Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bajaj warns Anurag

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anurag coming to Moloy and crying. He says I need you, I want to tell you what I did for Prerna, Prerna isn’t able to understand, everyone thinks I m after Prerna, I m wrong, no, I m just asking for my life. He hugs Moloy and cries. He says I need you. Moloy gets up and blesses him. Anurag says you woke up, you are getting fine. Moloy nods and smiles. Anurag says I m so happy. Mehra gets the bail papers. Inspector says Mr. Bajaj refused for it today. Mehra says yes, but his wife called me here. Mr. Bajaj gets the bail. He says it will happen as you want. Prerna smiles. He thinks what’s happening, what was the need to smile like this. She asks him to take his coat. He picks his coat and leaves. He looks at her. Mehra thanks Prerna for explaining Mr. Bajaj. Mr.

Bajaj signs the papers. He gets his belongings.

Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to watch the video alone. He gives his phone. Prerna goes aside. She sees Anurag’s planning in the video and gets angry. He says this was just for you, delete it, I would have used this if I wanted to, something has happened to me, I don’t care what anyone tells me, I couldn’t tolerate that you didn’t believe me, I thought to use this and get Anurag punished, then I stopped as you would feel bad, come. They leave. He opens the car door for her. She sits. Mehra says I had a question, I don’t get sleep as I m growing old. Mr. Bajaj says then talk to a doctor. Mehra says I don’t get sleep if I don’t get answers, just you can answer me, you told me about VP problem, is that VP you. Mr. Bajaj says we will never talk about this, take sleeping pills and sleep. He goes to sit in the car and says Mehra got to know everything.

Prerna asks what. He says nothing, it was an imp deal. Mehra says I got my answer, I will sleep well now. The car breaks down. Driver checks. Mr. Bajaj sees Prerna sleeping. Her phone falls. She wakes up. Main bhi hoon…..plays…. They pick the phone. He gets down the car. He sits in the front seat. Prerna asks what happened. He says nothing. He asks driver. Driver says car isn’t starting, I will call a mechanic, you take a cab, I will get the car fixed and come. Mr. Bajaj says no, I mean we can go in the same taxi. Prerna says we can get the taxi from taxi stand. They walk on the road. He thinks of her and smiles seeing her. A car speeds and passes by. He pulls her close. She gets away. He gets a taxi. They leave. He sees her in the mirror.

Anurag goes and opens the door. He sees Prerna alone and smiles. He says I was thinking why you are taking so long. Mr. Bajaj comes and says thanks for opening the door. They get in. Anurag gets shocked. He asks how did you get released. Mr. Bajaj says law is same for everyone, it won’t punish the innocent. Anurag asks did police accept he is innocent, inspector was hesitant to arrest you, why. Mr. Bajaj says don’t act, I had the proof against you, Prerna has seen it, not the police, I came out on bail, case is open. Prerna says Mr. Bajaj had all recordings, you were telling Anupam that you did this, it was your plan, it was so clearly there in the video. Mr. Bajaj says when I m wrong, I don’t keep any proof against me, when I m right, I always have a proof. Anurag asks why did you surrender.

Mr. Bajaj says I give explanations to one who matter to me, you aren’t one of them. Prerna says you changed a lot Anurag. Tanvi asks Maasi to come fast and see who has come. Maasi says Rishabh and rushes. Tanvi hugs Mr. Bajaj and thanks Prerna. Mohini comes and asks what are you doing here. Mr. Bajaj says its possible. Anupam asks how is this possible. Anurag says Mr. Bajaj recorded our talk. Mr. Bajaj says whatever your son did… Prerna holds his hand to stop him. Mohini asks Anurag how did this happen.

Maasi comes and hugs Mr. Bajaj. She thanks Prerna. She says we can’t live with Basus now, things are getting worse, I don’t want my family to get curses. Mohini says I will be glad if you leave my house. Anurag asks her to come. She says I will go to police station. Maasi asks Prerna to arrange food for Rishabh. Prerna goes. Mr. Bajaj asks Maasi to take care of Tanvi, she was saying strange things. He goes. Tanvi says I was speaking against Prerna, he can’t hear a word.

