Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd October 2020 Written *Last* Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna reunite

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The Episode starts with Prerna tying a piece of cloth to Anurag’s wound. Anurag says you know Komolika always wanted my name’s sindoor, but I didn’t apply it to her forehead ever, you had the right on it, she pressurized me to tell the world that we are husband and wife, we are married. Prerna says but Diya… He says she is an adopted child, I fell alone, I depended on alcohol, I realized I want a support, I told Komolika that I want a little girl, she got Diya home, I felt she is Sneha, I felt finally my family completed, I got attached, Komolika used this thing and told the world that we are a family, when Diya and Sneha meet, they will be happy together.

Prerna says 8 years… even I couldn’t live without you, there was anger, but I missed our moments. He says we will always stay together now. She says you know, I didn’t give anyone the right to fill sindoor in my maang, I never got married. Anurag hugs her and says I knew it, I trust you, I knew you are incomplete without me, Anurag is of Prerna, Prerna is of Anurag. They smile. He takes her to the temple. He fills sindoor in her maang. They hold hands and take the rounds. They recall their marriage happened before in a temple. He recalls the sindoor moment. He holds her close. They smile and hug. Mangalam….plays…. He says now no power in the world can separate us, even Sneha won’t get away from us. She says never. He says never. Mata’s chunri flies by the wind. It gets over Anurag and Prerna.

Moloy sees Mohini and asks what happened, this blood… She says Komolika. He takes her for dressing. She cries and says Komolika always did wrong, I supported her, I didn’t understand who is right for Anurag and who is wrong, Komolika is wrong, Prerna is right, how couldn’t I see it, I just ran after money, power, respect, I neglected my children’s happiness, I know my Anurag loves Prerna a lot, he doesn’t care for his life for her, Komolika will kill her, she has sent goons to kill Prerna, she said kill whoever comes in between, she will kill Anurag, we should do something. He says calm down, I will go to police station right away. Mohini says I will also come.

Komolika says we were sure that we can separate Prerna and Anurag, Mr. Bajaj, we maybe powerful, but they will never get separated, I can never see them together, I had no option than to kill Prerna, yes, I have paid the goons, don’t worry, very soon Prerna’s death news will come. Mr. Bajaj gets angry. Anurag and Prerna come home. Mr. Bajaj turns to see them. Komolika gets angry. Nivedita and Anupam look on.

Prerna sees Mr. Bajaj and Komolika. Moloy brings Mohini. Anurag asks what happened. They see Komolika. Komolika says this can’t happen, you both can’t be together, why don’t you die Prerna, only I have a right on Anurag, its my mistake to leave you alone, you came back to take revenge on us, I didn’t like it. Prerna says evil always loses, you like it or not. Komolika says don’t think you are smart, you reached here because of Mr. Bajaj, he was just a pawn for me, Anurag was blackmailed, I wanted him to leave you, so he left you. She picks a knife from the plate. She hides it behind her back. She says truth is Viraj didn’t die after you pushed him. FB recalls Komolika saying don’t worry Viraj, I will save you from every pain, trust me. She smashes him with a big boulder. FB ends. She says I killed him, like I will kill you now. She stabs…. Nivedita shouts Prerna….

Mr. Bajaj gets stabbed. He holds Komolika’s hand and stabs her. Everyone looks on shocked. Komolika falls dead. Prerna sees blood on Mr. Bajaj’s hand. She shouts Mr. Bajaj. Anurag and Prerna hold him. He shouts for an ambulance. Mr. Bajaj says please tell Prerna… Prerna says forget everything, I have forgiven you. Mr. Bajaj says promise me, you will never leave Prerna alone, love Kuki as you love Sneha. Anurag says nothing will happen to you. Mr. Bajaj gives Prerna’s hand to Anurag. He dies. They cry for him. Mohini apologizes to Moloy. He holds her.

After a month, Anurag asks Prerna to get his towel. He holds her hand and hugs her. He says you come on my call, you love me. She says no, what are you doing. She runs. He catches her. Aasmaan aa gaya hai….plays… They romance. Sneha enters the room. Anurag sees her and gets up. Prerna asks what happened. Anurag says don’t cry. She asks am I crying, what are you showing. He shows Sneha. Prerna acts to cry. He says see she is crying. Sneha says mumma, why are you crying, don’t hide it. Anurag signs to kiss and asks Prerna to say. Prerna says I was crying, you tell her. Sneha says Papa, I know you trouble her every day. He says no. She says you know you need a bath towel, you forget to take it along. He says yes, I forget, but Prerna actually wants this, so she does this, then she cries. They have a pillow fight. Sneha hugs them. Kasautii zindagii kay….plays…..

