Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Prerna claims her rights

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The Episode starts with Nivedita asking Anurag to wake up. He says marriage is over, can we skip these functions. She says no, you can’t skip. You created enough drama last night by not filling sindoor, this time don’t do anything stupid, get ready and come fast. She goes to Anupam. Mishka calls Komolika and asks about her wedding night. Komolika says I was at my home yesterday night and just now I came to my Sasural, Anurag will fill sindoor in my maang now, how would you know, you didn’t become his wife, I will tell you about my wedding night tomorrow, Anurag will forget Prerna, you didn’t come in my rasam. Mishka says I m almost there.

Nivedita gets Komolika downstairs. Mishka greets Mohini. Mishka asks where is Anurag, puja may start without him. Komolika says you have no

right to be jealous of me. They argue. Komolika says you don’t deserve more than this, you would be happy to be Anurag’s sister-in-law because of me. Anurag comes. Komolika goes with him. They get seated. Pandit asks Anurag to fill Komolika’s maang with the sindoor. Anurag says I think we have discussed this. Mohini says just do this for my sake. He says I can’t do this. He says puja won’t be done until you fill sindoor. Komolika says don’t pressurize him, Anurag can give the sindoor to me, I will apply it myself. Prerna gets down the car and walks in. Anurag takes the sindoor box and gives to Komolika. Prrna comes there and claps. They all look on.

She says I know you all would like to know why I m here, you will know everything, I want to ask something to Anurag. She takes sindoor from his hand and says its considered auspicious, do you remember something seeing this. He recalls his promise. Prerna scolds Komolika. Mohini says don’t talk to Komolika like this, I won’t tolerate anymore, get out. Prerna says I don’t want to be rude to anyone, I just want to talk to Anurag, it would be better that no one interferes. Nivedita says you are forgetting she is Mohini, she will take 2 mins to throw you out. Prerna says I respect her. Nivedita asks what do you know about sindoor and marriage. Prerna asks what did you say, you are telling me about it, your marriage is a pretence, you apply sindoor to cover up your mistake, do you know what is marriage, I m going to say something about my marriage.

She asks Anurag how dare he apply sindoor to someone else. She asks Nivedita not to interrupt. She scolds Anurag and calls him a horrible man. She says you lied to me, you love me and marry me, you used me, I believed you like an idiot. Komolika says Anurag doesn’t like you. Prerna says shut up. Komolika says you think you will spoil my marriage, Anurag is my husband and I m his…. Prerna says I m his wife.. everyone gets shocked. Prerna says its the truth, I m his first wife, Prerna Sharma Basu, you are his second wife, as long as the first wife is alive and not divorced, your marriage is void. Nivedita goes to slap her. Prerna holds her hand. She says Bhabhi has a high position in the family, she is much respected, didn’t anyone teach you, anyways Anurag and I took the vows before.

Mohini says enough, Anurag married Komolika yesterday, I will refresh your memory. She asks Nivedita to get the album. Komolika asks why do you do this, did you go mad. Anupam says this is right chance to correct the wrong. Nivedita says my husband never supports me. He says I will support you when you are wrong. She says you mean I m always wrong. He says no, you are wrong now, this is not a marriage for Anurag. She says not a word more. She goes. Mohini shows the album to Prerna and says groom is Anurag and bride is Komolika, not you, these are the pics of reception. She asks do you have any proof, no right? This is called a wedding. Prerna asks what do you want to make people believe, I won’t believe these fake pics, tell me why have you applied sindoor, its a sign of marriage, I can’t see it on Komolika’s maang, see its here in my maang for Anurag.

Prerna says Durga Maa is the witness of the wedding, someone told me to fight for my rights, I will fight and win, I will stay here with Anurag now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. -its all clear prerna was to destroy basus and grab their enormous wealth
    -prerna is faking her pregnancy and she had bribed the doctor but she will never ever be better than our komolika
    -what does prerna thinks she can’t win over anulika’s love
    -this show has only one fav actress and she is komolika what a swag she has she is so so beautifull prerna is a timepass
    -mohini ji knows that prerna has been possed by evil powers she will cure prerna’s evil intentions
    -only komolika knows real love which she had for anurag but that shameless prerna is eyeing anurag yuck !!!!
    -veena ji should have put shackles on her daughters they both have become pregnant without marraige how cheap of both of them its sad for her on being a mother but they are so so disgusting
    -better dna test should be done to know the real father then it will be revealed finally
    -niveditta is a sweet heart as always she stands for the truth and supported komolika once again showing great love for her family

