Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Prerna gets kidnapped

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mohini asking Anurag and Anupam to come with her, she has some work. They go. Nivedita sees Prerna. She says mum was asking us to buy Tapur’s outfits, come fast. Ronit says what was Komolika’s mistake, she loved Anurag, Prerna came in between. Mishka says truth is Anurag and Prerna loved each other, Komolika never loved him, she has hurt my heart and married him, she has taken wrong steps, you don’t know this but I know. He asks inspector to take Mishka away, she can’t be his sister. He shouts you are my enemy now, just leave. She says I m also your sister, why are you saying so. He says its my turn to kill them, they had come in Komolika’s way, they will regret all their life.

Anurag is on the way. He thinks of Prerna while driving. He says I have info about everything, when it comes about telling those three words, I can’t say it, I love her, now I have confidence being alone, I couldn’t tell her, I will say it on call. He stops the car and says I love you….simple…. He calls Prerna. Nivedita and Prerna are on the way. Nivedita says I will put ear plugs and hear songs, you can talk to him now. Prerna answers the call. He says when you were stitching the button, I had to tell you something. She asks what. He says I will tell you when we meet. Nivedita and Prerna reach the mall. Ronit’s goon comes there. Prerna says I left my mobile inside. Constable asks to help and goes. Prerna gets the mobile. She goes. Goon calls Ronit and says it can’t happen now, police is here. Prerna and Nivedita discuss shopping and divide their work. Prerna goes upstairs. Goon sees her going alone and smiles. He hides a knife in the paper. He thinks to point knife at her back and kidnap her. Prerna smiles seeing a little girl and thinks she is so cute.

Goon calls and says I m ready. Prerna says I will leave my number, call me when dress is ready. She thinks to help Nivedita. She goes. The goon collides with some man. His knife drops. He picks it. Prerna passes by. Goon doesn’t see her. He asks about Prerna. The lady asks do you have some work with her. He says nothing. The girl tries to get a soft toy. She gets stuck on the staircase railing and shouts. Prerna runs upstairs and gets her safely. She asks where is your mum, you would have got hurt. Goon thinks I can’t do anything now because of this girl. Prerna feeds her water and consoles. She asks where are your parents, what’s their names, what’s your name, tell me, this is cheating, emotional blackmail won’t work, sorry.

An old lady comes. Prerna says she was nearly falling down, I m asking about her mumma, she isn’t talking. The lady says she can’t talk. Prerna says so sorry, I didn’t know it. She hugs the girl and says take care of her. Goon points knife at Prerna and threatens her.

A jeweller meets Anurag at office. He shows his best collection. Anurag checks the rings. He says this is perfect. The man praises his choice. Anurag says size is perfect, thanks. Goon calls Ronit. Prerna shouts for help and runs to the car. She picks the knife. Goons get down the car. She sees Ronit and says I will kill you, step back. Ronit says wow, you are the secret of Shivani’s courage. She struggles and runs. Ront says make sure that she doesn’t go inside the mall. Her phone falls. Ronit takes the phone. He catches Prerna. Nivedita calls her. She says she isn’t answering. She calls Anurag.

She says Anurag listen, don’t know where did Prerna go, call her and ask her to talk to me, she answers your call right. He says fine, I will tell her. He thinks Nivedita feels she answers my call, I m imp for her. He smiles. Ronit sees Anurag’s call. He says I will talk to Anurag. He threatens Prerna. He changes his voice by modulator. He answers the call. He says you called Prerna, right. Anurag asks what are you saying. Ronit clicks her pic and sends to him. He says check your chatbox, I have sent a pic. Anurag gets shocked seeing her kidnapped. He asks who is it. Ronit says I m having fun hearing your painful scream, I have kidnapped Prerna.

Ronit slaps Prerna and takes her in the car. The girl sees her. The lady says two men took Prerna with them. Ronit says I will give much pain to Prerna. He shoots at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today’s episode was so emotional
    Psycho Ronit Chobey the bhalu man kidnap our prerna
    Get ready to see the thrash of Anurag for kidnapping prerna
    He is behaving like psycho…..
    He doesn’t care about Mischka words
    The egoistic Mohini is too much
    She can’t see the happiness of her children
    She deserves old age homes like komo said…
    Really enjoy the bonding between prerna and Nivedita
    Anurag know the ring size of prerna
    The little girl is so cute ?
    I think she is kuki Bajaj the younger daughter of Mr Bajaj
    Precap :I want to kill that monkey man how could he slap prerna

  2. I think that young girl is Mr. Bajaj daughter and she will help Anurag with her dadI to find prena
    And ronit you are gone now
    Anu will not leave you now
    And nevi and anu conversation
    Nevi said prena answers your call call her and ask her to call back to me
    Anu reaction best part
    Love the bond between prena and nevi

  3. Again anurag and prerna separation.no pls without komolika show will gud now again Mr bajaj.what happened to some people supporting komolika she is such an evil lady,really some people r polluted they want bad always.may be they won’t see love, bonding,friendship,good relations.may be they don’t know the meaning of them

    1. yes i wonder if anurag prerna are more than one night stand or full night stands lol ahahah

  4. well done ronit just awesome please fire the bullet immediately on fool prerna im bored to watch her crappy acting day by day

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