All ends well for Anurag and Prerna.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Fenil

    Superb happy ending

  2. Shesha485

    Finally the show has ended. I would miss trolling this show hereafter.As a random viewer, I wish to share my experience while watching the show.
    The whole show is a MISTAKE even though they cast the best actors for the show and they get into the character well (except Karan Patel as Mr.Bajaj😣). Except first episode; Hina exit track; a few episodes of RishPre; a few episodes of Erica-Aamna and maybe this episode, all the episodes(tracks) are the worst. But no one could dislike AnuPre. Even though I am a big fan of Devakshi, I like AnuPre because the couple is extremely attractive and no wonder youth will get attracted to it. If you just watch the poster of AnuPre, you would get a sudden interest in them. Only a few couples had this power to impress viewers only in the posters. You can feel other couples chemistry only by watching their scenes, but for Anupre’s eye lock is just enough to impress(only) viewers. Coming to the storyline, it is atrocious. At least KKB, KB like shows started impressively(Story wise) but this, story is pathetic from ep 2 and weak dialogues, useless characters (Even Anurag itself a useless character 😏😏😏) Ending is predictable but liked it. If they killed AnuPre, Ekta must have created KZK 3 as Komolika disturbing Anurag and Prerna in HEAVEN.😂😂😂 Hope Ekta won’t recreate her ICONIC (actually not😜) shows anymore. And moreover the show makers always created headlines by spreading rumours like Erica quitting, Parth quitting, KZK end, to increase TRP but happily nothing worked and show ends now.😂😂😂
    More than AnuPre, I would miss Aamna Sharif as she nailed the character as Komolika😍😍😍 and in fact she is the best after Urvashi. Her dialogue delivery, expressions are in top notch and especially she is good with Parth.

    1. Ekta can make gud shows but I don’t why she doesn’t want to experiment..we need gud stories..then we say why our cinema is less than international cinema..can’t we have gripping storyline even if we it comes on weekends.. doesn’t matter

    2. Ekta never comes up with good shows she just come up with good love hate chemistry. And the moment love starts between two she brings separations, marriages, accidents, memory loss, misunderstandings, sacrifices, kidnappings and her favourite reviving death character again and again.
      She can never imagine to some up shows like DABH, YUDKBH, TMKOC, KRPKEB and so on…..

    3. Koshish ek aashaa and hum paanch were actually good shows especially hum panch

    4. Jasminerahul

      Erica quitting was a rumour.but parth quitting was true.That’s why ekta decided to end it.even the supporting actors indirectly taunted parth. Not bashing this show though they made the show depressing by never ending separation.because the story was much better than the season1 which was full of multiple marriages deaths n one night stands😁😁😁

    5. Shesha485

      @Jasminerahul, KZK 2 started as love triangle 🔺then becomes love rectangle⏹️ but KZK 1 is a Love Polygon🛑😂😂😂
      @RV, agree with you. Even if she create, she give it to Colors TV (BP, Kawach, N5, PB) and the channel, audience like us and Ekta would forget the existence of such show.

  3. Rightly said @Shesha485 this show’s story was never appealing now even at the end they showed same thing. To show Parth as pavitr as Prena they showed today that Parth never married komolika and never had anything which resulted to Diya instead they said she is adopted. Like how they can do this. Anurag himself said to Komolika that she took advantage of Anurag being drunk and thus they had Diya. Just let it be.
    They showed Mr. Bajaj as partner in crime of Komolika I would have loved it if Mr. Bajaj was part of plan but secretly with Anurag. And Mr. Bajaj was always shown ignoring Kuki Ekta knows Why but he never expressed his love for his daughter. Then the worst thing they killed Bajaj killing Komolika was enough there was no need to kill Bajaj too.
    And Cherry on top no mention to Kaushik and Kuki after they said ILU to each other. And to Sharma Family too. And at least Kuki lost her father they could have given her some screen time. GOD…… There are too many loop holes even with the ending. I was pissed off with shows just as occasional reader. People used to watch this crap and it used to be in Top 10 always. God bless these great souls who brought to top 10 always 🙏🙏 😂😂😂.

    1. Shesha485

      You are right. Kaushik’s character itself a blunder. Right from 1st ep, they didn’t show Rakhi have children but after leap they are showing a boy at 20-25s as Anurag’s nephew though Anurag itself 33. And the Kuki-Kaushik couple itself a cringe 🤢🤢 And Diya adoption is still unbelievable.

  4. I still don’t get why many good serials fo with bad ending. C’mon few episodes back, Prerna being pregnant took a bullet near abdomen. But nah; Komolika dies with one shot . And Bajaj too😰. What happened to Tapur? What happened to Ronit? Mishka? So many lose ends. Even before , Vikrant/Vikram a friend of Prerna helped her in revealing komolika identity in front of Basu’s . What happened to him later? And what’s the enmity between Moloy and Bajaj particularly. This show has just wasted money on many things just to drag and end it with lose ends .

  5. At some point no doubt I used to get bored but nevertheless I am really gonna miss the show..especially because of parth and erica..❤❤

  6. But I felt at least they could have ended with both families and all members together with anurag and prerna doing pooja together to devi maa thus ending the pride character of mohini basu and friendly with veena. Kukki kaushik, anupam nivi, shivani and a repentive ronit, sneha diya.

    The story had a good promising beginning but the real spice of the story lost when prerna got married to mr. bajaj. If the script was written in other way like anurag getting married to prerna on that day and fighting all the kasautis together be it bajaj, komolika may be the show could be still successful

  7. Happy happy… Thank you…. 🙏…. Jai ho Ekta kapoor ji👍

  8. Kasautii Laal Dupatta Ki is over at last.Jai Mata di 🙏

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