Kasautii Zindagii Kay 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant makes an entry

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The Episode starts with Prerna coming to Basu house. She recalls Komolika, Nivedita and Mohini’s words. She walks in. Everyone looks on. Mohan says Prerna’s case is dismissed. Verma asks how did this happen. Mohan says a lawyer was with her. Verma asks who got her freed. Mohan says I don’t know. Veena and Shekhar look on. Komolika asks how did you come here. Mohini says I thought nobody is worse than Navin, but Prerna proved me wrong. Komolika says you had escaped from the jail, you are a runaway Prerna, you did a big mistake to come here, I will send you back, I m going to call the police.

Prerna says this maybe your nature to run away. Komolika asks what did you do then. Prerna says you said you have bought the policemen by the power and money of your dad, same way, I have bought

them. Komolika laughs and asks did she buy the policemen, how, what did she sell, this jewellery, how could she sell the house whose original papers are… Anurag says let her speak. He asks Prerna how did she come. Prerna says you weren’t with me this time, you didn’t support the truth, you couldn’t fulfill your responsibilities, you think there is no one to support me, people still support the truth. Anurag says people don’t offer help without a reason. She says maybe he helped me and wants something in return, he would need my help. He asks who is he. She says someone is better than you for me. He asks who is he, better than me, what’s his name. Prerna asks why are you so desperate to know. He goes out to see. Mohini taunts Prerna. Prerna asks Komolika why is Anurag so desperate to know who is with me. Komolika says Anurag is my husband, he was your lover. Prerna says who knows this time I get my love back, I didn’t know how to get it, you said that money can buy everything, even love, maybe the money brings him back to me.

Anurag says there is no one outside. Prerna says he wants to meet you two as well, he loves you a lot, he wants to see your faces when he comes in front. She calls the guy. He says I was waiting for your call. She says I need your favor, can you come here, they are desperate to meet you. He says even I m desperate to meet them, I m coming. Anurag asks does he know us. Prerna says yes, especially the two of you, he is very fond of you two. Veena, Shekhar and Shivani come home and have a talk. Shekhar says someone powerful freed Prerna. Shivani says Mohan said that a lawyer has withdrawn the case. He says Komolika can’t take the complaint back. Veena says Prerna should have come home if she got free, she should not go to Basu house, call her. She tries calling her. Shekhar says calm down, we will try again. Veena says we will go there and get her back. Shivani says maybe someone is helping her and feeling sorry for her. Veena says people of Basu family are stone hearted, we can’t accept any sympathy from them. Suman calls Shekhar. He says Suman said she will come after couple of days.

Komolika waits for the man. Someone arrives. Komolika says something is going on between Prerna and that man. Anurag asks who is he, stay aware of his intentions. Prerna asks are you scared or jealous. Komolika says Anurag isn’t scared or jealous of anyone. Prerna says really, its not even concern, else Vikrant would have not returned in my life again. Vikrant comes in. Vikrant says I have to remind you, who am I, I won’t let you forget this, do you remember me Komolika, good, the truth is even I didn’t forget anything, whatever you have done with me. Ajurag says I don’t know your deal, but don’t trust him, stay away from him, you don’t know what he did. Prerna says I know the reason of your hostility, I know everything, you are with Komolika, she isn’t trustworthy, I m with Vikrant. Vikrant says Komolika we have to settle the scores. She raises hand. He holds her hand and asks her not to do this mistake now. Anurag asks him to leave right now.

Vikrant says I just got here, you wanted to meet me, I will decide when to leave from here, I can stay here, I don’t need to say why, Komolika, you are a girl so I forgive you, else….. He asks Prerna can we talk about business now. She says we will talk about work. He says see you at 3 at my place. She says I will be there. He leaves. Komolika asks who helped you in finding him. Prerna says you are the one who follows people, its possible that he found me to help. She says Mohini was right, Vikrant wants my help in return to teach a lesson to Komolika and Anurag, Komolika would have done something with him in past, my case was dismissed and I have come back with strength and determination, last time I was angry on Anurag, this time its you, better stay careful Komolika. She goes.

Anurag asks what did I do. Prerna says you sold my love to Komolika for your business, money and status, why, tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Prerna Sharma basu is back with more stronger and determined in the basubari
    Thanks vikrant for the bail
    In the upcoming episodes
    Hope you still support and help prerna to fight against evils especially aunty komo
    The jealous Anurag is a treat to watch
    After hearing “uska” from prerna mouth
    He rushed to check the person 😍
    Thanks Amena for fast update
    Precap :Anupre alone time

    1. Upcoming episode on hotstar

  2. komolika is so beautiful and is really a beauty with brain she is firm and knows to take stands on her words loved her today again !!!
    while prerna now she will fall on vikrant for money same as her greed approach all she is money parasitic !!!!!

  3. we all know now prerna will forget anurag and will run behind another wealthy man such a disgrace in name of womanhood

  4. What did anurag do.he loves prerna that’s why he protecting from komolika.this is all bcoz of evil komolika .now vikrant came to become of komolika life hell

  5. I can’t really understand something. If Anurag really wants Prerna to hate him and move on in life, then why doesn’t he take some legal action like restriction orders or a divorce against Prerna….. and it’s also quite funny that Prerna is coming and living in Basu bari everytime and all the servants and guards let her in and also serve her…… you just throw someone out from your house if they live with you forcefully….the only thing Mohini or Komo or others did was take Prerna’s sign on a confession paper that doesn’t even have a value now…soo illogical… can someone really clear my doubts??

  6. This is the first time I see the hero is a zero. He is so coward. If he can tell the truth and the deal he has with komolika to Prerna, she will definitely help him by giving good ideas to get rid of from komolika. The makers are always showing Anurag weak and to be under the control of Komolika. Once Moloy and Rajesh were saying that Komolika’s father is a good person. If he comes to know the game which komolika is playing, he might also control her. Why Anurag is not taking any brave step? Why is he afraid of his wife? He has the power as husband and control her from doing any evil things. It is shame that a husband has no rights to control his wife even if she is rich and begging her for business and money without any self respect. It is really sad to see Prerna’s suffering. Being a man he is not able to control a lady. This is an unbelievable story.

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