    1. i agree with you but on shackles point i differ even though prerna had did it intentionally with anurag to trap him but not every girl does so and from the beginning shivani was having so called gold digger tag
      but can you tell me whom u think is the real father of the baby i think its anupam who is creating all the misunderstandings here he is not that innocent as he looks i think something is fishy off him and yes erica has unfair tone really sarees not suit her and she looks unfit in thse bengali sarees some one like bipashi carries it beautifully but for erica she is not looking any fantasy shes just a moderate unfair heroine who does tonns of make up and frankly speaking traditional chudiradarr anarkali lehgas suits her but not this saree look actually she looks like red clown to be frank and from where she had rented the jhumkas let me guess she must have stolen it from someone in the house and she claims she is a poor girl she had one night stand she steal jhumkas and always do over drama nochanges yet today also again a fokat ka makeup character nothing else

      1. Wow! Not speaking as a fan of erica but a decent human being, a person’s skin tone does not define if they can wear a certain type of clothing. How can you in 2019 still be worried about a person’s skin tone. let me tell you something white skin doesn’t always mean beauty, the British have left India now, we don’t need to uphold their racist ideologies especially to people from our own heritage. Also its great to see people attacking a television character, like they can hear what you say and will come running to say sorry or apologise for hurting your sentiments.

      2. oh yes she is only busy in glittering and crystallising her eyes she had no intention to perform well she has a make up shop on youtube in which she is busy 99/100 times acting is secondary for her or rather its not important to her only makeup is not enough to have viewership she is disappointing us day by day and her look is no less than a disaster

    2. just think anupam and prerna are having an affair this resembles to a movie plot from hollywood both of them are doing this for money and property and if it comes true then im telling you your speculations will come true

      1. WOW CONGRATS YOU have got the biggest clue i was having intuitions that anupam and prerna are having an affair so it was anupam’s one night stand horrible isn’t it , so anupam has given prerna the uttran ( used expensive drees ) to prerna and their plan to sneak into basu house and steal the property papers till now i thought prerna as of one night stand but now that foxy lady is doing black jadu on basu housemates but no worries our komolika will handle things straight

    3. You should stop watching serials because u r totally imagening invers

      1. hahaha shee no problem dear you start from today we will follow you # lady’s first :))-
        but still i know komolika will be the best wife best bahu best mother infact komolika will be best to raise sneha /prem inspite of that prerna coz soon she will be in jail after trying to kill moloy she will be revealed as the mastermind soon that it was prerna who had been targetting moloy but end up rajesh getting targetted lol

    4. will anurag ask prerna to abort her baby?is their any baby or its just a plotted plan ? will anurag give him/her his name will he accept the child ? im afraid that he will not coz he knew it didn’t happened at all i think its not komolika its anurag who will do the revealation of the father of the baby ? what if anurag says its not his then what will prerna do will she cry or will she accept she had done it purposely lots of questions need answers , heard somewhere that hina is going for a movie so we can see some more intimate scenes in the show to hot things up but better they show honeymoon first it will be good to watch after this scenario

  2. in the upcoming episodes we will definately gonna to see that prerna has been double crossing anurag with some other man for revenge but no problems our komolika is ready to save anurag from prerna’s bad eyesight she will be the shield for her husband and will thrash prerna’s evil black jadu

    1. Really whenever i read ur comments…i laugh out loud 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LOL 🤣🤣🤣 whatever u type everythng is meaningless…n even u know it…just lyk komolika… fake person..🤣🤣🤣

      1. if they make prerna pregnant in one day then my eyeopeners to viewers are realistic too isn’t it
        we alll know technology is advanced these days but still we can see prerna doing surrogacy for anulika as inspired from ekta’s chapters hahaha prerna’s pregnancy is meaningless and im glad that you diehard fans of anulika has accepted it in a one go never thought of fake pregnancy hahahaa LOL BUT ITS GOOD HAVE LOLS ALWAYS

