t need prena and would be closer to him and recover her speech faster.
    And if prena doesn’t like this situation, she could run away to a peaceful place and focus on her baby…Everything worth her care and time except her own child

  6. Repeating the same game “putting stain on each other” 🙄. I hope “tit for tat” continues forever😒…. No story at all….

  7. you are absolutely right @Sania Khan!!!

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