Mr. Bajaj says you are feeling bad to support Anurag, its not your mistake. Prerna says I always supported truth, I can’t stand against Anurag knowing he is wrong.

Anurag says he is planning something to separate Prerna and me. Mr. Bajaj apologizes to Veena. Anurag taunts him. Prerna says Mr. Bajaj has come to mix up. Anurag says I won’t let him mix up. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna will leave this country and come with me, your heart will break again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    From the beginning of the show
    Mohini is the only one who can’t see the happiness in prerna face
    Every single time she is taunting prerna and Veenama upbringing
    She is so irritating character ever in the history of kasauti zindagi kay
    She is one who ready to forgive Komolika after knowing her misdeeds unlike Rajesh uncle murder, Moloy attempt to muder, vikrant accident, prerna attacks
    But she can’t forgive prerna who give her so called son life after sacrificing her life
    Precap :again Anurag is interfering in prerna matters
    Bajaj with sharma’s
    Again boring weekend 😔
    Thanks to Amena for fast update

    1. Whatever Mohini is doing isn’t her mistake how can she forgive Prerna she doesn’t know about prerna’s sacrifice? She just knows that prerna ditched his son and because of her Anurag is now such a state…mohini had changed herself but who is responsible behind prerna ‘s humailation? Bajaj yes it’s Bajaj because of him prerna is totarating all this rubbish..if Mr Bajaj is really good he should tell truth to everybody what’s the truth behind this marriage

  2. Awesome episode..first song of bapre😘 aj pura bapre scenes hi tha..bajaj head over heels in love with prerna wowww..bajaj’s answers to anurag’s stupid questions was a treat to watch..anurag acting as if he dont know anything huh🙄🙄
    Wowww bajaj with sharmas..but anurag ko to interfere karna hi h..who is he to decide bajaj or sharma interact honge ya nai..actually sharmas are his last hope to get prerna thats y 🤣🤣
    Bdw anurag q aya sharma k ghar jb bapre waha aaye?khud ka koi kaam nai h kya

  3. Samay ki kadar karne wale ne apni married girl friend🙋🙋🙋 ke liye samay ki aisi ki taisi kar Rakhi hai😂😂😂😂

  4. I want anupre back… this serial also going like kasauti 1

  5. Anurag should move on Prerna is happy with her so called mahaan husband please let her go she doesn’t love Anurag anymore.. Anurag just wastes his time behind Prerna.. Prerna sacrifice made a joke.. She forgave those person who snitched her happiness and spoiled her unborn babys future.. Prerna is very weak character.. Anurag deserves all the happiness he wastes his unconditional love behind those persons who doesn’t deserve it.. Leave her leave her…. Usko aapne mahaan pati ka puja karne do.. And about Mohini yes she had done many wrong things in past but later she had changed herself but how can a mother watch her child such a state she doesn’t know truth of Prerna marriage so it’s very normal she can’t be able to forgive Prerna Anurag jinda to hai lekin ek las ki Tarah koi vhi ma yeh bardast nehi kar sakega…

  6. Amal

    Anurag talking about Mr. Bajaj will separate him and Prerna lmaooo did he forget that Prerna is married to Mr. Bajaj 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Mohini might sound like a witch ( even her makeup look like one lol) but she is more real and decent than the 3 puck worthy leads…One is a crazy idiot acting psycho, another one is fake type of people and gold-digger acting as devi, the last one is sociopath and hypocrite acting all mahan. In 21st century it is way to watch badass and direct characters like mohini, nivi, komolika rather than bechari prena crying in every scene😆

  8. Amal hahaha yaaa good one..actually he himself is planning to separate bajaj nd prerna..prerna is happy infact she is living a peaceful life with bajaj..its anurag jiske chalte ab kisi ka life me shanti nai h..uski ulti sidhi harqato k wajah se roz kisi na kisi ka arguement start ho jata hai 🙄🙄
    Bajaj should take prerna away for some days..but anurag v to piche piche aajayga 😂

  9. we need our anupre back………………….hope to see them together again…………..Anurag sacrificed his life for Prerna for many times…………….because of mr.bajaj, their relationship has broken into pieces…………..

