Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag threatens Komolika

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The Episode starts with Anurag saying Prerna got emotional, she had pain in her eyes, so I hugged her, you know how much I miss Sneha, tell me, what’s on 24th feb, say yes or no. She signs no. He says its Sneha’s birthday, you don’t know how much I cry always, she is 8 years old now, she doesn’t know about her dad, I m her dad, I don’t know where is she, its because of you, you made me fall in Prerna’s sight, I don’t know how she looks, I promised to always be with her, what did I do, I broke her promise and left her, its all because of you. Samidha calls Prerna and says I wanted to thank you, you have a lot of things to me, I liked a dress, I will show you what things I selected for myself. Prerna says come tomorrow, I will wait. She thinks when I miss Sneha, you come in my life and make my pain less. Komolika asks what do you want. Anurag scolds her.

He says I know my limits, don’t test my patience, don’t try to stop me, whatever I do for Prerna, I won’t stop, what was our deal, tell me, don’t get scared, I left Prerna, but you didn’t ask me to stop loving her, you also stick to it, if its not about Prerna and Sneha’s lives, then I would have hurt you a lot.

Mohini comes and asks them to have sweets. Komolika says I m tired, I have to meet Ronit. She goes. Mohini sees the things fallen. She thinks Komolika vented her anger, Prerna proved to be bad for us again. Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna. He sees her sleeping. He thinks I wish I could snatch your pain, like I snatch other companies in business. Hawayein….plays…. He takes care of her. Anurag thinks of Prerna’s words. He thinks Sneha maybe in London for studies, maybe I don’t know something, I have to find out. Komolika thinks how did he get angry on me, no, he can’t be Anurag. She prays that he gets sleep and doesn’t shout on her. She goes to the room and sits until he sleeps. Its morning, Prerna sees Sneha’s pic and kisses.

She sees the quilt and thinks don’t know when I fell asleep, Kuki would have done it, everyone is caring in this family, Samidha is coming today, I will get her fav sweets. Komolika wakes up and thinks I couldn’t sleep all night due to fear, and he is sleeping well. She gets angry. She thinks he looks innocent now, he told her that he never accepted me, I will make Prerna pay a big price, this time, my revenge will shock you, my target will be that girl, Samidha. Prerna calls Kuki. Kuki says I m at Anushka’s place, I didn’t want dad to know that I didn’t go to college, don’t worry, I will come home in evening. Prerna says you will soon go to college, someone is calling me repeatedly.

Kuki asks her to answer the call. Prerna disconnects. Anushka asks how long will you hide this. Kuki says my and dad’s relation isn’t normal, he doesn’t love me, if he knows that I m rusticated, he will be embarrassed. Anushka says I understand, how did this gap come between. Kuki says time, leave it. Prerna is on the way and talks to Samidha. Samidha calls her at the temple. Anurag comes to the temple. He sees Samidha. She runs to him and falls. He says you got hurt, you should be careful, we will go to doctor. She says I have the first aid box, I have to become a doctor. He takes her on his back and enters the temple. Baba ki rani hoon….plays…. He does the aid. She says your daughter would also like to become a doctor, right. He recalls Sneha.

Samidha asks how did you get hurt. Anurag thinks she looks like family. Samidha says Priyanka said that I was wrapped in this chunni when she found me, I feel its my mum’s chunni.

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