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today’s episode was just an outstanding
    Thanks Ekta mam for choosing the best prena for our show kasauti zindagi kayy 💃 💃
    Erica Fernandes #prena Sharma is the only one who nailed in every freaking looks she is stunner, fabulous
    I just loved the strong and independent prena Sharma giving back left right and Centre to the vamps
    Egoistic Mohini basu “nayi bahu ne toh khatiya kar di vamps ki Tai Tai…… Dish….” 😂😂
    On the other hand komo, she has that swag whatever it called oh “nika”
    Phiki par gaye prena ke samne 👌👌
    Prena rockssss
    And komo shocked 😲
    Thanks Amena for fast update

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Prena enter the basu mansion with the blessings of Goddess Durga
    Prena giving back to Nivedita, komo and Mohini in style
    Anurag just emoted the expression
    He only staring prena 😍😍
    Overalls today star performer’s is prena Sharma basu 💃
    After a long marathons from the unwanted wedding today’s we enjoyed such a great, marvelous, fabulous episode
    Precap :More tashan bazii…
    Desperately waiting Tommorow episode

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    We are very grateful for the maker’s for showing us a strong, independent, confident, powerful Prena Sharma basu
    That for us transformation…….
    Thanks to Veenama for your upbringing to prena’s
    Today’s she can stand and fight for her right against such trio evils…….
    Egoistic Mohini should learned from Veenama first before pointing Prena

  6. this is show has just taken my love for Erica and Parth to the 9th sky!😍😍 Fabulous episode. Prerna, I really wish if i had been a boy i would have literally fallen for you. My most favorite scene was Prerna shutting up Nivedita! she actually deserves it. my sister was like “very good Prerna, very good. That cosmetic shop deserves it. she will cry now, get angry and apply more make-up”😂😂😂😂😂.

    Parth, on the other side, he was not speaking anything but it was clearly seen how much shocked, surprised and delighted he was to see Prerna in front of him, all fit and fine, as always Sherni!😍😂 i am really looking forward to see the tashan between both of Anurag’s wife and he enjoying as well as supporting Prerna😍😍 and when Komolika will leave (she has some work and will drop KZK2 for sometime (i have heard somewhere.) she has to attend Cannes or something), the love between Anurag and Prerna.
    Love for Parth Samthaan gone toooooooo far! Beyond the universe, i’d say!

    And Modiiijjjii!! It is lovely to see you upset today. Poor Komolika, go console her. *LOL* She needs you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. hahaa zaira if she needs me i will be there for her dear im unlike your parth who wasn’t their when VG needs him the most *LOL* HOPE HE’S STRAIGHT otherwise things would have been different # glad to feel lovely :p

      1. How cheap can you go

    2. RS LESSER THAN YOU :))-

  7. Modiji I am reading your comments form 2days your are insalting prena very much.i know you like komolika but it was your choice but for that you are critizing prena very much. for your kind information prena does not come between anurag komolika but your Sweet innocent komolika only tricked anurag to marry him​.your komolika is a murderer she kills Ramesh Uncle and moloy in coma.when will come out that our prena Will Rock The show.

    1. Modiji AKA satya

      Modiji seems to be wearing a Komolika colored glasses. Modiji ,maybe like’s a character that is secretly evil. I am using Modiji a few times on purpose because Modiji seems to make multiple comments per episode. You must be really into this show? Do you watch repeat telecast as well ?

    2. WHAT MURDERER ???? OH SO PRERNA IS MURDERER OF HER own rajeshji what if venna ji comes to know that prerna killed rajesh im sure she will never forgive prerna how dangerous prerna is she can kill venna ji too for her motives vennaji should be careful may be prerna has some problem in her head

      1. Prerna doesnt have any problem in her head, but u surely have… u speak like a mentally retarded person…

  8. Modiji if I am hurts you so sorry but it was my point of view.

  9. Prerna Sharma basu swag was on fire prerna rocked everyone shucked I love prerna attitude I love you prerna but I love komo too just love today episode

  10. Mohini is always supporting the devils-komolika,. Mohini and nivedita. What an imagination, that the child is of Anupam. He is delighted to see the true love between anupre which he didn’t get from the lady Hitler. Nivedita. He is getting more insults from her. May be he will soon quit from that egoistic family. It would be nice if Moloy recovers from coma and expose all the truth about komo. Makers please do this soon to shut
    some evil peoples bad imagination and supporting komo aunty.