  10. Waiting for Monday’s episode to see anurag getting flop again 🤣🤣 “main unhe mix nai hone dunga” iska kya matlab? He is the son in law of sharmas..its obvious aj nai to kal bajaj ko accept karenge hi..anurag ko koi kaam nai..muh uthaya or chala aya sympathy gain karne..he is behaving as if sharma house uske khud k inlaws ka house hai 🙄🙄 family time spoil karne aagya..

  11. Once again kzk2 looking for foreign trip😄…. I like prerna and anurag very much,when they are together…..iam watching earlier episodes lots…. Not interested from 250 episodes to till now….

    1. Going abroad for a second honeymoon. She has got to get laid by the robot that everybody thinks the child she is carrying is the robot’s and not the lover.

  12. In all fairness this is all mohanis fault. She was the one that instigated komolika against prena and anurag. She is the one that wanted them broken up.
    Anurag never accepted prena infromt of people when he thought maloy wanted komolika so where was his passion and fight the. Ok he did a lot but equally both men have messed up and both have done good.
    Bajaj did wrong he paid but prena has accepted and become family and chosen.
    So i think they need to show he couples moving on and finding peace and happiness.
    Otherwise the show will totally flop.
    I would like to see the rship build. Anurag single moving forward.
    Prena should loose the baby she never seemed to have and they should have bajaj and prena have a child later.
    Less evil and less drama more romance and moving forward. Obviously they will cross paths.
    I think it should be she looses the baby because of anurag and she flips because of all the sacrifice shes made. Might make the drama more interesting

  13. I love Bajaj and prerna pair.
    They r so good to watch..
    Anurag pls go away from them. They r so good and comfortable with each other…
    Anurag is making them more closer. That’s good. He is the reason they r together. Let him be in show as he will make us enjoy bapre scenes.😂😂😂

  14. Bajaj prerna ke bhi kaafi fans ban gaye hai..jbki bajaj ko kuc time pehle hi pyaar hua..jbki anupre to starting se dikha re h..actually anupre couple is boring..always tears, lectures, sacrifices, philosophy, etc..especially when one gets hospitalized 😂😂😂
    Bapre me itna drama nai hai..comfortable h ek dusre k sath nd trust nd support bhi with a sweet bgm 🤩🤩

  15. I seriously think that now bajaj is the main lead..his personality nd dialogues are always great..nd also his attitude of a winner..nd from which angle anurag look like a male lead? Har waqt chapar chapar nonstop bakwas karta hi rahega..vo cahta h pura duniya usko or prerna ko milane pe lag jaye..his character is of a crazy overconfident psycho nd also of a loser..he had completely lost his self respect..har episode me khud ki beizzati karata hai..thats y half of the fans got really irritated

  16. Prejaj rocks. Prena have married the right man who knows what he wants. Those who are calling for prena/ Anurag, what do you call a woman. A thing or property that can be thrown around. From one man to another. This Anurag, I love him from the beginning but all along, he had been behaving like a fool. Just imagine the way he followed Komolika’s brother and was running like a n uncontrolled remote control. Not knowing where he was running to, he continue to pursue. After that he was trapped. So, he is the architect of his own troubles. Another thing you people are not considering is that, in one of the episodes, during the honeymoon journey he has already said that, he no longer love Prena, that he just want to take prena back because she told him that she married Bajaj bcs of money.

  17. But i don’t understand why Ekta wants to repeat the history
    She could have put prerna in fake marriage (only for the world) with bajaj
    But once again she got her married to Bajaj
    Why why why
    My sincere apologies to kzk2 fans but
    But i don’t find new concept in kzk2

    1. Wow that’s nice so I guess anurag bby gone phufffff till now nothing shows. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣so it’s confusing.

  18. I just can’t understand that why did they show prerna is pregnant,and even if they did why aren’t they showing her stomach. If calculated she is in her 7th month but still he stomach is in a really good shape!
    Otherwise I’m a really big fan of this show and I love it no matter what

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