Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag’s hopes shatter

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The Episode starts with Anurag getting blood test done. Mohini says where is Sonalika. Komolika thinks I m Komolika, Nika, no one will be able to get saved from my attack this way. Doctor says Anurag’s blood group didn’t match with the baby. Everyone is shocked. Anurag asks what, how is this possible. Veena says he is baby’s father. Anurag says maybe its some mistake or samples got mixed. Mohini smiles. Doctor says tell us if anyone is O negative.

He asks her to arrange blood. She says its rare blood group, we just need blood for her, else her life can fall in danger, even Prerna’s blood group isn’t matching. They all rush to arrange blood. Mohini looks at Moloy. Anurag comes to Prerna. She asks what did doctor say. Komolika looks on. He says I will go and arrange blood, take rest, when baby gets fine, we will take her home, everything will be fine. He goes. Komolika thinks why is he waiting for his baby. She angrily goes to the baby. She says doctor told me that you need blood. Anupam calls Anurag and says I couldn’t find anything. Anurag gets a call from blood bank. The man says your blood match is found. Anurag says I m reaching.

Komolika says your fate is bad, you are Prerna’s daughter, Anurag didn’t care when his blood group didn’t match, he said he will take you home, if you stay in my room, then where will I stay, I know how to stop you both from coming, I know what to do. Anurag goes to the hospital and asks where is the blood bank. He rushes. Prerna comes to talk to baby. Komolika likes. Prerna talks to the baby. She says you are the best thing for us. The man says this is the last pouch of this blood group. Anurag thanks him and takes the packet. Prerna says your dad got his memory back, just because of you. Anurag gets stuck in the lift.

Komolika thinks if Anuag gets the blood, then I will it flow out of your little body. Anurag shouts for help. The light flickers. Veena and Shivani come to see the baby. Veena says she looks exactly like you. Prerna says she looks like Anurag. Shivani says she is lovely. Prerna asks will she get fine. Veena says definitely. Nurse asks them to go out. They leave. Komolika asks baby to go where she should go. The lady asks Anurag not to panic, service man is coming. Anurag says help me, I have to save my daughter. The service man checks the power board. The lights come. Anurag comes out of the lift. Komolika says you will be going now. Nurse asks what are you doing with the baby. Komolika injects her and says keep sleeping for two days. Another nurse comes and takes baby.

Anurag gets stuck in the traffic. He runs on the road. The blood packet falls down. He tries to stop the cards and take it. A car runs over and packet gets torn. He shouts no. He cries. He thinks of his daughter. He comes to the hospital. He sees Prerna and says I m sorry, I tried a lot, but I couldn’t. Prerna says you don’t joke, sister told me that blood is arranged and given to the baby, I was waiting for you, we will go and see her. Anurag asks did sister say this. She says I knew it, you will do anything to save our baby, what happened. He says I promise, I will always be with you. Komolika looks on and bribes a ward boy. She says I never lose, Mohini is sure that someone else gave blood, she will feel Prerna isn’t Anurag’s child, Prerna won’t be able to tolerate this and leave the house. Anurag says I m happy that we got the blood. He thinks how did this happen, no one told about the blood, who donated the blood.

Anurag asks about the man who donated the blood. Nurse says the man didn’t say name, but said effective words. Anurag gets shocked and recalls Mr. Bajaj. He says Bajaj is here and he is baby’s father.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now this is getting unbearable.When Mohini doubted Prerna it was acceptable bcoz she never tried to understand her but how could Anurag?. When Prerna married Bajaj he was the the one saying I don’t believe that Prerna and Bajaj are sharing the relation of husband and wife and now u r saying Sneha is BaPre’s child matlab Anurag how manipulative you are?!! Which means if the blood group doesn’t match then the child is not urs and if it matches then its yours toh iska matlab yeh hua k Kukki is Prerna’s daughter bcoz she gave her blood? and that Komolika is becoming unbearable day by day. Last but not the least Ekta madam we don’t want the rebirth of old Kzk1 having BaPre’s love story and vamp’s like Sampada and Aparna?

  2. Don’t qualified people like Anurag know that a child’s blood group may not be totally identical to either parent though inherited from parents?
    Do they not know about DNA test is a more reliable test for parenthood?

  3. I think it’s better Prena moves on, the Basu family deserves only Komolika coz they don’t see the good and they are quick to accept the bad so Prena shouldn’t bother defending herself move on gal

    1. You’re right

  4. Ivette Alequin

    This is the end for me, from now on I will stop watching or reading the episodes, Art imitates life and life imitates art. I know that these series are for entertainment however, sometimes it imitates life. I had a India friend and I asked her is it true that MIL mistreat their DIL and she said no so I, decided to research it and it turned out that 90% do mistreat their DIL. Well I spoke to my friend about it and that was that last time I spoke to her. I guess she didn’t like the comment and never spoke to me again.

  5. It becomes boring
    When prerna and Anu are closed, always the situation is complicated
    I am sick of all

  6. I don’t watch this serial now and accidentally saw a sceen where Komolika is threatening just new born baby- what more can we expect from Ekta serial? Can they go this level and authorities taking no action? What a shame and shame for even actress for doing such scene ? No principles and values . Vamp can have access to new born baby and a lot many other things except entry to Ekta’ house- shame on you!

  7. I agree. If Anurag is so suggestible that he constantly doubts Prerna he doesn’t deserve her. Frankly, I’m excited if Bajaj comes back. Anurag is portraying some very regressive and outdated thinking.

  8. am not surprised by anurag’s remark about the baby’s father, this is common with every male leads of every show when it questions their trust, female lead will have to beg for his trust.
    i guess this is the reason he will kill prena.
    am tired of seeing prena fighting for her love she should move on and with non other than RISHAB BAJAJ and you dicide to keep komalika for yourself that your own choice

  9. Sokomolika has way outdone her role in this serial. It’s almost as if she is the lead. She is boring, annoying, exasperating, mentally unstable. Add to that the stupid, selfish, arrogant Mohini, what ARE WE WATCHING? The big question is: WHAT ARE THE WRITERS THINKING OR ARE THEY THINKING? I am waiting for Bajaj’s return, hoping for some maturity in the story. One more thing, what is the importance of Nivedita in this serial, what’s her contribution, how does her existence affect the story? Why can’t she develop some sense and change the circumstances for the better? Why can’t they oust Sokomolika now that they know who she is? Of course, I understand that then the serial would have to end, but I am so done with Sokomolika.

  10. I just have one question in my mind….do
    writers do remember their own story line
    Or forget?????? Coz on 17th oct 2019
    Episode when Prerna donated her blood to
    Kuki it was shown she is having o negative
    Blood group and now it’s showing her blood
    Group is not matching.
    And about Bajaj point it was shown in that
    Same episode that his blood group is
    B positive?????

  11. when kuki met with accident prerna gave blood saying she is a universal donor which means her blood group is o negative and now her blood group doesnt match so stupid

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