  11. Wow are you serious

  12. Modiji if u cant praise a person then stay quiet but dont ruin anyone or any character.If u want to praise komolika its ir wish but dont judge other so easily. Your r telling that prerna is faking and supporting the love of that girl who dont have true love on anurag. She had tried to kill even the father of her true love and dont tell that everything is fair in love and war if that so then what prerna did is also right. Ur telling the girl who try to kill and make evil plans will save anurag i think it will be in ur dreams but not here

    1. Komolika only tells her driver to make the brake failure and she only bring the doctor from London. to kill both Moloy and Rajesh. Komolika only mixes poison in the food brought by prerna when she was not there and unknowingly she gives it to Mohini. Bcoz of London doctor’s treatment Rajesh died and Moloy went into coma. Komolika did this bcoz Moloy had the evidence of komolika mixing the poison in the food given to Mohini from the CCTV footage. How Modiji is saying that Pierna killed her own father. He is putting all the blame on Prerna. He is saying Prerna’s pregnancy is from Anupam. He is making dirty comments. For God’s sake, Modiji, pl stop giving such dirty and false comments.
      Pl revise all the episodes and try to understand the truth. Since you like HK you are always degrading Prerna and her mother, sister. This is too bad. Komolika is the main culprit and with your support the truth will not

  13. How exactly will prerna prove their wedding? Some cctv footage was there in the temple? Kuch bhi. Durga ma is he witness it seems. Then even Shivani is wedded to ronit because they married via love.
    But, showing prerna as bold and confident, that’s a nice thing. Loved it.
    Modiji, since you think komolika is beautiful and the best, I think she deserves a better guy than spineless anurag, don’t you think so too?

  14. no problem dear have fun keep smiling all the best hope you achieve your all the goals in life # HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY DEAR ENJOY KEEP COMMENTING NO PROBS IF WE HAVE TO CROSS PATHS :))-

  15. archana gupta

    MODIJI if you have any point of view related to show then keep it up with you na. Spineless person it is very easy to criticised others. If you know that much about the show then please go and make your show with your dirty mind.

  16. Preetikriti

    I really don’t understand why people are talking so ill about Prerna as well as erica.Its just a daily soap guys.u cant judge a person just by watching the characters they play.Here some are talking about Erica’s skin tone.What is there in dark complexion. I agree erica is not so gorgeous than hina .But it doesn’t mean she is less talented than hina .Erica is an actress who has a great potential of bringing various shades of her character onscreen.So too does Hina.I understand that Hina is in the industry for so many years but Erica is like a newcomer .She did only one show KRPKAB.All knew her performance in that show.Also u all say that Prerna is a gold digger . Really .She loved Anurag immensely than anyone.Even she was ready to marry that Navin second time just to save Anu from the clutches of the goons.But komolika. She married Anurag just to show she can acquire anything she wish.Its not a marriage but a deal.And Modiji u said Erica is busy all the time in her youtube channel.So what .Whats the problem in that . It’s her life,her profession she has the right to decide what she want in her life.Stop commenting about her dedication ,her jumkhas,her saree ,her skin tone.Be responsible.U r in social media so that u can say anything about others .Its not fair.Sorry guys if I said something wrong.And I’m new to tellyupdates.My name is PREETIKA .hi everyone.

  17. Remember when prerna went to temple, the panditji said something to prerna which was muted… M sure he told abt cc TV footage….. That cud d witness… Devi maa n cctv
    Anupam might have given some hint ant komo any deal…

  18. Modiji is always supporting the devils-komolika, Mohini and nivedita. What an imagination, that the child is of Anupam. He is delighted to see the true love between anupre which he didn’t get from the lady Hitler Nivedita. He is getting more insults from her. May be he will soon quit from that egoistic family. It would be nice if Moloy recovers from coma and expose all the truth about komo. Makers please do this soon to shut the mouth of some evil people and their bad imagination in support of komo aunty.

  19. Pavan542002

    How can u say erica is not gorgeous she is much far better than hina khan. What the popularity hina gained in these many years that is so many decades erica gained in just 2 shows. We cant still forget miss bose and modiji how can ruin any person by ur abusing comments. Think once before and get clarified by urself that r u a die hard fan of hina khan or a die hard hater of erica and even once think about the characters of them
    Plz dnt judge anyone by thier characters. If so thn i think prerna’s character is far better than ur god komolika
    How will u say that a daughter killed her own father man and from several days ur comments are abusing all the characters except one
    And if u think ur komolika is too god then she doesnt deserve a boy like anurag who accepted marry othrt girl even till now he love someone else

    If i was rude and wrong plz forgive me guys

  20. is anurag unable to speak a single words?

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